Best Xbox One Elite Controller Replacement Parts 2022

The Xbox Elite controller is Microsoft's flagship console gamepad, rocking a premium design and extensive feature set. With dozens of options to customize your Xbox One experience, it's the ultimate companion for any gamer. However, if it's lost or damaged, here are the replacement parts for which you might want to search.

These Xbox Elite Wireless Controller replacement parts are designed for Microsoft's first-generation design. These components aren't guaranteed to be compatible with the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2.

Elevate your game

Microsoft's Xbox Elite controller sits among the best Xbox One controllers on the market, with its weighty in-hand feel and grippy rubberized finish. However, despite its sizeable price tag, it's earned a reputation for durability flaws over its years on the market. Correctly maintaining your Elite keeps it pristine for years to come, if you buy the best replacements.

eXtremeRate's all-inclusive accessory kit provides all the Xbox One Elite controller essentials, ideal for replacing odd missing components. With its hard-shell case, the set also doubles as a compact storage solutions for paddles, thumbsticks, and D-pads. The value over alternatives is clear; only a few bucks dearer than standalone replacements. However, you can buy all the parts separately — we just don't know why you would!

Matt Brown

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