A new Xbox One Elite Controller could be on the way this year

Originally posted on Chinese site Baidu, the leaked images show a slightly redesigned Xbox Elite controller with 3 horizontal LED lights and redesigned rubber grips.

It was also claimed that the new version will include a USB-C charging, three customization profiles, three-stage activation locks for the triggers, and improved travel for the reverse paddle buttons. Sources familiar with Microsoft's plans have at least confirmed Bluetooth support to us for a "new controller," while The Verge confirms that the above image is indeed genuine. As noted by The Verge, the LED strips could either indicate active customization profiles or battery life levels, but it could also indicate signal strength for those using the controller on PC via Bluetooth, which is often a little wonky for wireless connectivity.

In any case, it looks as though this controller will be revealed this year, likely at E3 2018 at the latest. You can grab the original Xbox Elite Controller (opens in new tab) for $130.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • Looks like Jez will open a champagne
  • nah, needed a cortana microphone and a share button for that
  • If they fixed the rubber grips in the back, I'll definitely buy it.
  • I've replaced the left rubber grip once (peeled away), and the L/R bumper twice (plastic bridge broke). I wouldn't buy another Elite controller until they improved the L/R bumper. In my opinion that bridge needs to be a non-fatiguing metal so they stop breaking.
  • had my elite since they came out, its still 100% perfect, mind you I'm not a sweaty ****, like all the people that talk about the grip coming off
  • My hands don't sweat either, however it's interesting how all the grips that have failed are all on the left-hand grip (in my searching for fixes). Maybe it more to do with the left hand being more stationary or maybe more torque is applied to that side when playing?
  • "I'm not a sweaty ****, like all the people that talk about the grip coming off" Or maybe you just don't play as much as them.
  • My bumper broke on one of two controllers, that I bought with my first Xbox One. The second one had the Joystick drift issue. Now, this new one, both the joystick rubbers have peeled. I've just covered them up with joystick covers. Microsoft does need to fix their quality issues, especially if you're paying a buck fitty for a controller.
  • I guess I never had this problem because I always map my bumpers to the paddles. The drift on the other hand sucks but can be negated by the adjusting the joysticks in the accessories app.
  • This. I've had 2 elite controllers and both left bumpers broke. They better fix that for sure.
  • Well it looks like I'll be getting this new one with my Xbox one X someday soon.
  • What is it with MS (and their fans) and controllers?  All this hype is really surprising considering that there are so few couch mutiplayer games on XB1.  If only MS (and their fans) showed that much passion into making diverse new games/IPs. 
  • Maybe AAA games, but there are tons of great indie local multiplayer games.
  • Not as much as the competition or the 360.
  • What does new elite xbox controller have to do with couch coop? 
  • I'm talking of controllers in general. Why do people need to buy new controllers again and again when there are hardly any local multiplayer games? About this new elite controller? Are people suppose to change $150 controllers every 3 years now? Like I said if only MS (and their fans) showed as much passion in making games. It's kinda sad when a console has more version of controllers than AAA exclusives. I guess if people still hype and buy controllers and downplay importance of exclusives MS will continue feeding XB1 owners controllers... Why shouldn't they, it probably is a lot cheaper to have these different controller designs than making new games/IPs.
  • It's called giving consumers options. No one is forcing ppl to buy a new controller.
  • It's also called focussing and communicating on things that will cost them a lot less money. They stay in the news thanks to new controller designs, UI updates, old BC/game pass games announced, 4K update of old games...  Options are nice as long as they provide enough of the basic stuff. People buy a console to play games. So far, their effort comparing to the competition and even early 360 days is pathetic imo...That should be the priority.  When I see some people here downplaying games and exclusives I really find it funny... 
  • Who here is down playing the importance of games and exclusive? You make it sound like MS is releasing a new controller instead of working on exclusive games or are diluded and think by releasing a new controller ppl are going to give them a pass on the game front. Pretty sure the group working on the controller have nothing to do with building the game profolio.
  • This is a way of communication. The way we keep talking about them, the way they can keep the hype going without investing a lot of money.  It's not about who is working on what. It's a strategy as a whole. How else can they keep talking of themselves if they don't really have that many upcoming games? It's much easier to "invest" in make controller design and UI updates than investing in making games. Who downplayed exclusives? So many XB/MS "fans" I've come across over the forums. One such guy like Hirox K.
  • I'm trying to wrap myself around the sentiment of "couch multiplayer" games with regards to buying a controller? As many others have already said, it's nice to have options. Can we all assume you are a Sony fan? (What, with all the "what's with MS" sentences and all) That's fine if that's the case, but may help explain some things. I mean, I like the Playstation controller too (or used to), but it shouldn't have taken them 4 consoles to give it a redesign. And no, it wasn't a good enough controller to just keep it the same forever. I was pwrsonally tired of it after the 2nd one. I'm not a huge fan of the Xbox one controller, either but I like that MS seems to be aware of this. Also, I see a lot of this "derp derp, new IP, derp-a-Dee" all the time and I just assume that most of us don't really give a lick about any of that garbage. I mean if there's something that I want to play that doesn't come out for Xbox, I'll just download it on my computer. C'mon guy, we all have one.
  • "Can we all assume you are a Sony fan?"
    Nope I'm not a fan of a company I find that concept stupid. I have the right to be critic to a company that I feel has so much potential. Why do you think I criticism them? So they can improve. I don't care about controller desings I care about games. I think that should be their priority. Is that a bad thing to ask? Honestly controller desing is not my priority. I play with so many controllers and can move from a steam controller to a xbox 360 without any problem. My priority is always games. Games for me marks generation. When I think of SNES, 360 or PS4. I don't think controllers. I think games. Also it's not just about pumping a new version of a $150 controller. It's about the countless design that brings ZERO improvement in terms of gaming. Most of these are just fancy designs. 
    I'm talking about local multiplayer because the only way I'll buy a new controller for my console is to play local multiplayer. I'll never buy another controller just because it's pretty. 
    I see controllers as a way of playing games not as a decoration or a way to show off... It's like cosmetic items in games. Derp derp new IP? See this is what I mean by donwplaying the importance of exclusives. I'm talking about MS investing money to MAKE GAMES for you and other gamers. How is that a bad thing???
    It's almost like you are defending their poor line up. It's almost like you don't want them to make games and prefer these controller designs... Are you a MS/XB fan? Are you a gamer or are you collecting controllers? I would like to see how you'll play Horizon zero dawn or Mario Odyssey on a PC, though...
  • Well sure those are two games that are not on PC I guess, but I did say in the event there was something I WANTED to play that wasn't on Xbox. You keep trying to extinguish the comparisons that people are making on here, but nevertheless I'll try one: There is a sandwich shop near my house that I love to eat at. They don't have to put a new sub up there every week for me to keep coming back. I like the menu, the price is right, close to the house. A great place to get a sandwich. I spend more time on systems that more or less don't get new games anyway, Dreamcast, 360. I guess all I'm trying to say is that I just play a game to chill from time to time, none of that other stuff is really worth complaining about.
  • "Well sure those are two games that are not on PC I guess, but I did say in the event there was something I WANTED to play that wasn't on Xbox."
    So what are you saying there will NEVER be any game that's exclusive to PS4 or switch? In your hypothetical scenario you talked about if a game is not on XB1 you'll get it on PC, as if all games goes on PC. It's not. I mean most if not all upcoming XB1 games are on PC the same thing can't be said about the switch or PS4. 
    It's so simple really... "You keep trying to extinguish the comparisons that people are making on here" 
    I extinguish it because it doesn't make sense if we try to talk gaming. You don't play the same game again and again after beating it. Multimedia content is not the same as eating some kinda food. The real problem here is that these companies are suppose to make games for gamers. That's how it is and how it's always been. If these companies don't invest in making games and don't take risk on new technology then how will gaming grow? The real scary thing is that this inspires Sony and Nintendo in such a way that they'll stop making games. 
    I think MS's strategy this generation is anti-gaming. Me, as a gamer got to fight for gaming. I don't know if you're a MS/XB fan so the criticism upsets you. If that's the case, criticism is actually good for MS. The criticism from a potential customer will probably help the console sell better and be more popular...
    If you're just a casual who don't care about gaming strategy and will just accept anything that a company serves him, then why are you reading my comment since it doesn't concern you? Please don't read my comment. If you're upset, there is no need to get upset...
  • No brother, no one is upset here. I'm just a guy bored at work finding fun in these forums. I'm not saying there will never be an exclusive game for ps4 or switch. I never even came close to saying that. All I'm saying is that if there is, then that's fine, I probably just am not aware of it. I do own an Xbox One, it's the newest thing that I have of what's available. If some game doesn't come out for it and is available for my computer, I will just get it for computer and not pitch a fit. I'm sorry the comparison i made didn't land for you, but it's simply a comparison. If you open your mind to how others may think, it should sink in, that's why they call it a comparison. I most certainly agree with you that Sony, MS, Nintendo, whoever else should be growing the industry and I believe that they all are. Anytime I click over to the store page on the Xbox it is simply DIZZYING the amount of stuff that's on there and I'm sure the others are the same way. There's plenty of new stuff to choose from no matter where you look.
    Also, you said in your last post "you don't play the same game again and again after beating it." You gotta cut me some slack on that, because that's just a bizarre thing to say. Lots of people play through games over and over and relive them. It's fun! Just think of your favorite movie (comparison alert) and how you might watch it over and over. I mean, you already know how it ends, why watch it again? I appreciate the fun we've had here but between you and me, we might be the last two people on this thread, haha.
  • For me at least, it's part of the experience. A collection of controllers is much like my wife's 8000 pairs of shoes/boots. Do you need them, no, but I've got the money so I like to collect them. Bet, you have a collection of something other people don't understand.
  • Hmm let's see. I have a collection of games. But I used them.  Controllers? I have 3 xbox 360, 3 PS3, 2 Wii controllers but I used them for years. This gen I have 1 PS4, 1 steam, 1 WiiU pro controller and that's it. When I have friends or family visit I usually bring play old gen consoles, the wii U or PC with 360 controllers. I find this collecting controllers strange... Reminds me of a XB fan talking about it on one video: https://youtu.be/DEoz1LNeOYQ?t=22
  • I think you're missing the point. This is a new controller, if you want it then you buy it. If you don't then you don't. What you said is just the same as saying "Whats up with Toyota (and theri fans) and cars. All this hype is really surprising considering that there are so few multilane roads" Couch Co-Op has nothing to do with making new controllers. Scuff, Razer, MS make new controllers to make money and give players more options.
  • Well. You're missing my point.  This is not like Toyota. This is like when a console maker is suppose to provide content to their consolefor their customers and attract future customers don't provide enough just because it's TOO EXPENSIVE to make content. And that company prefers to focus on controller designs, ways of playing old games, and UI updates... That's the bottom line. Like I said options are good as long as their priority is providing content for you guys.  The argument about couch multiplayer is simple. The only way I would buy another controller is to play local multiplayer. I'll never buy another controller just because it's pretty. 
    I see controllers as a way of playing games not as a decoration. I don't collect controllers.
  • I don't know. I don't live in this alternate reality you do where there's no "couch multiplayer games" XB1.  PUBG (which is console exclusive) is "couch multiplayer", Forza 7 and Horizon 3, "couch multplayer", I just got done with Dragon Ball Fighter Z's Open Beta, which was only multiplayer, and I frequent Rocket League, Tekken 7, Titanfall 2, and For Honor with about 10 of my buddies on streams constantly, on my couch.  I'm about nearly 200 titles deep in Xbox games, about 20 of those I paid for.  I didn't even GET to the other 30 or so games on my Alienware laptop, many of which I play WITH my elite controller. But yes, do tell me of my non-existent problem of "no diverse or new games" to go with my wide selection of controllers?
  • @Ragingtynga
    Wow do much bs and lies...
    "I don't live in this alternate reality you do where there's no "couch multiplayer games" "
    Who said it doesn't have any? It just doesn't have many as the competition... "PUBG (which is console exclusive) is "couch multiplayer""
    1) It's a timed console exclu. And 2) What? How is it a couch multiplayer game? Can you play with a friend on the same console? "Horizon 3, "couch multplayer"" 
    Does Horizon 3 has split screen or local multiplayer? All information on the net says no. Are you making this up? LOL Other games you posted are 3rd party...  "non-existent problem of "no diverse or new games""
    LOL That's typical. So you're happy with MS's output of games? Are you happy that a poor company like Sony is killing them when it comes to exclusives? Are you happy that the last non-forza AAA console exclusive they announced was around 30 months back? 
    Are you happy that besides the yearly Forza they had just 1 announcement in E3 2016 and 2 at E32017 as far as console exclusives goes? Are you happy that MS mostly invest on old franchise and don't invest as much on new franchise as their competition? See. It's people like you who are making things worse for XB, MS and gaming as a whole. I'll assume it's because of brand loyalty that you defend MS's lack of exclusives and investment in gaming, it's because of it that you're damage controlling... But sadly for me you're doing much more damage to the company you seem to worship than good by making these posts...
  • Ah, I'm sorry I didn't understand your definition of couch multiplayer.  Good.  So all Forza Motorsport games allow local muliplayer, which I have.  Every single...fighter...is by definition and necessity, a "couch multiplayer"  So that means, Tekken 7, Killer Instinct, Dead of Alive Last round, Mortal Kombat X, Injustice 2, and that leaves out all backwards comp...by the way...backwards comp. So many of the games I never played, since I only ever owned PS systems before the Xbox One, means I can enjoy.  The call of duties are couch, as well as mine craft which is 4 player local... and yes, I'm VERY satified with the game selection.  Here's to DB fighter Z coming soon, already in Beta
  • For one, you can perform actions originally assigned to d-pad or ABXY without moving your thumbs away from the analogs with these Elites. And you can do Eneloop-hot-swap cause the BAT's not sealed in.
    * Hope this new Elite doesn't come with a build in... Also, I carry a BT standard gampad in my bag and I'm def looking forward to replace it with a BT Elite. Well... I'm def not a gamepad collector. MS can release as many as they want, most people will buy a new one when their old one's broken or when their build-in BAT dies. $150? My current bag cost me $200, My previous one was $400 because I like the design.
  • Nvm.
  • Grip layout looks like Nintendo Pro controller which is good. Was hoping for it to have built in mic for voice commands, gyro sensors for motion controls, and screen shot button though. They are pretty behind their competitors in those areas and this was their chance to catch up...  Besides that, im hoping they really worked on controller durability this time around. Those joystick modules are pretty garbage as its luck of the draw when it will get drift. Also the bumper design needs a redesign as its design flaw has already been shown. 
  • The USB-C charging rumour is 99.9% likely to be false since the Xbox One consoles all use standard USB ports.
  • You do realize there are USB-A to USB-C cables out there, right? Hell there are even adapters to convert Micro-USB to USB-C.
  • It would be usb-c on the controller side not the console. which is highly likely since the current micro USB sucks.
  • You missed on lithium battery. I read it somewhere...
  • The source says it has a built-in lithium battery. Eh I don't like this.
  • you prefer batteries? LOL Or you prefer to spend another 30 bucks on a rechargeable battery pack? lol
  • Useless controllers that don't add any experience to hard core gaming. Microsoft just spending those kids money. We need good games not controllers.
  • Games? Games I bought in 2017.
    Rise & Shine (beat cause it's short), Marvel x Capcom, Disney Afternoon, FH3 - Hot Wheels, Injustice 2, COD, BF1, Wolfenstein, Rivals of Aether, Cuphead (beat), AC-O, The Surge (almost beat), some SNK stuff, some xb360 stuff. * Games in only played the beginning department
    Hitman, WonderBoy, Shovel Knight (bought twice), Yokka-Laylee, Fall Flat, Rime, Sonic Mania * Games in haven't start playing department
    Ruiner, Night in the Woods, Lucky's Tale, Evil Within 2, Lilo Nightmares, Snake, WatchDog2, Momodora, Styx1&2, Necrodancer (bought twice), Ninja Gaiden Black * Continue playing sometimes on my Alienware on the plane.
    Middle Earth (half way), etc * Continue playing sometimes on my Surface Pro during my coffee break
    Enter the Gungeon (half way), etc.
    ps: will try these on a small size win10ARM too. * Saving it for small size Win10ARM docking on my gamepad for gaming on the go.
    Romancing Saga2 (beginning), etc And there's free games... and untouched games that I bought in 2016... How fast do you consume your games?
  • So you're defending MS by saying that YOU have enough games? Your reply is hilarious.  As a gaming company and as a console maker, MS are suppose to provide content for their customers. Just because you don't have time to play games or that 3rd party companies make games, it doesn't mean that MS can have a free pass and not invest in making games. It's always funny to see what type of excuse you company fans will invent to damage control or defend the company you worship... LOL Oh and looking at your list. It does seem very small. It doesn't look like you beat a lot of games so I guess that's why your priority is not games but more damage contolling for MS. I guess if you spent less time here doing marketing/PR for MS and spent more time on games/gaming you would also want MS to make more games...
  • And those are not contents? Sure.
    My priority is always programming, researching and experiments. That's why I gave up playing a lotta games cause they are interesting no more.
    Easily over 50+ games I bought just in 2017. If I wanna beat'em all, 50 / 12 = 4 per month... you have more time then.
    I've also got games I haven't played in 2016, add that up... I'm a odd case, but as a normal human, have a job and family, cook nearly every day (I cook), date every weekend, spend 1~3 hours a day after work for my experiments, bring your girl to other country for a week or 2 for vacation, go travel during summer & spring holiday, spend half a day (or couple half a days) with friends visiting me from overseas, go to gym, etc, etc. Well, how fast do you consume your games? A game a day? Game cheap right? You can tolerate with those lilo / unique PC issues doesn't means others can or want to. PC's productivity/freedom and Console's ease of use are the standard (and true) argument in their favor. 2 markets don't blend. From someone who puts labels on people...
    Does Steam has a say in our IT world? How many PC users are gamer? Machines running older Windows will only increase? Why do we programmers need to pay attentions to API changes? Get your mind straight... Gamepad with build-in BAT is better than one without, isn't that damage control?
    $150? Who the hell want that? I prefer a BAT build in cheaper gamepad. Damaging control?
  • Your damage control is hilarious. 
    1) It's not about playing EVERY games that's coming out. It's about a gaming company not making games and you defending them. More games means more choice for consumers. Halo, uncharted, last of us, Zelda, Mario, Gears, God of war, inFamous, Mario Kart, LittleBigPlanet,....  Would gaming be better without all of these?
    Maybe in your damage controlling world, but not for me...  "Gamepad with build-in BAT is better than one without, isn't that damage control?"
    lol no it's not. It's called having a preference. Also considering two controllers. One has build-in battery another doesn't. They are both at the same price. I find that really strange.  probably cost less to make but they are price at the same price? Why don't you damage control that?
  • @kenzibit Finally. Someone who is not going all damage control for MS. Someone who actually wants to play games...
  • I love the Elite controller, except for one minor annoyance: the paddle buttons stick down so far that I have to be careful to set it on a flat surface, or they'll be pressed by its weight on a blanket or arm of the couch. Maybe it's just me, but this is a genuine issue for me at least about once per session. Usually, it's because I want to get up to get a drink, snack, or go to the bathroom. There's stuff on the table and I don't want to set it on the floor, because dogs. I then look around for about 20 seconds trying to find a safe place to set it so I can get up. By no means would I give it up over this, because it's still so much better than all other wireless options, but if there's a second generation controller, making it safe to set down on an uneven surface or typical couch arm would be my single biggest request.
  • I have been happy with my Lunar White controller and wish they had not stopped production of it...the original Elite? I have been tempted to pick one up, but with intermittent comments pertaining to issues, I have held out.  Perhaps, this next unit will be worth the purchase.  Nevertheless, I find all MS Xbox controllers,from the original xbox to the Scorpio, to be far more reliable than stock Sony controllers.  The analogue sticks are prone to fail quite easily, and the 5-6hr batter of the PS4 model is not acceptable. Additionally, charging options are limited and replacement batteries are hard to find and extrememely expensive.  I expect MS to improve in areas such as advertising, and producing more quality exclusive games, but will be disgusted if they adopt Sony's low life built-in battery model.  I prefer the choices available regarding AA batteries and the longevity I get compared to Sony wireless controllers...cheers.