Xbox Game Pass is getting official support for Surface Duo today

Surface Duo Xbox Cloud Gaming Editorial Live
Surface Duo Xbox Cloud Gaming Editorial Live (Image credit: Zachary Boddy | Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Xbox Game Pass on Android is now Surface Duo ready.
  • Games can span to show controls on one screen and the game on the other.
  • It's been in testing with the beta app for some time.

Microsoft has today announced that the Xbox Game Pass app for Android now officially supports the Surface Duo and its unique dual-screen setup. The company has been testing this with the Game Pass Beta app on Android for a handful of weeks, but now the feature is ready for prime, which is why Microsoft is announcing the feature today.

Xbox Game Pass support on Surface Duo allows gamers to play over 50 games on their Surface Duo with dedicated touch controls. However, unlike on a normal smartphone, these touch controls will appear on the bottom display so that your fingers don't get in the way of the game you're playing, just like on a Nintendo DS or other popular handheld gaming systems.

Microsoft also says that Xbox Game Cloud (xCloud) developers can adapt their games even further to take advantage of Surface Duo's other unique form factor choices, including support for the wider 3:2 aspect ratio, columned layouts, and more.

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Xbox Game Pass support for Surface Duo is available now, and will automatically work when you span the app across both screens. Not all games have support for touch controls just yet, but Microsoft is constantly adding support for new ones so hopefully the entire library will have support for touch at some point. Check out our in-depth look at Xbox Game Pass on Surface Duo if you're interested.

Interestingly, Xbox Game Pass is one of the few Microsoft apps on Android that isn't pre-installed on Surface Duo. That means you'll have to download it from the Google Play Store to take advantage of this new support. Perhaps the app will be preloaded on Surface Duo 2 now that the app officially supports the form factor.

In the meantime, what are your thoughts on Xbox Game Pass support for Surface Duo? Leave them in the comments.

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  • I'd rather get an Aya Neo to play those Xbox games, natively, via Windows. And if I want to stream them, I've also got the option to. The Aya Neo is also about $600 cheaper.
  • One reason it's $600 cheaper is cause it's not a phone. Apples/orange comparison.
  • And this is not a PC; this can't natively play AAA PC games, a "whole slate" of PlayStation games, all Xbox games (natively), do PS3/Switch/Wii U emulation and below. Objectively, as a gaming device, this is far less capable than the Aya Neo. Windows 10X is dead, and you can't run the same Windows software on this that the Neo can. I would much rather carry a regular-designed/sized smartphone and an Aya Neo as my EDC, than carry a Surface Duo, which ergonimically fails as a phone.
  • I'm not sure what Windows 10x being dead has to do with this being an Android phone.
  • If it's Android, then it's even worse for gaming and work. With Windows 10X now being dead, those touch features, like Microsoft's all new touch keyboard and better voice typing are coming to Windows 10, so the Aya Neo will become a better mobile device that has better touch capabilities over time. Additionally, Android apps are coming natively to Windows, so the Neo will be capable of running those natively, too. The only thing the Neo lacks is mobile communications, but stuff like Your Phone lets you sync your mobile to a PC to make phone calls, or you can simply use a 4G USB dongle. The Surface Neo is ergonically terrible as a smartphone; the only type of work you can do on it is superficial tasks, like sending emails, etc; it simply fails at everything it's trying to do. Microsoft would be better just making a regular smartphone that runs Android apps while in mobile mode, and when docked to a monitor can run a full-fledged version of Windows 10; basically, they need to bring back the Windows Continuum idea. Samsung are having some success with the idea, with the Samsung DeX, but the concept is crippled by Android.
  • Really should note the sales going on for the DUO. Amazon has them for $770. Still an expensive Nintendo DS, but not as bad as it was. Sort of makes me wish I were a gamer. Already have the Duo.
  • Getting an error "can't sign you in right now"
  • I would keep trying it did that when I was testing xcloud via the web a reloading of the process fixed it.
  • This was live days ago. I was wondering if I had missed something when I saw the tweet. Microsoft's communication is 😂
  • Good thing.
    I believe in Surface Duo Gaming when there are Mobile Games division on Microsoft.
    Needs Surface Duo 2 for gaming only (with social) more affordable in price.
  • This is very beautiful object, and you can't say it's not the top for 1500 € or you sales at less price.
    For gaming only, 1500 € to 300 €, this is the difficulty, and there are news as Discord, Social, Xcloud native, new experience game …
    The Duo 2 will better, okay, the Duo 1 exist, you must be proud to have it in stores and in your hands.