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Xbox Live: PES 2011 drops off the Marketplace

It’s been a while since an Xbox Live game has been pulled from the Marketplace. Last year, Fast & Furious: Adrenaline, Star Wars Cantina, and Star Wars: Battle for Hoth all got pulled at once. Besides that, the beleaguered Crackdown 2: Project Sunburst was taken down for good, and Twin Blades got temporarily pulled. Now we can add another game to the delisted list: Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 (aka PES 2011) from Konami.

As with the previous pulled games, no warning was given before PES 2011 got yanked. Some have speculated its removal is due to PES 2012’s impending release. It is true that once PES 2012 comes out, nobody will want to buy the previous version. But is there any harm in allowing 2011 to collect virtual dust alongside its successor? After all, once a game has been pulled, people who already purchased that game can no longer redownload it. Removing a game every time its sequel comes around isn’t very fair to customers.

We’ve contacted Konami and Microsoft for comment and will update if they’re able to shed some light on the subject.

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  • I could see where they wouldn't want someone to "accidently" purchase the old version then have complaints about not being able to get a refund etc.  Where is FIFA btw?  My son keeps complaining about the lack of EA games.
  • Nokia has the EA Games titles tied up as an exclusive on their Windows Phone handsets for an unspecificed amount of time, as they announced during the Lumia 710/800 release last year.
  • That is one of the reasons I am getting the Lumia 900.
  • Yes, I think I did read this.  I guess I didn't fully digest this at the time of the announcement.  Gotta say I love the logic, you are not able to get some titles because you have a Windows Phone, in addition, you are even further restricted to certain titles by the type of WP handset you have.  Awesome.  So those of us who chose not to wait for Nokia handsets are some sort of subclass of WP users?
  • It's one of the ways they're trying to differentiate themselves from all the other OEMs, so it makes sense for them from a business standpoint even though it sucks for us. Good news is that exclusivity isn't permanent, we just don't know when it expires yet.
  • Same here !
  • So, does Microsoft have a refund policy on apps that it de-lists and never returns?  I paid for Star Wars Cantina and Crackdown 2, both games I can no longer play due to needing a replacement Focus last month.
  • I don't think they do. I sure wish I could get a credit for the ones I can't download. Especially the Microsoft published ones.
  • Have you called MS support and asked?  To me, that sounds borderline illegal.  You paid for a license to play the game and they are no longer providing that licence.  Maybe it's in their Terms of Service or something, but it kind of turns my stomach that they can do something like that and get away with it.
  • Yes, really bad practice and I'm sure that this will get MS some bad press when more people encounter that kind of problem. Buy a new phone and find yourself without some of your previously purchased apps just because they have been pulled.
    Of course it is OK to delist apps but that shouldn't stop people who bought it from redownloading the app anytime they want.  So far it seems like only few people are aware of this - I didn't even find an entry on, so I created a new "idea" there:
  • Well that sucks, I was really pissed when they removed star wars battle for hoth from the market place without providing a reason, now PES is out, what's next ?
  • Who cares, we getting dozens of Xbox Live games every month, what's one less? /sarcasm
  • They should provide a way for people who have bought the game to redownload it, this way your purchase is gone forever if you change device for whatever reason. Great way to treat customers, lesson learned for me, won't be buying anything from this ripoff marketplace again.
  • Yeah, this is outrageous. I never have and never will buy anything from the Marketplace. Same goes for cloud services. No way. The company providing the cloud can do whatever they want with your data.
  • It sounds like you're not much into gaming on WP7 then. It's perfectly within your right to feel that way, but I don't think most WP7 gamers will react the same way.
  • I miss Star Wars Battle of Hoth too :'(
  • To hell w pes bring FIFA please
  • "After all, once a game has been pulled, people who already purchased that game can no longer redownload it."
    Wait, really?  It's not like Xbox where you can't get into your download history and re-download it?   Isn't that kind of illegal?
  • I also thought this was the case as the purchases are tied to your gamertag just like Xbox titles. Someone who bought one of these delisted titles should check if they still appear in their download history.
  • You can't redownload via download history. The entry is removed completely from your history
  • Im sure if you made a big enough deal to Microsoft they would credit you with Microsoft points. They did this for people who bought games that used to be indie games but then got published to Xbox live. If this is really gonna prevent you from buying anything on the marketplace then you shouldn't have a smart phone because this stuff happens with every company.
  • They really need to add the cloud saves functionality on the phone. I really hate losing most of my info everytime I switch/redownload games... =/
  • OH CRAP! I accidentally uninstalled this last night, and now I can't get it back! FML...
  • Sucks man... I hope they give refunds. That would be the Right thing to do.
  • So i can't redownload the game ever again? Those 5€ were really well spent..
    Selling something a day and taking it back the next day without any warning/refund...i should say stealing it the next day...CROOKS METHODS !!!
    Sorry i don't like crookers