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Xbox 360 owners with Xbox Live Silver can play online for free from April 1-3

There are still a ton of people with Xbox 360 consoles who may have not signed up for the paid Xbox Live Gold service, which offers access to online multiplayer features in games. From April 1-3, Microsoft is allowing any Xbox 360 owner with a free Xbox Live Silver account to play online.

The free multiplayer weekend (opens in new tab) is available for all countries where Xbox Live is available. It offers Xbox Live Silver members a taste of what they can check out when they pay for a Gold account. Of course, Gold members can also download two free games for the Xbox 360 every month, and two more if they own an Xbox One.

  • #Aprilfools
  • Beat me to it Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Stop It!
  • It's real!! Not april fools!
  • They stopped calling it Xbox Live lver a long time ago
  • PC owners can play for free till hmm...lifetime
  • Except their a dyeing breed
  • Err, pretty sure PC gaming is growing Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Haha didn't realise Xbox Live Silver still existed Proud Nokia Lumia 1520 user since 2014
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