Xbox One February 2016 preview build now rolling out

The February preview build is now rolling out to Xbox One Preview members, bringing the oft-requested Party feature, which allows you to see who's in a Party before joining. The update also brings the Gamerscore Leaderboard, ability to join your friends' Twitch broadcasts, and much more.

Here's the breakdown of what's included:

  • See who's in a Party: Xbox One Preview participants will be able to see who's in a Party before joining. When you view the profile of a friend who is in a Party in the guide, you will now be able to see who else they're playing with. Click the 'Chat' button which appears immediately below the user to jump in and see who is in the Party.
  • Gamerscore Leaderboard: Through the Gamerscore Leaderboard, see where you stand relative to your friends by comparing total gamerscore, as well as biggest gains over a rolling 30-day period.
  • Re-arrange Pins on Home and access them offline: In Preview, you will now be able to rearrange individual pins. We also made Pins accessible for launching when you are offline.
  • Updating Activity Feed in Xbox One: Your activity feed in Xbox One Preview will inform you when there are new items in your feed. Clicking the link will take you to the top of your feed where you'll see a run-down of the newest posts.
  • Joinable Twitch Broadcasts: In Preview, Game Hubs as well as the game tile will allow you to easily launch broadcasts if friends are broadcasting.
  • Improvements to Suggested Friends: Check out the new Friend Suggestions area in Community and the Friends list in the Guide on Xbox One. Friend Suggestions include the gamertag, real name (if shared), gamerpic or Xbox Avatar image, and the reason the suggestion was made to you.
  • Hide games from 'ready-to-install' list: Fans asked that we re-enable the ability to hide content like betas, trials, games, and apps that they no longer want to install. Xbox One Preview members will be able to start using this feature again.

Xbox One Preview members, did you receive the update yet? How are you liking the new features?

Source: Xbox Wire

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia for Android Central, Windows Central's sister site. When not reviewing phones, he's testing PC hardware, including video cards, motherboards, gaming accessories, and keyboards.

  • Not much to write home about...
  • Far better than the usual "bug fixes and general improvements", wouldn't you agree?
  • I suppose. Wish they'd fix the current non preview build. I can barely use my left window thing (where you can see friends and snap apps etc). It freezes usually.
  • Go to the settings icon on the left menu and select Restart. That should help with the freezing you're experiencing.
  • It's called the guide Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Honestly eel like there is a lot to fix, though, as well. I wish they'd add a manual aspect ratio setting. It doesn't fit mine and it's a bit unprofessional that it doesn't :/.
  • My 360 (on HDMI) allows specific ratios. So yes that's a good observation. MS is always late to the game with the simple **** tho and expects us to be excited. No... MS.... We're angry. Lol.
  • No, YOU are angry. For no good reason.
  • For no good reason? So an incomplete OS across PC, tablet, phone and console is no good reason? Go n hide you damn fanboy....
  • They are called 'Preview' for a reason @Denaxin, they are not fully ready for public release, nobody can join an insider programme and not expect bugs lol... that IS the whole reason behind it, to find bugs in the multiple possible configerations in systems is it not ??
  • Btw even the nonninsider versions are not ready...these things should not freeze often...should not reboot often. Pc,phone,and co soles all have these issues
  • Well I have two desktops, Surface Pro (had since March 2013), Xbox One and two Windows Phones. No freezing, no lock UPS, no restarts needed and no lag. So while YOU may have issues, not all of us do. I'm not a fan boy, I use what works, and it always works for me.
  • @Buelligan, same here, minus the Surface Pro, but add a few other non-MS laptops and convertibles. From a stability and core function perspective, I'd say they are rock solid. I would gripe a little about the ongoing mixed interfaces in Windows 10 for Control Panel, but that's really a very minor issue and certainly doesnt' stop me from using it.
  • Lol of course it can on 360
  • I play games, but use the Xbox as a media system. Because of the Xbox one launch (and their failures with many hardcore gamers), and the PS4 success, they seem terrified to discuss or improve the media/entertainment side.
  • Does the preview run better then the current build. Because my One runs laggy alot. Which makes no sense.
  • Manually restart the xbox. Left> restart console. Xbox now doesnt shutdown.. its just in a low power state which causes it to lag eventually..  i restart mine every couple of days
  • U may have just made my life better. Haha. Thanks.
  • That is a fix but that also means there is a memory leak
  • Lol kinda wondering how tightly their controlling what oems they use for stuff like the blu drive, hdd, nand/ram cause if they properly dont account for that we could have problems(still think my launch unit was 1 of those kind of units hence the retail bug months before it became known)
  • how in the heck do you get access to preview?
  • I think you need to be invited but I could be wrong as I don't own an one.
  • They sealed up the invite to join thing. Unfortunately, the short answers is, you don't.
  • Can someone invite me to the preview. please :) my GT: Drojann0
  • You should get an invite soon :)
  • Could you invite me too please? TheKingKiddo.Thanks!!!
  • Let us know when the Xbox beta app is released with new features for this update
  • Correction: Let us know when the Xbox beta app is released with any differences compared to the non-beta version.
  • Finally I can (hopefully) get rid of the Zoo Tycoon demo from the rady to install list. Could never make it go away previously. Rearranging pins will be nice too, I like to keep my most used apps in the top row.
  • Always happy for new, good features, but stability MUST be the top priority. The console is way less stable now than it was pre W10 update. It has gotten worse with the January update too. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Cortana will be coming to Xbox One...or not.
  • It will. There even was a way to enable her in the previews before, but I don't believe it's possible currently.
  • I am also want to know the result.
  • I'm also having a hard time comprehending your statement
  • I'm still waiting Cortana to show up on Phone/Desktop.
  • Anyone else getting a lot of freezing while videos play? Game clips I record (on the hard drive), twitch, and even in game videos (character videos in Disney infinity, for example). Plays a couple second, freezes for a few, plays a couple seconds more, etc. Very annoying. On the regular released build. Restarting doesn't help.
  • Still waiting for the ultimate feature: Turning off those annoying-as-f*ck system sounds... Been waiting for over two years now... WTF???
  • I feel like few of these features are already present on PS4 from quite long time, such as viewing party members before joining, turning off notification sounds, and few others which are currently in preview on Xbone.
  • Ok
  • And yet there are even more things that the Xbox One does that the PS4 UI does not. I have both systems and the PS4 menu bugs me to no end.
  • Lets get things straigh, Xbox had the ablity to see who was in a party before PS4 did. It was taken out when the new exerience update came out. A lot of other things they had in the first dashboard before PS4 but were taken out
  • Has anyone noticed some hyroglyphics on the action bar, ie the text Find Someone and in another area your profile area, at the bottom it says Add & manage, if you can read it.  ​I haven't figured how to manage the pins - from all accounts you are supposed to be able to sort them differently. Doesn't anyone know when the next batch of backward compatible games will be announced?  
  • Lol hieroglyphics only appear for non-us-en users haven't seen that in 6 months or so
  • Updated this morning didn't have time to check in detail but booted it up a few minutes ago and am seeing some in community pivot
  • I wish they would add in HDMI support to auto change the input. 
  • They've said this before they dont/wont support cec so your better off using a harmony
  • Nice, but... What about:  Spotify, Music in background, Working OneDrive/Groove, Kinect w/o up localisations, choose prefered language independend of localization, APPS should we not have seen hunderds of apps  already last summer (according to this site)? etc etc. Feels more and more like another Microsoft Zune, RT, WP -fiasco. 
  • Spotify has an agreement with Sony. So, no. The Xbox line it's far way to be a fiasco. Try again.
  • Interesting to me that Xbox frequently gets feature updates yet PC/mobile windows 10 builds do not. Wonder why that is. And im not trying to be ungrateful or facetious. Really wondering why. Is the Xbox team simply more efficient?
  • They released a new OS about seven months ago. They released the November update with new features. This is an OS not a simple app. Since when Google and Apple releases new features every five/six month to non-beta users?
  • My statement wasn't comparing Microsoft to apple or google. It's comparing Microsoft to Microsoft. So I dont think your response necessarily addressed my question
  • Yes, another reboot... But what about the result for the users? How can "the centre of the living room" not be able to play music in the background or even make use of Kinect in an convincing way?   We have more and better Microsoft apps on iOS than we have on XBox. Cortana on iOS is far better than Kinect on XBox !!?
  • Understand that they are rolling these features and updates out to a fixed hardware spec that they have control over, when dealing with anything Xbox related. The Windows desktop hardware can have any number of combinations, so Microsoft has to cast a wider net and proceed with a bit more caution and testing when they're dealing with Windows 10 updates. Also, its not like the Windows 10 Insider Preview for desktop hasn't provided ANY new features, they just do them at a slower pace.
  • Makes sense. Appreciate the informative and mature response
  • Come here expecting folks to be excited and all I see are complainers lol.
  • Amen Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I am excited. People just like to ***** to no end becasue they think everything should happen instantly.
  • Hi, can someone invite me to the insider preview, please? My gamertag is Kaunaz.
  • Preview invites are CLOSED until further notice... Nobody is getting in for a while.
  • I'd like to see a fix for notifications. Whenever there's an update they work for that day, then it goes back to not popping up or even showing in the notification feed...rather frustrating. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I'm an preview member and I haven't received the update yet. Hopefully when I get home from work today, my console received the update.
  • No , just appeared and installation in progress
  • Caused me a 203 error :'( had to perform a factory reset again. Only the fifth or sixth one since December :'(
  • That's a smal upgrade, but better then nothikge:)
  • Wens the required push of the update?
  • I'm wondering when the wireless display app will be made available.
  • Anyone know how to get an invite to the Preview Program?