A dust cover is one of the best things you can get for your Xbox One

Dust gets into everything and in the case of your PC or Xbox it'll cake up inside before you even realise. The original Xbox One and the Xbox One S are worse offenders than the Xbox One X thanks to their top mounted vent holes where the newer console only has them on the rear.

Still, if there's a space, you can bet that dust is going to get in there. The best way to minimize this is to get a dust cover. They're cheap, simple and do a stand-up job.

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I picked one up for £10 ($14) for my Xbox One S and was surprised at both the quality and how much of a difference it makes. It's little more than a neoprene sleeve with a soft interior that slides over the console. It's not quite one size fits all, as each console will require a different size and there are options for folks who have theirs horizontal and vertical.

Xbox One dust cover

The cutout on the back means you don't have to unplug anything from the console to use the dust cover. Equally, you need to make sure you remember to take it off when you actually want to use the console. It's not ventilated and it's a quick way to overheat your Xbox.

Having a little browse through Amazon there are a bunch to choose from, ranging from sub-$10 up to $20+ covering all three Xbox consoles.

It's something I recommend buying, though. I've noticed an almost immediate improvement in the amount of dust hanging around on my console which can only be a good thing. It's also pretty handy if you travel with your console, too. Just slot the Xbox into the dust cover before putting it inside a bag and you've an extra layer of protection. Win win.

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