Xbox Game Pass for PC ad puts Shroud on a hang glider, while playing Halo, for reasons

Shroud Xbox Game Pass What
Shroud Xbox Game Pass What (Image credit: Microsoft)

Xbox Game Pass for PC is a budding subscription service offering access to all of Microsoft's home-grown Xbox Game Studios titles, alongside dozens of other high-quality PC titles from AAA bangers to indie hits. Games like Alien Isolation, The Long Dark, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, The Outer Worlds, and various other great games are available on the service, which starts at $1 per month for newcomers.

Still, many people aren't aware that Xbox Game Pass for PC even exists, given that the name "Xbox" immediately is something I'd say most people associate with console gaming. Microsoft is apparently trying to change that, with this new ad featuring popular streamer Shroud, hang gliding, while feeding a beaver, complete with a PC gaming rig in tow. Well, kind of.

Microsoft's history with commercials hasn't always been the best, but this one is particularly funny, and matches some of the solid (and sarcastic) socials from the official Twitter account.

Xbox Game Pass for PC is arguably the sole reason the Microsoft Store has begun to pick up some decent games in recent years. Microsoft began allowing developers to upload games based on Win32 architecture, ditching UWP requirements a little while ago. As a result, it has finally started to become a respectable place to buy PC games, complete with its Xbox (beta) app for Windows, which lets you bypass all the crap mobile games in the main Microsoft Store.

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