Xbox controller support and beaming to a PC are coming to Continuum for Windows 10 Mobile

Today at the Microsoft Build conference new details about what is coming to Continuum for phones were demonstrated on stage, and they are some significant advances.

During a session on Continuum for phone, Microsoft Program Manager Liz Threlkeld revealed three new features for Windows 10 Mobile, including:

  • Xbox One controller + Docks support
  • Ability to beam Windows 10 Mobile to any Windows 10 PC
  • Run Win32 apps like Visual Studio remotely

Xbox One controller support was shown on stage playing the unreleased sequel Shadow Fight 3. Users will be able to plug the Xbox One controller into the Dock to play the video game and any other UWP game made for Windows 10.

Presumably, you can also use an adapter to plug the controller directly into the phone as well. We'll confirm this information shortly.

Additionally, with the Anniversary update users will be able to beam their Windows 10 Mobile phone to any Windows 10 PC through Continuum. Previously, PCs could beam to other displays and phones could do the same. With this update, users can treat any PC as a dummy terminal.

Reasons for such an option include the ability to use your apps, your logins, and your data without having to install them on the other PC. For the demo, a Lumia 950 was wirelessly connected to a Surface Book. The phone's Continuum UI was then run within a window. Users can make Continuum full screen or minimize it to multitask on the PC while keeping Continuum running.

Finally, running virtualized software e.g. Visual Studio was also demonstrated. HP did much of the same earlier this year when they announced the HP Elite x3. Using a combination of Citrix was used for the demo, which let the speaker run Visual Studio, virtualized, through Continuum onto a dummy display.

Update: As it turns out, Microsoft demoed their Remote Desktop app and a new thing called Azure Remote App, which lets you run virtualized software to your phone through Continuum.

The update to Continuum for Windows 10 Mobile will arrive with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update due later this summer. Needless to say, we are very excited for what is coming next.

We'll have a hands-on demo of some of these features a bit later.

Daniel Rubino

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