Xbox Console Streaming Preview expands to more countries for Xbox Insiders

Xbox Project xCloud games
Xbox Project xCloud games (Image credit: Matt Brown | Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Xbox Console Streaming lets you stream games from your Xbox One console to your mobile device.
  • It's available to Xbox Insiders who are running preview builds on an Xbox One console.
  • Starting today, Xbox Console Streaming is available in all Xbox-supported countries.
  • Players in these countries can join the Xbox Insiders program for free to try it out.

Larry Hryb, otherwise known as Xbox's Major Nelson, has announced on Twitter today that the Xbox Console Streaming feature that debuted last year is being expanded to even more countries going into 2020. To be more precise, the program is expanding from just the United States and the United Kingdom to incorporate every country supported officially by Xbox, effectively making the preview available everywhere. Starting today, anybody enrolled in the Xbox Insiders program on an Xbox One console can jump in on the action in these countries.

You can read more from the Xbox Insider blog post here. (opens in new tab)

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Xbox Console Streaming is a facet of Microsoft's ambitious Project xCloud that uses your Xbox One console to locally stream any of your favorite games to a mobile device like your phone or tablet. While not as exciting on the surface as streaming games directly from Microsoft to wherever you are in the world, Xbox Console Streaming is an awesome way to game on the fly, or even in bed.

To get started, you'll need to download the Xbox Game Streaming (Preview) app (opens in new tab) for Android onto your mobile device and be enrolled in the Preview Ring of the Xbox Insiders program. The set-up process is super seamless, and once you're in it's as simple as choosing the game you want to play from what you have installed on your Xbox.

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  • There are 42 countries supported for Xbox Live. The world has about 200 countries IIRC so your definition of "everywhere" is somewhat off
  • Because they deploy infrastructures in priority in markets that generates revenue... Out of those country more than half are underdeveloped countries and other are developing... And some are way too small to be relevant... It's sucks but it makes business sens... It will take time but I'm pretty sure it will expand a lot in the next decade... We'll have to wait..
  • I never understood why console streaming was region restricted before at all. It uses your home console, infrastructure and mobile phone, so no need to set up infrastructure on MS's side, I guess.
  • YES! Time to download the app.
  • And it doesn't work, just says "Could not sign in" without even asking me for my username and password.
  • I haven't tried... But did you register first? Might need validation in their side first?
  • Ah, that might be it, I'll suss it out when I have a chance.
  • Turns out it's an Australia thing and it's the same reason I couldn't connect to anything via an Xbox Live login. In the time zone on my phone it was auto connecting to some place called Lord Howe, had to set the time zone to manual and select Sydney. Now it's all working. Although I still can't do game streaming because my console has double NAT issues, which is bizarre because my second router is set up as an access point. But I just plan on getting Power over Ethernet which should fix that issue. Actually it's also failing the latency check as well, but again, I'm hoping PoE will fix that. But man, I'm so excited I've been waiting for remote game streaming since they originally released LAN based streaming.