Xbox Live will now notify your Twitch followers even when you stream via capture card

From now, you'll receive a broadcast notification from Twitch streamers you follow even if they're using an external capture card, providing they've linked their Twitch and Xbox Live accounts correctly.

Major Nelson detailed the partnership on his blog:

"Today, in partnership with Twitch, we're pleased to announce capture card support for Twitch Xbox One broadcasters on Xbox Live. Previously, only Xbox One players broadcasting their gameplay via the Xbox Twitch app could take advantage of the several different ways to amplify their content and channel on Xbox Live to share updates and grow their audience."

When you're broadcasting via the Twitch app on Xbox One, your streams appear in the trending section, and your followers receive an optional notification on the iOS, Windows 10 and Android Xbox apps. With this new partnership, Twitch streamers using external cards will see their broadcasts in the following places:

  • The Activity Feed on Xbox One and the Xbox app on Windows 10, iOS and Android
  • Notifications to their followers on Xbox One and the Xbox app on Windows 10, iOS and Android
  • Game Product Details Page in the Xbox Store

Elgato HD60S

Elgato HD60S (Image credit: Windows Central)

External capture cards such as the Elgato HD 60 provide more powerful features than the native Twitch app on Xbox, allowing streamers to overlay graphics and more onto their streams. Programs like XSplit give even more powerful features, allowing you to overlay your Twitch chat directly onto the video stream, which can be handy for replays.

To link up your Twitch account to Xbox Live, head to the connections page in your Twitch settings, found right over here.

Hopefully, Microsoft and Twitch's close partnership on Xbox One will lead to a dedicated UWP app for Windows 10, Xbox One and Windows 10 Mobile, something we've sorely lacked on the platform thus far. Until then, the third party app, UStream, provides an excellent alternative.

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