Xbox One to add custom backgrounds, themes and screenshot support

Microsoft has been great about adding new features to the Xbox One via system updates on a regular basis since its launch a year ago, and that will apparently continue in the near future as Xbox leader Phil Spencer has revealed the console will be adding support for custom backgrounds and themes, along with the ability to take screenshots, in the future.

Spencer revealed the news near the end of an interview on the Inner Circle Podcast today, stating, "Themes and background pics are something we are working on, and screenshots; I know people beat me up on screenshots ... I know people like to customize the look of the dash .. we are going to deliver on them." He didn't state when exactly this new support will be added to the Xbox One.

This piece of news will likely please long time Xbox fans, especially owners of the Xbox 360, which has supported changing the background and themes of the dashboard via free and paid themes. Are you happy this kind of feature will be added to the Xbox One?

Source: The Inner Circle Podcast via XboxMAD.Net; Thanks, Jez, for the tip!

John Callaham