Xbox and PC RPG 'Kingdom Come: Deliverance' gets exhilarating launch trailer

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an upcoming medieval role-playing game (RPG) set to launch on February 13, 2018 on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. Contrary to its open nature, the game is story-driven and immerses you in an adventure in the Holy Roman Empire. You get to explore majestic castles, deep forests, thriving villages, and countless other real-life places in medieval Bohemia.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance begins rather tragically because you have to avenge your parents' death. While that may be the main quest, there are much larger forces at play. The game features tense battles, game-changing quests, and the ability to dramatically impact the world by making certain choices. The launch trailer captures some of the events that unfold during the campaign.

Aside from having skill-based combat along the lines of For Honor, Kingdom Come: Deliverance makes you constantly think about what your commanding officer will say or how others will be affected by your decisions. While this may seem restrictive, it definitely adds to the realism. Even back then, soldiers couldn't go around doing what they wanted, they had to follow certain procedure.

Hopefully when Kingdom Come: Deliverance launches tomorrow, it'll be a polished experience even on consoles. The developer confirmed that the game will support Xbox One X when it comes out. The title will run at 1440p on Xbox One X and 1080p on PlayStation 4 Pro.

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  • Just not excited by this game at all. But, the Graphics look alright.
  • I'm looking forward to buying this game. I have it in my cart in is the last day to get the pre-ourchase content: Treasures of the past Treasure maps of the lords banished by King Sigismund of Hungary, leading to the hidden treasures of those patriots, bandits and schemers. The mythical armor of the Warhorse tribe. Shrouded in mystery - it is said that the original wearer purged all the dragons from the Kingdom of Bohemia. I am soooooo looking forward to an open world game with intricate systems such as sleep and food. It reminds me of a medevil Shenmue.
  • Purchased and downloading now!
  • Man, I hope this doesn't turn out to be as boring as the witcher 3, I'm gonna wait till the review here before buying..
  • What specifically made you think that the Witcher 3 was boring? Just curious, because most people seem to love it.
  • Oddly enough, I don't personally know a single person that likes the witcher 3! My main gripe is with the main character, he is impossibly dull.
    There is SO MUCH dialogue and talking in it, and you have to put up with his lifeless voice the whole time. Then you walk for a some more...pick plants..fight one thing briefly and talk some more. I have alot more gripes with it, I just hope Kingdom Come isn't so boring, or at least has a somewhat relatable main character.
  • Wow your complaints about the game is part of what makes me like it. Though, I don't think his voice is dull. I think that just means you don't like these type of games, which is fine.
  • Your're probably right, I feel the same way about Dragon Age. I see the appeal, but I guess I just like more action