Xbox Live was down on September 6 for many hours (update)

Xbox Live

Xbox Live (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Xbox Live is down for countless gamers.
  • There are hundreds of thousands of reports that gamers can't sign in.
  • Xbox Support is working on a solution.
  • It's unclear how long this outage will last.

Updated September 6, 2019: After a four-hour outage, Xbox Live is back up and running. We were able to verify this as of 11:15 PM EDT on September 6. If you're still having trouble signing in, try restarting your console.

Xbox Live is having a lot of issues lately, and guess what, it's down again on Friday, September 6. There are multiple reports that players can't sign in to their consoles. This means that all gamers hoping to play Gears 5 among other online titles are out of luck. Microsoft is aware of this problem and is working towards a solution. It's unclear when the servers will be back up, but we'll keep you posted.

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In the meantime, the solution to sign in is to take your console offline. While this means that you won't be able to play multiplayer, at least you'll be able to access single-player content. To do so, just go to Settings on your Xbox One. The option to take it offline should be in the Network menu. Keep in mind that this won't work if the Xbox One you're using isn't your Home Console.

Aside from the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks that took place on Xbox Live a few years ago, this is one of the largest outages in recent memory. Hopefully, Microsoft will learn from this going forward — just like it did with the DDoS attacks — and make its service even better. Given the fact that Gears 5 launched today for select owners, the outage couldn't have hit at a worse time.

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  • Worst day for it to happen too. Oh well, I'll be leaving the house shortly so no issue.
  • I figured I'd do my periodic full reboot, clearing any caches I could and it boots to the soothing green screen then to a dark abyss of Microsoft shame of what the f did you do to my entertainment experience? Not happy for sure.
  • I have come to the conclusion that XBL being superior to PSN is a myth. I never have a problem with PSN but I can never get on XBL. It seems that they are always having problems. My sons and I were going to play Gears 5 together and it is down on the launch day of the best exclusive they have had this generation.
  • I think both are on par to be honest. I've had similar issues with them both months. September has been one of the worst for Xbox Live though.
  • I agree Bill. Xbox live down on a Friday night with the release of the gears 5 beta? What a joke! I have been a abox live member and fan for the last eleven years and guess what? This is the last straw. Tmrw morning I am trading in my xbox one, all my games and accessories and getting a Playstation 4.
  • Psycho. Do me a solid go ahead and do that. Gears does need anymore lancer potatoes. #removethefakes
  • Hey Taylor, try taking Xbox out of your mouth before talking.
  • I have been a loyal xbox lover since the beginning and have supported them thru even the (red ring of death 360s), and thru other problems as well. But this is terrible do we get a discount on our Xbox Live monthly rate, NO we will not. So I am doing what I encourage many others to do go get a PS4. My loyalty to Microsoft and to Xbox is over after 20+ years.
    Thx for the good years Xbox.
  • So their extremely popular IP caused their servers to crash for maybe an hour and that is causing you to cancel and ask for a discount after 20 years? I've also been a member of live since its inception. It is hardly ever down. Things happen out of a service providers hands, nothing is perfect. I'm sure they are working to fix the problem as they don't want to lose customers.
  • They have had to fix this problem over 4 times in the last 30 day so yes I think we deserve credit. I pay to play the game not wait for them to deal with the same problem almost weekly
  • Dude I alrdy know what you mean & I definitely fully agree also if you're a true "Rider" You Ride threw Thick & Thin We Should Certainly be very LUCKY We Have A Dedicated Staff For Our Dedicated Issues. & I've Been an Xbox Fan/Player For A Damn Good Portion Of My Life. Also with all that being said DONT FOR ONE SECOND think it's very easy for me too just over look this either bc I literally am only able to play on the weekends as is, even when the servers aren't down I can ONLY play on the weekends so I feel for everyone's personalized issue's BECAUSE WERE ALL GOING THREW IT RIGHT NOW so definitely let's NOT fight amongst one another let's problem solve or share good content on our recordings or things of that nature, but all of us are experiencing issues so the last thing we need is more issues from toxic people... Haha but GG's too everyone, & I'll see you ALL on the battlefield!!!!
  • Never ever had to pay XBL full price so yeah I do get a discount... I probably have had my service for around 40 to 50% off o er the entire duration of the service and I'm not even taking into account the reward points, the free credit and the discount I get on price (since I'm all digital)... And the free games with GwG and now game pass.... I pretty much game for way way less than I did before and certain ly for far cheaper than I would with PS4 and PSN+
  • I have both. PSN is down alot more than Xbox live. Dont waste ur time and money making the switch.
  • Absolutely true. The world of consoles has gone to hell.
  • This fact needs to be promoted more
  • I laugh at the comments of those saying PS4 + never goes down. Come back to me in a few months of using it and tell me the same story. . They both have this happen and always will. As long as they learn from mistakes and make their networks even more robust with fewer outages ;)
  • This comment is beyond moron in the saddest way. It's a **** nite for service for sure. I simply wanted to watch some shows and stumbled apon this issue. But if an issue that is generally out of control is enough for a full trade you are an idiot. Live is by far more reliable and worth every penny compared to sonys service and yes i have both. Ps3 wasn't even worth the purchase. Ps4 is the first online service i haven't even bothered to renew. Plenty i love about the console but it's online is garbage. Even the damn store on the console is very limited. To the point i have to go to the website on my phone just to even find the game I'm looking for because it doesnt exist on the console store. Sorry for your bad night but your little piss party is a joke along with all the other crybabies. Here i am pissed because i use an old lcd with a 360 in my bedroom for tv and you're ready to trade everything over this. Grow up.
  • That's so odd you say that. Literally haven't ever not been able to get on psn except of course after the hack. Also, not sure why you aren't able to find games, never had an issue, ever. It might just be cuz the Playstation doesn't spell check for you possibly?
  • Selling all your **** for an issue is as extreme as how i worded things for a point. If spellcheck didn't work on a perfectly fine search setup on console then i wonder why it did on a ****** mobile version.
  • Lol why are you getting so worked up about what other people do?
    I've been regular on PS+ since 2013 or so and I honestly can't remember too many problems or cuts. There was that Christmas season of 2014, then sometimes it's slow to update trophy list but that's about it.
    ofc the experience can be different for everyone so don't try to put yours as the only fact and insult people just because they want to "leave" the company you seem to worship.
  • haha, I c someone is getting all worked up :p
  • Whocares90: "LCD in your bedroom?" Translation: "LCD in your room" (in your parent's house). Only pointing this out, along with your childish writing style, to accentuate the fact that you're telling folks to 'grow up', when, as children do, you can't keep from calling people names. Its obvious that you haven't grown up yet. Try taking your own advice.
  • don’t just don’t. playstation actually sucks
  • So you created an account just to make that one liner with zero reasons or argument. LOL
  • Do it you won’t snowflake
    @joseph kozubowski
  • Will you trade your shining new PS4 away once PSN is down? Historically, PSN had 0 downtime right?
  • Be honest, you were just looking for you chance to complain and you are a ps fanboy. Shall I remind you of lizard squad over that one Christmas. Xbl was down for less than a day when PlayStation was down for over a month. It’s clearly better, you just say a green light to complain.
  • First of all learn how to spell you moron. Second, this is not the first issue I have had with xbox services and products. You think I would do this over one issue? Keep your stupid comments to yourself.
  • @Mrodger85
    It's hilarious the number of new accounts that suddenly appeared over here. All created around the same time. LOL
    And you're another one of them. If anything the fanboy here is you. With your stupid lies. PSN down for over a month while XBL less than a day? LOL OK then. That says it all...
  • Guest_aotf: Looks like you need to take Xbox out of your mouth, too.
  • Oh my, another new worshipper of the gods "Xbox".
  • Go play Gears 5 on PlayStation then...
  • Come on PSN was down for weeks at a time worldwide you just didn't get a PS then....
  • So when was that already? And XBL never went out for weeks at a time?
  • Never for me and I'm on daily. This time was the worst I've ever had on Xbox because I couldn't do anything but disc based single player with no dlc and it was about 2-3 hours from when I noticed it. I'd be beyond mad if it way days nevermind weeks or more.
  • People waiting to play Gears 5 Campaign have been out of luck since it was released for Ultimate pass and Ultimate deluxe owners. The Campaign is linked to a lobby online, so if a server is down we cannot play it which is the case since yesterday. The Coalition should be ashamed for taking shortcuts and design the SP campaign that poorly.
  • I was playing the campaign yesterday.
  • Btw, gears 5 being the best exclusive for xb1 is honestly reason enough to switch though too imo. You know how many amazing exclusives the Ps4 has gotten?
  • It ain't the best exclusive though...
  • Ps4 has a hand full of exclusives worth bragging about, it's not doing much better than Xbox but fanboys act like those few games are the only ones that matter in the entire industry. God of war, uncharted, bloodborne, and maybe Spiderman and a few coming in a couple years. Hzd is an over rated far cry clone. I personally think housemarques indie games are better than most Sony big budget games and all you fools ever talk about is the the AAAs.
  • and of course your sp game cant even get to the menu without it, amazing. meanwhile, pirates wont even know this crap went down
  • Yeah, this is not how gaming should be, I can't even play some player games using GP4PC because I have to be online even though there are no online elements. Some companies are pretty clueless when it comes to gaming.
  • For game pass I understand why you need to be always online it makes sens....
  • @JMV83 actually, it doesn't. Game Pass Subscription serves as a second point of authentication. Authentication tokens can easily be used to allow you to play offline without having to rely on being on online as a form of DRM. That's just poor programming in my book
  • Sad thing is most games worth playing are online only
  • That's just your opinion.
  • We have the xbox one and ps4 as far as service issues we have never had problems with service on either one. Xbox live has had issues these last couple month but I wouldn't discontinue or get rid of my xbox for it. I think as a company they should make up for the inconvenience in some way considering it's a pay service , but there are always issues that surface at some point with technology. Weather it's a phone or console. They will get it lined out.
  • I mainly use my Xbox for streaming entertainment. Coincidentally, I just ordered a Amazon recast and a couple fire sticks. I can't wait to not be dependent on signing in in order to watch netflix/hulu/prime. Such a poorly thought system dependencies.
  • Microsoft always failing with everything, I REALLY HATE WINDOWS
  • Lol and yet probably the most versatile and yet stable OS to date over Linux distros and way over OS X by light years... But yeah you're right keep on hating it's been trendy for 2 decades... Lmfao
  • Stable?? Do you have a link to support this?
  • You would think the consoles would just sign in offline on their own if they can't sign in. It seems Sony and MS didn't put alot of thought into things like that.
  • Good to go as of 21:56 CST
  • This is happening all too frequently now
  • Beside games that 'eeds online that' s a non issue.... Who needs an Xbox to watch any streaming service... If you have a flat screen that's less than 10years old a pc or a laptop or even a smartphone... You can watch any streaming service you have on your TV without any issues... The more technology advances the more people are clueless about workarounds... Man you would have killed yourself 20 years ago with any electronic device.... #truenerdsaredead #2Kgeeksarefakes
  • And that's just the noob workaround... Never ever have had a day without live working if it wasn't down worldwide at 100%.... But if you can't figure out in 2019 how to watch Netflix without an Xbox, don't get me started on VPN géo-localisation...
  • lol so much damage control. Trying to attack and insult the people instead of talking of the issues and MS's mistakes and problems...
  • You seem to be the main one. That's really typical. Lmfao
  • huh? What are you talking about?
  • Oh and before anyone call me a blind fan boy.... I do have MS stock's so yeah I do care... I also do know what I have and haven't in my portfolio and I know for what reason and if I don't have Sony it's for a reason...
  • Oh so you agree that you have an agenda to promote MS and criticise the competition. You have reasons to being bias... So unlike the average customer who post about their experience and about products/services they use, you are out here doing some free marketing work for MS...
    Good to know...
  • There you go again. Boy, your life must really suck. Just saying.
  • Who are you already? You have been making a lot of these meaningless posts.
  • I have been a loyal member of XBL since the begining. Back when the controllers were so frickin big, I could even let my 6 yr old play with me because his hands were too small. An outage of less than one day and you wanna trade your stuff in for a PS4?!?! Look I'll be more than happy to give you 50% more than what you'll get in trade in wherever you take it.....Shoot I'll even reimburse you (prorated rate) for whatever time you have left on your XBL account. I can count on my fingers and maybe two toes the times I've been unable to play online. ASK MY WIFE SHE WILL TELL YOU IM ALWAYS PLAYING ONLINE. The offer is on the table. Call my bluff
  • Late to the party cuz I have up and went to bed. But yeah, I'll say it was large lol Over 17 thousand reported it!! Usually when there's a "typical isp" outage I see around 5 thousand.
  • Lol. Idiots still paying to play games online. PC master race wins again. Been playing Gears 5 all night in beautiful 3440x1440p 120hz. Pay to play online... .hahaha!
  • Relax, you're doing fine.
  • That's the only time In 10+ years of xbl that I've had a problem so frustrating and infuriating. I couldnt even sign into my profile unless offline and then I couldnt play anything thats not disc based single player and if that game had dlc it wasn't playable. They need to do something so you can at least play single player on digital games while offline. I don't know how or care how but it needs to happen. All I wanted to play was gears 5 campaign and I couldn't. Thankfully the team was able to get it running relatively quickly (a few hours) but being locked out from your digital games you paid for is absolutely unacceptable. And yes xbl is still superior to psn. Its never been down for a month and this is the first time since being on Xbox I've been locked out for more than a few minutes.
  • I used the sms notification feature on xbox assist to let me know when the service had been restored, and only received the notification an hour ago. That's over 24 hours afterwards.
  • Lol! Microsoft doesn't care about their end users.