Whether you just got a brand new Xbox, or you've had one for quite some time, odds are that you've experienced a thing or two while using it that left you with some questions. Luckily, we've got you covered, providing help in a number of different ways to keep your Xbox in tip-top working order.

While many would view a gaming console as a simple thing, you buy it, put a disc in and get to playing, it can be much more than that. After a few months of playing a variety of games you may find yourself running low on hard drive space, or you may want to use a different controller.

Beyond just the hardware, there is a ton of software stuff to understand, and with the new Xbox One Experience (NXOE) finally available, you'll want to be able to tap into its full power. Do you have a pile of old Xbox 360 games laying around that you wish you could play on your new console? Well, you may be able to thanks to backwards compatibility.

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