Xbox Chaturdays 38: The power of Smart Delivery and Xbox at Tokyo Game Show with Parris Lilly

Xbox Chaturdays
Xbox Chaturdays (Image credit: Windows Central)

For episode 38 of Xbox Chaturdays we'll be joined once again by Mr. Danger Zone himself, Parris Lilly, to discuss the benefits of Smart Delivery on Xbox, what we might see from Xbox at Tokyo Game Show, the controversy surrounding Halo Infinite's Battle Pass, acquisitions, and so much more! If you're hungry to get up to speed on all the latest Xbox news of the week, be sure to catch the show above, which is typically streamed live every Saturday!

What is Xbox Chaturdays?

Xbox Chaturdays is our weekly Windows Central Gaming podcast. Every Saturday, we sit down with various Xbox developers, enthusiasts, and industry figures to chat about all things Xbox. We designed our show to provide exciting and engaging content for Xbox and PC players, highlighting what we love about gaming. From the best games on Xbox Game Pass to the titles we can't wait to play, there's always something fun to chat about.

With Xbox Chaturdays, we've built up a pretty incredible audience of live viewers that consistently keep the show fresh and exciting with their questions. Our show promotes community interaction and we strive to immerse our viewers in the experience. If you haven't caught an episode before, head on over to the Windows Central Gaming YouTube channel to watch past episodes.

Miles Dompier

Miles Dompier is a Freelance Video Producer for Windows Central, focusing on video content for Windows Central Gaming. In addition to writing or producing news, reviews, and gaming guides, Miles delivers fun, community-focused videos for the Windows Central Gaming YouTube channel. Miles also hosts Xbox Chaturdays every Saturday, which serves as the Windows Central Gaming weekly podcast.