Last week, we finally took the veil off of the official Windows 8.1 app for Windows Phone Central. Since then, it received a quick patch to address a network issue. It’s also maintained a healthy 4.6 rating (out of 5) with many positive reviews from all of you.

But you deserve better, and we’re prepared to deliver. Our lead developer, Jay Bennett, is expecting version to land in the Windows Store this week, maybe even as early as tomorrow. I’m looking at the changelog and see no less than 17 new or improved features.

Here’s just a tease:

  • Added option to sign in from settings
  • Added font size and style options
  • Links in comments can now be followed by clicking on them
  • Tapping the number of comments in the article page now brings comments into view
  • Tapping anywhere on the lead image will navigate to that article

And there’s more to add to that list, which we’ll pass on when it’s published. We’ll of course tell you when it goes live, as it’s just entering certification now.

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There’s also an update for the Windows Phone app that will include a few fixes and patches, including one for bulleted lists. Likewise, we’re expecting that to drop at the same time as the Windows 8.1 app update.

The #1 New + Rising app for News and Weather

We’re also happy to see our app trending as the #1 New + Rising app (under News and Weather) in the US for Windows 8.  The app is also doing well in the general category of New + Rising for all apps and games. Likewise, we’re seeing similar numbers across the UK and other markets, meaning we evidently have set the stage with our mobile offerings.

Hopefully with the update, we’ll go a long way in addressing your concerns. Haven’t tried our free Windows 8.1 app yet? Grab it right here in the Store.

Finally, a big thanks to our developer, Jay Bennett, and to all of you for your feedback, reviews and ratings! Remember, if you have a problem, concern or request, head to our help forum for our app.

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