Xbox Game DVR integration is coming to the Windows 10 Photos app

Xbox DVR
Xbox DVR (Image credit: Windows Central)

A few weeks ago, I wrote that Microsoft should ditch Upload Studio and simply leverage the Windows 10 Photos app for editing and uploading clips. Well, it seems like the company is doing exactly that.

Microsoft is currently testing Xbox clip and screenshot integration directly in the Windows 10 Photos app, allowing you to edit, trim, and re-upload clips without having to first acquire them from the slow Windows 10 Xbox app or a third-party website.

The neglected Upload Studio on Xbox One is no longer fit for this purpose. The best way to edit clips on your Xbox One is to download them from the console, then import them into another editor, and then re-upload them. It can be a painful process, especially when compared to what Sony is doing with Sharefactory and PlayStation's controller share button.

Things have gotten better for clip sharing on Xbox in recent times, thankfully. You can now share clips and screenshots directly to Twitter without having to embed them from the Xbox Live website.

While Upload Studio is still clunky and doesn't support 4K clips, thankfully, the Windows 10 Photos app does, and it's available in a somewhat limited form on Xbox One today. While we wait for the Photos app on Xbox One to be fully updated in-line with its Windows 10 PC counterpart, at the very least, you'll soon be able to access your Xbox Live clip library directly from the PC Photos app.

As you can see from the images in this post, your Xbox Live cloud storage will show up alongside your own listed pictures folders and OneDrive. Presumably, like OneDrive, you'll be able to manage your Xbox clips and videos directly from the Photos app, too, on a Windows 10 PC, which should make pruning outdated captures from your storage space a lot easier.

Microsoft is currently testing these features internally and, while we don't have confirmation they'll ever go public, that seems likely given how fleshed out they already seem to be. Stay tuned.

Xbox should ditch Upload Studio and embrace Windows 10's Photos app

Jez Corden
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  • Seems like this "Photos" app is becoming less about photos and more of a catch-all for everything else (video editing, now DVR integration, etc). Becoming the new Media Player perhaps? Might need a name change soon...
  • Yeah, they need to think seriously about branding. It has always been an issue with Microsoft...
  • That's where the name Story Remix came from.
  • This just seems out of place and confusing
  • Enjoyed using the Xbox one, as there were some good elements, but it had very suffered some neglect. I posted a few things using it. Then saw the original post you made on this topic, ages ago, and had a stab. Enjoyed doing it, and glad that I will br able to use a mouse. Oddly, the second time I tried it, several months after your original article, they seemed to have removed some of the features. I could no longer do the effects.
  • I hope it has more editing option, like add music.
  • This is cool, it's like having your own mini Xbox OneDrive. Going to make bulk downloading/deleting clips a lot easier. I wonder if they'll take the DVR functionality out of the Xbox app now?
  • I think that they have taken almost all of the DVR functionality out of the Xbox up and put it into settings. This is especially true for Spring Creators Update :) I think this is certainly the right way to go. The Xbox app on Windows 10 PCs feels more and more not needed.
  • To most exiting thing here is that the screenshot shows "Places" and "Things" tabs, which will be a great addition to this already great app !