Xbox Music and Video both nab small updates for Modern Windows today

It has been some time since we reported on an update to Xbox Music for Windows. While the Windows Phone version has had ten updates in the last few months, interestingly the Windows version was last updated in April. Today this changes as it, and the recently revamped Xbox Video app, picked up two small updates today.

First up, let us talk about Xbox Music, which has the most attractive of the two changelogs. Microsoft has been getting very good with these changelogs as the app even gives you a swanky toast notification when you re-launch it after the update, telling you what is new. Well done!

Xbox Music for Windows 8.1 (2.2.886.0)

  • It's now easier to tell when albums or songs in the Explore tab aren't available for streaming, or have other restrictions
  • Added a friendly confirmation message when you buy albums or songs
  • Skip unplayable tracks in the playlist quickly
  • Improved performance.
  • Reduced playback errors.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Although nothing ground breaking is in this update, these are improvements we like to see. One review on the Store notes that the update today "broke the app" in that it crashes for them when they play a track, but we have not experienced that on our machines just yet.

Xbox Video for Windows 8.1 (2.6.314.0)

  • You can now delete videos from your local video collection
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

The changelog may be larger as sometimes the team updates their User Voice page with more detail. We will be checking back to see if that happens and will update accordingly.

The update for Xbox Video is not nearly as impressive, but it was only last month that the app received a much-needed makeover, bringing it line with Xbox Music and Xbox Video on the Xbox One. So far, we are not having many issues with this app, and it seems to be on solid footing.

Do you want to help improve Xbox Music and Xbox Video? Don't just gripe in our comments, head to the User Voice pages, vote, and suggest ideas!

Thanks, Fahmi B., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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