While none of us hip kids get to play with them just yet, Microsoft has gone ahead and flipped the switch on for those Xbox games for Windows Phone 7. Well, for two of them at least: 'Flowerz' and 'Hexic Rush'

It's basically a milestone for the company since this is the first time, as Michael Klucher tweets above, that achievements are being counted towards your Xbox gamer-tag.

Klucher also notes on his blog that this is still a test-phase:

I did want to let everyone know who might have access to these games through pre-release hardware that they should be considered test games and not early launch titles. You can and should expect that everything about the game is subject to change or be disabled at any time.

Finally, Paul Thurrott has also has a write up on this happening with some screenshots of the games in the Zune software and his achievements. Cool stuff and it means we're inching closer and closer to that big day.