Xbox beta app for Windows 10 gets new light theme in latest update

Microsoft is pushing out a new update to its Xbox beta app that introduces a new, very clean looking light theme to the app. Up until now, the app has exclusively had a dark theme, with no option to change that even if you changed your PC settings. Now the app has both a light and dark theme, as discovered by MSPU.

The Xbox beta app is kind of like a "Fast ring" version of the normal Xbox app. Available in the Windows Store, the Xbox beta app on Windows 10 gets new features and changes earlier than the standard Xbox app that's included with Windows 10.

Not much else is new in the update, although it must be said the introduction of a light theme gives the app an overhaul in itself. What do you think of the new light theme for the Xbox beta app? Let us know.

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Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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