Xbox and Windows Store digital gifting is just around the corner

Save for sporadic support for purchasable digital keys from Amazon or currency codes from the Microsoft Store, it's pretty hard to simply gift someone a game on Xbox Live and the Windows Store. That's set to change, however.

Speaking on Twitter, Xbox VP Mike Ybarra confirmed that digital gifting is just around the corner.

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I know from conversations with Xbox staff at E3 2017 that digital gifting is a high priority for both the Xbox and Windows Store teams. Allowing people more opportunities to spend money is a no-brainer, particularly as we move towards the holiday season. I'd expect to see digital gifting for both Xbox One and Windows Store before the Fall-Winter games rush this year, but we have no firm date as of yet.

What digital games will you gift? Soda Drinker Pro is high on my list...

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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