Xbox One: the Games you’ll be playing on the next-generation console

We can argue about DRM, privacy issues, hardware differences, specs sheets and more till we go blue in the face. But there’s one thing that triumphs all when it comes to launching a new console – games. Below are games you’ll be enjoying on the Xbox One (and a few for 360!). Videos, pictures, and more after the break.

Microsoft has teamed up with the major developers and publishers to help launch the Xbox One later this November. Companies like Remedy, DICE, Insomniac Games, 343 Industries, Crytek, and more have worked on games you’ll be wanting to play as soon as you can. First up, some Xbox One exclusives.

Ryse: Son of Rome

One period of history that doesn’t get a lot of mainstream attention in games is Rome. Don’t worry, Xbox One exclusive Ryse: Son of Rome will help satiate that missing piece in your gaming collection. It’s surely going to be rated M (just watch the video above), but when I doubt you’ll notice when you’re having fun with this action-adventure hack and slash.

Quantum Break

We had our first peak at Quantum Break back on May 21st during the Xbox reveal in Redmond. But that teaser trailer left most of the population confused as to what gameplay would be like. Today we got our first chance to see exactly what Quantum Break is and how it will play. It’s an exclusive game coming to the Xbox One from the creators of Alan Wake and Max Payne. The game will also feature a television series that ties into the game. Time control anyone?

Sunset Overdrive

Another Xbox One exclusive, this time from developer Insomniac Games. Sunset Overdrive is an open world shooter. You team up with other friends as you take on hordes of mutants in your city. The trailer is fun, this game is fun, and we’ll try and play with it this week for you guys.


The Xbox One will have at least one solid indie game at launch – Below. This game is from Capybara Games and uses Kinect integration to deliver a unique experience. What do you think of the trailer above?

Crimson Dragon

What’s better than dragons? How about a rail shooter video game with dragons? Crimson Dragon is an Xbox One exclusive that uses the Kinect as an input system. You use your hands to direct homing-missiles on other opponents. Looks like a fun game and should do well with the higher fidelity next-generation Kinect. This sounds like another fun game we need some hands on with at E3.


This Xbox One exclusive had some delicious graphics. But gameplay is where it’s at and that’s something we don’t know much about yet with D4. We do know this a mystery game where you play a detective who has the ability to go back in time. He’ll be using this power to solve his wife’s murder and then try and prevent it. Sounds like a thriller.  

Dead Rising 3

The third Dead Rising game will be an exclusive for the Xbox One. This open world survival horror game will help old fans feel at home with the ability to craft and customize weapons. Unlike some open world games, Dead Rising 3 won’t feature any load times when traversing the open world. Smartglass integration is front and center with this game. User can call in air strikes on a horde of zombies using their tablets, PCs or smartphones.

Kinect Sports Rivals

C’mon, you know there was no way Microsoft would launch a new generation of Kinect sensors without including a Kinect Sports game. Game will be available at launch.

Killer Instinct

The last time fighting game fans played a new Killer Instinct game was back in 1996. It’s been a long time coming, but a new Killer Instinct is coming exclusively to the Xbox One. C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker!

Forza Motorsport 5

Most of the games I’m looking forward on the Xbox One won’t be available right at launch. But now Forza 5, you can pick that up this November alongside your new Xbox One. One of the most critically acclaimed racing series gets new cloud powered AI thanks to Xbox Live. Oh, and the graphics look really good.

Halo Xbox One

They’re calling it Halo Xbox One for now, but you and I can informally call it Halo 5. Master Chief made a surprise appearance on the Xbox stage, but we won’t be seeing him until fall 2014. Great teaser trailer though.

Not bad for a lineup of exclusive games coming only to the Xbox One. But there are plenty of more games you’ll be picking up on that shiny new console, they just happen to be available for other platforms. The list of games below will show up on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC or competing platforms, but some will be getting exclusive content only on Xbox One.

Project Spark

This is a really interesting game. There’s really not much I can do to describe it, so go ahead and watch the trailer above and tell us what you think. The game hits the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Windows 8. The power of Kinect and SmartGlass are on display with this game.

Battlefield 4

This game is coming to the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, PS3, and PS4. But Xbox One users will get the first DLC when it becomes available. This game looked gorgeous running at 60 FPS on the new hardware and demonstrated 64 players in a game at once. The trailer and gameplay online are incredible. Go find them!

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

When you’re releasing the tenth title in a game series how do you make it stand out? In the case of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain you hire Kiefer Sutherland to voice Solid Snake and create a new gameplay for your series – open world. The Phantom Pain takes the series into the next generation on Xbox One, but it will also be available for the PS4 and Xbox 360. No launch dates in sight though.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The third installment in the Witcher series will see the story ending for Geralt of Rivia. This game coming to the Xbox One, PC, and PS4 will give gamers over 100 hours of fantasy RPG in an open world.


Remember how I said all the games I really want to play on the Xbox One aren’t going to be available at launch? Titanfall is an upcoming first person shooter…with mechs. Gameplay looks stellar, story looks stellar, and everything about this looks stellar. It’s coming in spring 2014 to Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. It’s the first game from Respawn Entertainment (the guys behind Call of Duty) so you know it should contain extremely high replay value. Could this be the game that takes the top spot for first-person shooters in the Xbox world? Looks like it has a strong chance.

There are plenty of other games that Microsoft glossed over, but we’ll hunt them out on the E3 floor over the next few days to get you folks hands on and impressions. Some games that slipped under the radar include: Zoo Tycoon, Powerstar Golf, LocoCycle, and more.

What’s been your favorite game that is coming to the Xbox One? Sound off below! Hit up the YouTube link here to see trailers and gameplay for all the games on this list.

Sam Sabri