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WPCentral Poll: HTC TITAN II or Nokia Lumia 900 -- Which is your next phone?

With today's announcement of both the HTC TITAN II ($199 on contract, $549 off) and the Nokia Lumia 900 ($99 on contract, $449 off) being available on April 8th (online) and April 9th (stores), the question naturally arises: Which one are you getting?

We have a feeling that due to the hype, the Nokia will win here (and by a large margin) but the HTC TITAN II is no slouch either what with its 4.7" screen, 16MP camera and 4G LTE--heck, the original TITAN is one of our favorite phones -- ever -- so all of those "new" features look to make it a winner.

Anyways, you know the drill: Vote up above and tell us your reasons below. Go!

Daniel Rubino
Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Considering I'm on T-mobile, I don't have a choice but to wait for now :P I'm sure Nokia will release a new Flagship device and tablet by the time the Apollo phones are coming out.
  • Ditto.
  • Double ditto
  • Tripple ditto.... But, I am on Verizon but, in the same boat...
  • Me too.. Even later this year it'll be a tough decision.. Completely happy with HTC the past few years, but I know Nokia will put out just as good a quality at a lower price.. Just hope to hear some announcements this summer of TMO fall line up
  • Lumia 900. Sadly, I have to wait for the white.
  • I just went to an ATT store in San Diego and the employee had the Nokia Lumia 900 to play with (he said it was his and he just got rid of an android phone, of which he missed some apps). The only thing I didn't like was how the screen was raised up 1mm or 2mm. Just wasn't flush and I really expected a little better "fit and finish".
    After some though I think I will wait for WP8 as there is still no transfer tool and I don't know if this Lumia 900 will get left in the dust in six months anyway.
  • That's by design.
  • The raised screen is a design choice and it gives Lumias charisma.
  • Well, I don't like it and I feel like it's a bad and too obvious choice to save money only. Why is it designed this way?
  • It was a design choice, I actually like it but you can't please everyone unfortunately. Sorry you don't like :(
  • Can you please tell me which one? I've been looking for one in sd to play with. All att stores deny they have one.
  • Considering I'm on Sprint and my contract isn't up until later this year I got no choice but to wait for Apollo
  • These are sad days for WP7 Sprint owners.
  • Agreed... And with Sprint's current lack of support for WP Device selection and their painfully slow network rollout I am paying my current $50 early term fee and jumping ship.
    Sprint used to be more customer focused, but now I don't see the benefit other than saving $12 per month. AT&T here I come.
  • Daniel,
    How come you dont have (possibly upcoming) Samsung Mandel? Not that I'm waiting, but I think thats an option people may be waiting.
  • Well, technically it's not been announced and for all we know it may get cancelled. Just trying to keep it with what we do know for a fact at this point...
  • Neither. On Sprint till next year :P
  • I put waiting for Apollo simply because I don't have an upgrade until October. That being said, if I had an upgrade now...Lumia 900 all the way.
  • On day one my wife will get the Lumia 900 and my son the Titan 2.  I want to play with both before I decide.  Currently we all have the Samsung Focus.  Both of their contracts are up so maybe price might be a factor.
  • Which ever comes to Sprint next is my next one.
  • I'm getting the white Lumia 900 as a B'day gift for my daughter and she's not going to wait for an "Apollo" phone to get her gift. Besides, this is Nokia's flagship entry into the US so I'm more than confident it will get updated to Apollo.
  • I just got the Titan so have no choice but to wait two years for Apollo's long lost distant third removed cousin that's TBA/D...
  • I'm buyn the 900 and gonna let my gf use it til I get her a new one I'm using Samsung focus and just put a 32gig micro sd card in it so ill be using it a little longer for my phone still then I'll use the 900 and get my girl what ever she wants WP wise :P
  • Since I'm stuck on T-Mobile for another year I guess I'll be waiting for Windows 8 devices.
  • Sry guys but I'm just starting my degree in IT but the when I took the poll on my focus's web browser it said "poll can not find nonce" what does that mean?
  • It'll be difficult, but I am going to wait for the Nokia Apollo devices - I still have a few months warranty left on my N8.
    It'll be difficult...
  • Sure Lumia white coming out on the 22nd? I would be mighty pi$$ if I bypassed the black version and the white is a no show. ;-(
  • Confirmed by AT&T & Nokia websites.
  • I want the titan 2 so badly... I have the focus and I'm wanting to change phones now there are better ones out there
  • The focus still has the upside cuz of the micro sd card slot on amazon there a 32gig one for 22$ I bought one recently for my year old focus and it makes it much more better knowing music and other things can now last little more then before
  • Titan is really bright its a good choice and plus 16mp cam even better u won't be disappointed
  • I was told by my local AT&T rep that the magenta/pink Lumia 900 was coming for Mothers day. Now I'm really confused.
  • Gonna wait till the Apollo phones. Hopefully there will be a Titan sized Super Amoled screen to go with the resolution increase on the software side.
  • Lumina 900 black
  • As badly as I want the Lumia 900 Cyan, I want the larger storage options, which isn't coming until Apollo.  I may find a way to get the Lumia 900 Cyan, but I can wait for Apollo devices later this year.  It won't discourage me from recommending a Lumia 900.  Well, the *ONLY* thing that would is the Lumia is an exclusive on AT&T, and with the whole 8107 update fiasco, I would steer people away from AT&T.
  • Definitely the Nokia, already got the chance to play with one at my local ATT store and its just awesome, :D
  • I may not go for another Windows Phone until I see seom committment from a US carrier to providing timely updates.  I am stuck with a Focus Flash on 7720 and no word on whether or not I will ever receive an update!
  • Why don't you get an unlocked one? They're not that expensive, and it's really good to have all the stuff when they're actually available.
  • I'd love to get the 900, but there's no 'must have' reason to switch from my HD7. I fully expect to get Apollo on my current phone... So I dunno, I might wait even longer for new hardware
  • I'm getting the Lumia 900 Black or Cyan(undecided) no contract when it comes out and will get Apollo on contract when it does come out later this year. You should put the option of both on that poll please! WinPhan here!
  • I was really hoping that the reason that they have been so quiet about the TITAN II wad that they were upgrading it to 32 GB. pipe dreams lol.
  • The polls r looking good Dan the more jump on new devices the more out there it gets this is great :-)
  • i voted for the wait for windows 8 phones. maybe if they had white available i would have gotten one.
  • The glossy white is coming just two weeks later on the 22nd. I think the color options alone will push Nokia over the top. People seem tired of the same generic looking phones.
  • And considering the white version was a last minute addition, that's not bad for Nokia/AT&T.
  • Not up for a new contract until October 2013... I have a while to wait. I like my Focus.
  • only problem with htc make more apps!!.
    my next phone is samsung or nokia and maybe htc
  • I got the Titan and my contract ain't due for a while :/ but I would jizz my pants if I could my hands on a Nokia 900!!
  • It's been a year since I got a Samsung Focus gen1 handset. Usually I would upgrade about now (as I always buy handsets outright) and have preordered a black Lumia 900 (and eagerly anticipating it).
    But with the rumours of Nokia releasing a 'superphone' end of 2012, early 2013 with Apollo and 'Pureview tech' I will be keeping a close eye on the release date for these puppys.
    I must say I've been saddened by Samsung's decision of not releasing the Focus S gen2 handset internationally. I would've picked one of these up instead of the Lumia 900. I guess as Samsung is supposedly still a big player in WP handsets, they deemed it better to wait till they bring out their big guns for the Apollo release. Whichever, the end of 2012 start of 2013 sounds like that is when WindowsPhone will blossom (not saying it has already).
    Even though I'm happy overall with WP and regard myself as an 'early adopter', I feel that the speed of escalating could have been a year shorter. Alas MSFT is meshing WP, Win8, Xbox 360 into the big picture they are working toward. 
    There's my rant for the day. :)
  • Having had the Titan, I must say that the Titan II will probably be a great phone. My Titan had gimped download speeds while using the network, but the rest of it was fairly impressive. I'd never had an HTC phone and the quality and thin profile of the devise really impressed. I'm certain the Titan II will fix the few issues that were discussed in the Forums.
    Having said all that, I'm getting a 900 mostly becuase i like the design and have never had a nokia product. I'm curious if the 900's camera can really compete with the Titan II or Titan's camera. My old Titan took some really amazing pics for a camera phone. I'd also like to see if the 900's prebuilt EQ settings match up to HTC. While the SRS setting caused a few problems while playing games, I loved it for everything else. The Titan had some very impressive sound characteristics when paired with some quality headphones.
  • I just wanted to say that I 100% agree with this post.
    I agree with the gimped data speeds on the AT&T Titan (wondering if the international radio/firmware update could fix that, but it could easily be a registry entry), the quality/thinness of the device, the camera, the audio.  I am overall very happy with my Titan, and MUCH less happy with AT&T.
  • Nokia Lumia 900 Cyan
  • Stuck on Verizon for another 6 months. Hypothetically the nod would go to the 900.
  • cyan 900 for me!
    the titan is nice enough, but the nokia apps + handset design (not to mention some color choices!) win it for me.
    still debating on if i want to buy it on contract and get a wp8 handset off contract later, or if i buy this off contract and get the wp8 handset on contract later.
    decisions decisions.
    also, anyone know if the preorder is in store only or if it will go up online as well?
  • Already ordered 5 Nokia Lumia 900 cases and screen protector for our 5 family lines from ebay. So I guess we already decided which one to get. LOL
    Have to switch from T-Mobile to AT&T to get Lumia 900 and thats the hardest part but T-Mobile really disappointed us by not offering any high-end Windows Phone and enough is enough. We can't wait  forever for T-Mobile to offer high-end Windows Phone.
    Even tough heard many bad stuff about AT&T and being more expensive and all but the phone itself is matter too and Nokia Lumia 900 is really hard to pass.
    And I hope Nokia offer Apollo update for Nokia Lumia 900 because they have a very good record of supporting and realeasing updates for their handsets.
    HTC Titan II is a good phone too but we all like Nokia Lumia 900 much better. Plus Nokia always had the best built quality and stylish phones.
    Plus as Windows Phone supporter we prefer to give our money to company that truly support Windows Phone with their amazing design and phones which in this case it is Nokia.
    There were days that I liked HTC and supported them back in Windows Mobile 6 days but since now they don't support Windows Phone the ay Nokia does no reason to do business with them for now.
    Maybe one day HTC again become the same old HTC that was supporting Windows OS and then maybe we consider HTC phones again but till then and for now Nokia will get all our money and support.
  • Congrats. If Lumia's 900 screen is the same quality as the 800 you wont be needing those screen protectors, believe me.
  • HTC is supporting windows phone about as much as samsung, with the titan, titan 2, the radar 4g, arrive, and trophy handsets being available on multiple carriers.
    really, HTC is the only provider that has a WP handset on all of the major US carriers.
    personally i've been pretty happy with my switch to ATT from verizon, and with their LTE network still being underutilized, it should be quite speedy until more users get on it.
    the other day i was doing a speed test with a coworker out of curiosity and his LTE galaxy nexus was pulling 3-5MB down and my focus s was pulling 3-3.5mb down, while his upload smoked mine (19-22MB!) i thought my focus s held its own only being an hspa+ handset. 
    excited to try the LTE network out in a couple weeks!
  • Well, I have to wait til November before I can upgrade on O2 UK, so Apollo for me (I hope!)
  • It won’t be a practical purchase but I plan on buying a Lumia 900 in cyan as soon as I can get an unlocked one that will work on Bell. I’m sure it will upgrade to Apollo but if Nokia’s Apollo phones are as enticing over existing phones as the Lumia 900 is today then I will just have to sell it and make another impractical purchase of an Apollo phone then. Mobile phones are like computer--there is always going to be something better on the horizon so there is no sense in waiting. I have a little under 2 years left on my ricken, fracken Canadian 3 year contract though.  Last time I ever do that.
    Incidentally I stopped in for a few groceries after leaving a client site this afternoon and was walking by the mobile booth. I jokingly walked up and said, “I’ll take the Nokia Lumia 900 in cyan”. The girl working the booth said, “oh, we just got those in today”. At first I wanted to suspend reality and believe her but quickly realized she was confusing it with the 800. But she had a working (or was it a really good demo mode that Nokia setup--I should have asked?) Lumia 800 that she passed me and wow what a beautiful, solid phone--the nicest phone I’ve ever held although I could never go with a screen that small. But I was really impressed with the fact that had a real phone setup beautifully with a great colour scheme and  a nice selection of “alive” tiles sparkling away. They had it in 3 colours and she also said it is a very good phone. Nokia is a game changer.
  • .
  • Got to wait till december so probably a Apollo device :) now I got the lumia 800, really awesome. Btw for al the people who can't update, you can forse it. At least I could forse my lumia 800.
    Kind regards from the Netherlands :P
  • I'm on Sprint with a year to go.  I would get the Lumia 900 but looks like I have to wait until Apollo 8 comes around.   
  • I'm super lucky. I won a titan II at SXSW AND I'm buying the Lumia 900 since I preordered from microsoft store.
  • Probably wait for Apollo; I'm not due for an upgrade from AT&T until July, so if WP8 is Real Soon Now at that point, I'll wait. Besides, I think I want a both LTE and smaller form factor than a Lumia 900 (let alone a Titan II); my Focus is a little bigger than I'd like.
  • My HD7 is not in the greatest condition. The camera is foggy and the sensors in the front are screwy, but tolerable. I am REALLY tempted to get an unlocked lumia 900, but my upgrade is in October, so idk if I should wait for apollo or not.. So tough.
  • I got a Titan in December and so far I don't feel like I've missed out. The Lumia is gorgeous and the price is really good, but I'm really happy with my Titan. If I were buying now, the Lumia would have to do something awful not to win. At $100, it's a how-wrong-can-you-go deal. But I'd take the Titan for $50 renewal (through Amazon) over the $200 Titan II every day of the week.
  • Im surprised at everyone who wants to wait for Apollo. As for me, Im due for an upgrade from my iPhone 4 and want to move to Windows Phone so the Lumia 900 is definitely my choice. I really dont know what color to go for as i like all of them for one reason or another. I know the Lumia 900 is going to get the Apollo update thats a no brainer. The phone will only be a few months old and its a flagship device it wouldnt be left back from a crucial update that integrates Skype into Windows Phone. What good would its awesome front and rear cameras be then? I know I will be getting a Lumia 900 just have to decide on color. Decisions decisions....
  • I just bought a Cyan 800 so I am waiting on WP8 devices.
  • @The ILLumianati well native Windows 8 phones are just months away. Personally I don't see how or why anyone would go into a 2 year contract now if newer and better phones are coming soon. I'm thinking Nokia will have a new designed phone for Win 8.
  • Triple ditto
  • I think Apollo will not have very significant upgraded capabilities and people are overly hyping that time. Also, for those who wait two years, they must not have much money. I calculate, though could be mistaken, that to break the contract and then sell it unlocked on EBay only sets you back about $100-$200. So the price of the new phone is less if the old phone is sold unlocked. AT&T has a great Go-Phone service for those who want a smart phone but do not talk on it much (~$30 to $50 per month).
  • Do you know if the GoPhone service will work with the Lumia 900?
  • I think most users don't think like that.
  • Titan 2 here, free from Microsoft so I'm not complaining! Then I'm free to get a WP8 device later with my upgrade. Or iPhone 5...
  • You can always wait forever, there are new and better phones coming every year. Meanwhile watch YouTube videos.
  • I will grab Cyan at launch and if the white one shows within the return period I'll swap Cyan for White. But I'm Def going Lumia 900. Oh and I'm on TMobile too, but ill be getting the 900 no matter what I need to do to acquire it ;-) ... I'm a WP7 junkie and a Hardware junkie so I really have no choice in the matter. =P
  • Going for Nokia Lumia... 800! Not interested in this giant and it's LTE. Also I don't have to wait for a white version!
  • Honestly? Neither one, even if I were due an upgrade in the near future. We've been waiting so long for a premier device to show up here in the US that I've completely lost interest at this point. Keep seeing articles about these big blowout campaigns in other regions, but nothing anywhere near approaching that scale here. Seems to me that "Operation Rolling Thunder" has turned out to be more of a shambling whisper. MS and Nokia aren't giving us much of a reason to be excited, and I'm really not seeing an appreciable level of commitment from either (or AT&T, for that matter) at the moment. I've just about given up on them making any kind of credible dent on this side of the pond.
  • I got the Titan back in November and just had to get it replaced (bad USB port).  I love my Titan, but while working with the AT&T rep I saw her Lumia 900 Cyan and got to play with it a bit.  It is a beautiful phone and I might just buy it outright off contract and save my wife's July upgrade for Apollo.
    With all the hands-on reporting we are seeing for the Lumia, we really aren't seeing anything similar for the Titan II.  Just how good will the camera be?
    I'm waiting to see what the reviews are on both, but I am leaning toward the Lumia.
  • Since I'm not in the US, the TITAN II and Lumia 900 are not realy an option, but I'm not sad about it, I'm still absolutely loving my TITAN. Also, since I have to buy my phones unbranded, I don't switch phones very often so I plan on using my TITAN as long as I can, but I'm very interested what WP8 will come out next year.
  • There is an international version of the Lumia 9, with DC-HSPA as well, is this not an option because of cdma cellular networks in your area or?
  • I forgot there is an international version of the 900 coming, just checked it on and they say they will have it in black, white and blue (sic) for € 599. Still, even though it looks very beautiful, I'm content to save my money and skip this round (so many things to buy, only so many paychecks each year :) )
  • What about those rumors about the Nokia lumia 900 for t mobile with a bigger megapixel camera? Anyways im gonna wait on Apollo I hope it supports quad core processors
  • Unfortunately, I'm on the VerizonWireless Plan, if they refuse to release a high-end WP7/8 device by the time my contract is up; then it will be
    time to give them the boot!
  • Titan II all the way.
  • I was thinking Titan II for a little while, but after seeing some Sample photos from both the Titan II and the Lumia 900 I saw no benefit in the camera.
    Also I would think that the 1830mAh battery powering the Lumia's 4.3" screen would make difference in battery life when compared to the Titan II's 1730 powering that 4.7" screen. But I don't know what the S-LCD (Titan II) vs. AMOLED (Lumia) impact on battery would be like.
    That ClearBlack is some clean screen... but if real-estate is your primary concern Titan II has your money.
    Either one is a winner, but I think the Lumia will be more "Pocket Friendly" for my Dockers. :-P
  • I would pick Nokia's Lumia 900 but it will not be available for T-Mobile.  I hope T-Mobile releases a better, feature loaded Nokia phone.  I'm hoping that the rumored Nokia "Prodigy" will come to T-Mobile.
  • Where's the option for "I'm a slave to Verizon - still waiting for them to remove their heads from their butts?"
    In a perfect world I would go with that white Lumia 900. 
  • I'm buying the unlocked white 900 and saving my upgrade for an Apollo phone. I should be able to get most of my money back when I sell the 900 or I might give it to the woman. Her Focus will be long in the tooth by then.
  • I complained to AT&T about the dropping keyboard and that they were holding back the fix. They don't even carry my phone, the Quantum, anymore, which was technically still under warranty. Anyway, got six months shaved off my upgrade eligibility. I'm leaning towards the Titan II. I want that camera and I'm hoping with the larger screen I won't miss having a physical keyboard.
  • 1 Lumia 900 Black for me and 1 Lumia 900 Cyan for the wife.
  • I voted like I had the option, I would go for the White one....but... Just wondering does AT&T match Unlimited internet ? (I have it with VZW only way I would think about switching is if they matched it)
    I'm with Verizon and even though it's temping to move over to AT&T to get that dream phone Lumina 900 (the phone with all my current wants in a phone, besides gaming and that's not phone dependant for WP7) I think I am going to hold out to one of 2 options.
    1. My current carrier, Verizon desides to get the Lumnia 900 and I still might get it off contract.
    2. With all the Apollo news leaking here and there, I might just see what comes as besides a bigger screen, better camera with a front one, I wont get any new things with a 900 (real world features vs my HTC Trophy), as WP7 Mango, is WP7 mango...So wait for WP8/Aplllo...
    So, it might be fall till we here the real world, sad but, true....
    With al that being said, I really want the Lumina 900...but verizon sucks..
  • I'm waiting for nokia tab/windows8..
    im with tmo
  • Titan 2 happy with hd7s
  • Well im tired of getting none of the good phones (android, windows, even iPhone) so im just going to switch to att so I have more phone choices available