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Microsoft has announced open enrollment for their 2012 (fall) Xbox LIVE update for the Xbox 360 console.

The new features for this update we revealed at E3 back in June are the ones coming for this update so getting a sneak peek is always a blast. Some of those new features for this preview include:

  • Internet Explorer for Xbox
  • Personalized dashboard recommendations
  • Enhanced category search and discovery features

Internet Explorer should be a welcome, if not odd, addition to your TV—but since Google TV has it, Microsoft needs to add it too. The “Enhanced category search” feature is an extension of the VideoSurf purchase by Microsoft in late 2011. We detailed that acquisition and what it means for Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 8 and is worth a read.

Enrollment is limited meaning first come, first serve... so head over and fill out the form. Of course this is a beta, so know the risks ahead.

Source: Major Nelson

Update: Enrollment is now closed.