Xbox One: the Games you’ll be playing on the next-generation console

We can argue about DRM, privacy issues, hardware differences, specs sheets and more till we go blue in the face. But there’s one thing that triumphs all when it comes to launching a new console – games. Below are games you’ll be enjoying on the Xbox One (and a few for 360!). Videos, pictures, and more after the break.

Microsoft has teamed up with the major developers and publishers to help launch the Xbox One later this November. Companies like Remedy, DICE, Insomniac Games, 343 Industries, Crytek, and more have worked on games you’ll be wanting to play as soon as you can. First up, some Xbox One exclusives.

Ryse: Son of Rome

One period of history that doesn’t get a lot of mainstream attention in games is Rome. Don’t worry, Xbox One exclusive Ryse: Son of Rome will help satiate that missing piece in your gaming collection. It’s surely going to be rated M (just watch the video above), but when I doubt you’ll notice when you’re having fun with this action-adventure hack and slash.

Quantum Break

We had our first peak at Quantum Break back on May 21st during the Xbox reveal in Redmond. But that teaser trailer left most of the population confused as to what gameplay would be like. Today we got our first chance to see exactly what Quantum Break is and how it will play. It’s an exclusive game coming to the Xbox One from the creators of Alan Wake and Max Payne. The game will also feature a television series that ties into the game. Time control anyone?

Sunset Overdrive

Another Xbox One exclusive, this time from developer Insomniac Games. Sunset Overdrive is an open world shooter. You team up with other friends as you take on hordes of mutants in your city. The trailer is fun, this game is fun, and we’ll try and play with it this week for you guys.


The Xbox One will have at least one solid indie game at launch – Below. This game is from Capybara Games and uses Kinect integration to deliver a unique experience. What do you think of the trailer above?

Crimson Dragon

What’s better than dragons? How about a rail shooter video game with dragons? Crimson Dragon is an Xbox One exclusive that uses the Kinect as an input system. You use your hands to direct homing-missiles on other opponents. Looks like a fun game and should do well with the higher fidelity next-generation Kinect. This sounds like another fun game we need some hands on with at E3.


This Xbox One exclusive had some delicious graphics. But gameplay is where it’s at and that’s something we don’t know much about yet with D4. We do know this a mystery game where you play a detective who has the ability to go back in time. He’ll be using this power to solve his wife’s murder and then try and prevent it. Sounds like a thriller.  

Dead Rising 3

The third Dead Rising game will be an exclusive for the Xbox One. This open world survival horror game will help old fans feel at home with the ability to craft and customize weapons. Unlike some open world games, Dead Rising 3 won’t feature any load times when traversing the open world. Smartglass integration is front and center with this game. User can call in air strikes on a horde of zombies using their tablets, PCs or smartphones.

Kinect Sports Rivals

C’mon, you know there was no way Microsoft would launch a new generation of Kinect sensors without including a Kinect Sports game. Game will be available at launch.

Killer Instinct

The last time fighting game fans played a new Killer Instinct game was back in 1996. It’s been a long time coming, but a new Killer Instinct is coming exclusively to the Xbox One. C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker!

Forza Motorsport 5

Most of the games I’m looking forward on the Xbox One won’t be available right at launch. But now Forza 5, you can pick that up this November alongside your new Xbox One. One of the most critically acclaimed racing series gets new cloud powered AI thanks to Xbox Live. Oh, and the graphics look really good.

Halo Xbox One

They’re calling it Halo Xbox One for now, but you and I can informally call it Halo 5. Master Chief made a surprise appearance on the Xbox stage, but we won’t be seeing him until fall 2014. Great teaser trailer though.

Not bad for a lineup of exclusive games coming only to the Xbox One. But there are plenty of more games you’ll be picking up on that shiny new console, they just happen to be available for other platforms. The list of games below will show up on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC or competing platforms, but some will be getting exclusive content only on Xbox One.

Project Spark

This is a really interesting game. There’s really not much I can do to describe it, so go ahead and watch the trailer above and tell us what you think. The game hits the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Windows 8. The power of Kinect and SmartGlass are on display with this game.

Battlefield 4

This game is coming to the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, PS3, and PS4. But Xbox One users will get the first DLC when it becomes available. This game looked gorgeous running at 60 FPS on the new hardware and demonstrated 64 players in a game at once. The trailer and gameplay online are incredible. Go find them!

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

When you’re releasing the tenth title in a game series how do you make it stand out? In the case of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain you hire Kiefer Sutherland to voice Solid Snake and create a new gameplay for your series – open world. The Phantom Pain takes the series into the next generation on Xbox One, but it will also be available for the PS4 and Xbox 360. No launch dates in sight though.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The third installment in the Witcher series will see the story ending for Geralt of Rivia. This game coming to the Xbox One, PC, and PS4 will give gamers over 100 hours of fantasy RPG in an open world.


Remember how I said all the games I really want to play on the Xbox One aren’t going to be available at launch? Titanfall is an upcoming first person shooter…with mechs. Gameplay looks stellar, story looks stellar, and everything about this looks stellar. It’s coming in spring 2014 to Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. It’s the first game from Respawn Entertainment (the guys behind Call of Duty) so you know it should contain extremely high replay value. Could this be the game that takes the top spot for first-person shooters in the Xbox world? Looks like it has a strong chance.

There are plenty of other games that Microsoft glossed over, but we’ll hunt them out on the E3 floor over the next few days to get you folks hands on and impressions. Some games that slipped under the radar include: Zoo Tycoon, Powerstar Golf, LocoCycle, and more.

What’s been your favorite game that is coming to the Xbox One? Sound off below! Hit up the YouTube link here to see trailers and gameplay for all the games on this list.

Sam Sabri
  • Liking the Xbox exclusives but I'm buying my first playstation this time around. At lease until MS takes off the silly restrictions.
    (added: If we support these "restrictions" then it will just open the door for stricter regulations)
  • I guess I'm one of the people who don't see 'restrictions'! Then again, I'm not a rabid gamer. I fit in the marketing segment of people who want a hot, powerful entertainment box to fit in my Home Cinema cabinet. I'll be getting an X-Box One on day 1.
  • Well - can you use your console without a internet connection? if not - this would be a restriction for example :)
  • Some other people actually have internet at home... Therefore its not a restriction
  • yes it is a restriction. sorry - i am using my pc online since 1997 and my smartphone since 2004. guess its connected 365 days a year. but let me tell you one thing. it is connected because i want it, not because someone else want me too. i like to keep my freedom about choice - you obviously widzenia.
  • Your smartphone would be pretty useless if it wasn't connected.  I would count that as a restriction, but you don't seem to.  You can also choose to not connect your X-Box One, it would be just as useless.  Really, I don't see much of a problem with the restrictions they put on the X-Box One.  That being said, the PS4 still looks like the better device.
  • really? maybe your smartphone is useless when not connected to the internet :) And still - it is my choice when to connect it. My phone would be really useless on travels throughout europe if a connection once a day would be requiired. you people just dont get the problem. BTW - logging all internet activities would be a good thing too right? because well - could be logged if necessary anyways so why dont just log it for everyone
  • How would your phone not be useless on travels if it was not connected, or needed to be connected once per day? 
    We all own several devices that either are totally useless if not connected in some way, or are very limited.  Our cable box, Roku, Cell Phones, for example are all worthless not connected.  Our Ipads, Surface, Computers, Consoles are "limited" if not connected.  You are able to utilize the devices albeit limited capacity.  The Xbox One is severely limited if not connected.  From my understanding everything else will function, Blue-Ray for example, but video games will not if not connected every 24 hours.
    I don't think the people are "ignoring" what you perceive as a problem.  They just don't see it as a problem.  All my devices at home are always connected unless the power is out, and if that occurs I cannot use a console anyway.  That does not mean I am pleased with the DRM and the connect once every 24 hours.  In fact, I do not like it at all.  I do however, like some of the aspects connection provides like sharing games with family members and being able to play your games without disc on any x-one console.  I think we can argee this is less than ideal for everyone.  It may not impact millions, but there are millions that it will.
  • Your argument is like a debate over the best technique for watching paint dry. It's utterly pointless. They are both great systems and will deliver more games than any one person could possibly have time to play. Buy the best product that works for your situation and desires, enjoy yourself, and stop hating on others who simply see better value in a different product than you.
  • But can you post on this forum without a connection?
  • I have no need for an X-Box One without an Internet connection, just like my Roku box would be useless brick without one. Only gamers are bitching about these 'restrictions'. The rest of us see the value the new X-Box brings to the table.
  • See - thats the problem. You just see values even on negative things. you dont think far enough. lets start with this - you are moving your house and you are waiting for the new internet connection to be set up - lets say 7 working days. will leave you with just telly i guess .. since you would have a useless 500 dollar brick next to it. but hey - Somehow they have to start this drm style. not like sim origins would have shown the problem here. people like you are just blind. sorry!
  • You can use your phone for the connection. Besides if you just moved wouldn't you be busy unpacking lol.
  • yeah .. - at least when you phone supports tetherhing or internet sharing - not even all wp do. sorry.. it was just one use case. i could find plenty more - but guess there will always be someone who has a good argument for required internet connections without online use.. like "use your phone"
  • People like you make me very sad! You fall back on asinine 'worst-case' scenarios to feed your desperate paranoia. If you don't like the way X-Box One is going to operate, don't buy one. Go get a PS4. It will probably work better for you since you clearly won't have a clue what to do with your life if your console ever goes offline for a period of time!
  • I will stick with my pc - thanks. you clearly have life figured out, right:O
    its not parnoia that let me think about that. it is the WHY. Just ask yourself.. Why does it need to be like that. If you can give me the answer to that question and you dont piss yourself laughing.. get back to me and go turbo! maybe you can even give me an example for advantages that come with the once in 24 hours online thing.  And dont be sad.. you will understand once you figured  that out
  • The point adrian1338 is making isn't given scenerios of if your connection goes down it is his freedoms being taken away. You all are the same people that probably support wiretapping saying as long as it keeps us safe from terror then you have it being used to find out who is a wistle blower from the associated press nothing to do with terror at all. The point is if you give up your little freedoms you deserve none at all. It starts off at allowing you to share your game with 10 family members you accept that then it is 5. Share with one friend that you have known for 30 days then it is a year. Next it will not just be an internet connection but if your banwidth goes under 3mbps your game turns off because even your graphics are processed in the cloud!Publishers control if you can sell your game or not, then you can't sell it at all. Alas you will be wondering like how the hell did it come to this? Because accepted it is why and now it is appropriate to use Benjamin Franklin's famous quote. "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."...
  • Thanks for the laugh guys! You can put your tin foil hats back on now and close the Faraday cages around your appartments. Don't let the nasty evil Government listen in on your life and take your liberties away. Buy extra ammo and load your guns so you'll be ready when the knock on the door comes.
    I'm off to pre-order my X-Box One. I know, I know, I'll regret it once the Trojan horse spy network activates and enslaves me, but you know, I think I won't worry about that right now. Thanks for the heads up about losing my civil liberties though.
  • You know adrian1338, I used to agree with you on this always-online thing 100% . . . that was until yesterday.  I watched all four keynote events yesterday, and have been keeping a very close eye on E3 in general today.  And in all of that footage and coverage do you know what I saw over and over again that changed my mind?   Game after game after game, across both Xbox One and PS4 REQUIRE an always-online connection just to play the game - even in singleplayer.  The publishers do not come right out and say it; they don't want to catch the heat that Microsoft is catching over this, but if you actually watch the game play and watch the demos, time and again you see SINGLEPLAYER gamers, that have multiplayer so integrated into the campaign, that there is no distinguishing between the two.  In essense, for so many next-gen games, to play singleplayer IS to play multi-player . . . and to play multi-player, REQUIRES a broadband connection.  After yesterday, the only difference between Sony and Microsoft on the issue of always-on connectivity, is that Microsoft is honest enough to tell you up front what your money is getting you into. You see it all as a restriction - and until yesterday, I did as well.  But just like with cellphones and tablets, these RESTRICTIONS are being put in place by the game/app developers themselves, and the nature of the fact that all computing technologies on some level, are headed into the cloud anyway. If Microsoft is guilty of anything, it is of taking advantage of the situation to discourage piracy on their system.  Microsoft figures you are going to be online all the time anyway, as most games simply require it.  So why not push for a DRM checks, if you are going to be online anyway?  Bad, bad, Microsoft.  You are so evil for slipping your anti-piracy checks into my already always-online video games. I get the feeling long term, Sony's refusal to do so, despite the fact most games will require online anyway, is going to come around and bite them in the ass a few years down the road - in much the same manner as their inferior security measures on PSN caused it to get hacked, shut down, and compromise the information of tens of millions of Sony's customers.  Steam set the industry standard on anti-piracy security; and has proven time and again it works not only just for publishers, but for the tens of millions of Steam users as well - Steam customers, are some of the happiest customers in gaming.  With Xbox One, Microsoft has copied a good idea from Steam.  But with PS4, Sony is deliberately CHOSING to have inferior security against piracy.  That is not going to bode well in the future.
  • I just moved and setup in advance my cable and internet. They would set it up on my moving day if I wanted. I opted for the next day
  • My Xbox 360 is useless without an internet connection too. No different than the Xbox One
  • good for you... me me me me... we get it... but when you stop to think of "others", there are peeps WITHOUT internet cause they can't afford it (who still have an xbox, mind you) and YES: that can happen.  you can be living in your "me me me me me" world and all of a sudden it comes crashing down and you can't afford the internet but you got this entertainment box sitting in front of you, which would be WORTHLESS.  and if we want to think of other "others", we think about the servicemen/women on bases and ships and abroad who have plenty of time to enjoy a gaming console but don't have access to internet... when we stop thinking about ourselves, which is hard to do in this society, we realize there are "others" out there, and MS is telling them all to bugger off...
  • Ok ok... stop and think of it in terms of business. Microsoft wants to make an awesome system AND they want to be profitable. Right now the powers that be at MS believe that this is the best answer to meet both objectives. They have poured millions into development, marketing, research, etc etc and this is their solution. IF, however, they find out they they were off the mark and they see a distinct loss in market share or significantly lower sales (or expected sakes) that can be directly linked to this issue than you can bet that they will do something to address it. That's how business works.
  • Well this is all about personal choices based upon our personal needs isn't it? For me, this is purely an entertainment device, not some sort of moral decision. I respect the right of everyone to use the entertainment that suits their needs and desires.
    For me, the decision is xbox one just because they have the games I like and the so-called "restrictions" don't impact me. I love Halo and my 360 is always connected anyway. If someone else doesn't have access to a constant internet connection, by all means chose a device that's a better fit and enjoy your games.
    The problem I have is with other's trying to preach to me that I should give up my Halo and start playing Killzone just to send some sort of message to MS. I don't like Killzone, it's no Halo.
  • With the moving house scenario I wonder if the Xbox one can detect my phone when I share wireless connection? It can link to live confirm what it needs and I'm off and running. Now you may harp on about restrictive DRM and trade in policies. But what I see is MS implementing a cloud based buy once play anywhere system that needs to track the whereabouts of the physical media. The reason being to avoid the situations of fraud such as someone buying the game, linking to an account, log into a second console play the game from the cloud and then sell the physical disc. With two consoles and half a brain you could end up with an unlimited catalogue of games from a single purchase if you exploit certain retailers return policies.
  • What if your friend said hey man, I don't have money can I borrow your game?
  • I'd say, sorry man but the X1 is like steam on the pc, can't be lending games.
  • Or, you can come over and play at my house. :)  OR, if we are able to add you to my 'family' list you can have all the access you want. ;)
  • 10 family members or friends are allowed access to your games anywhere because of the cloud.
  • My biggest concern is that due to the DRM/used games issue, people are going to be a lot more cautious about what games they buy. It could hurt smaller developers, since people won't take the risk on an unknown at full price, if they can't get at least something back.
  • Selling games is a restriction that is put in by the publisher, doubt small pubs would do that.
  • I hope we see more pricing like on Steam too. Big sales, deals deals deals!
  • you can use it without internet... it doesnt have to be always on, only once a day for a bout 1 minute if you think that "i cant use it without internet connection" then you are really lying to yourself.
    also do you think DRM in PS4 wont be the same... or well worse? like being always online? do you think DRM will only apply to xbox one and they will be happy let customsers resell their games and share them where they lose money? you are dreaming. well im sure only ps4 exclusives wont have any drm system at least :). but those exclusives are kinda crappy anyway
  • So you tell me you can use it without haveing it connected to the internet once in its lifetime? i dont care which of the consoles are better or not - after the PSN incident one year ago sony is out of scope anyways. I also dont care about the internet connectio nsince the cnosole would be probably running 24/7 and be connected to the internet anyways. you just dont get the problem here. get told from the supplier of the hardware when and how to use the internet. this is how it starts my friend. you are just a blind fanboy not caring about that
  • Calling that person a fanboy makes no sense just because they may not see it your way. 
    Now your complaint makes sense to me, but I think   you are over complicating your argument, in my opinion.  Your comments make it appear you are ignoring that this occurs on a global scale in some scope.  I am not sure where we get we are being told how to use the internet?  The connection once per day, is that what you are referring too?  You don't have to connect every day, wait a week and when you play again, connect.  Other devices and products are similar. 
    It is simple.  You want to play without having to connect. Right?  You won't be able to, right? Simple.  That limits your ability to play a video game under any circumstance. 
  • Emi_ i dont only want too sell the games i want to loan it to my friend exampel.. He buys the new COd and after he finish it gives it to me that wont be possible or wil it?? And my friend lives on a farm with no internet:/
  • I am getting an xboxone probably, but the restrictions is an issue.  Why can't i play a game i bought for at anypoint in time offline?  For offline pay, it should be unrestricted, if you i want to play online, then obviously i would understand an internet check. 
    To restrict not only used games, but playing your own games that you bought offline is stupid.  I dont care if everybody has internet now, that is the point.  If somebdoy wants to play their xbox and has no internet, he/she should be able to at any given point in time. 
    I dont care about the used games as much, i dont buy used games.  What makes me happy is that gamestop will not be able to profit on the used games market tha tmuch longer.  That is essentially their bread and butter because why buy from gamestop when you can get preorder discounts on amazon and release day delivery?
  • Would be nice if they  develop an offline mode for 30 days like Steam has. 
  • Used games?
  • And how do you know if some (if not all) of these 'restrictions' won't be implemented on the PS4 as well?
  • Point taken but still don't see why people are getting so worked up over these 'restrictions' as many household items are connected to the interweb for updates and such from consoles to tv's, hell even fridges! Think I'll stick with Xbox as imo it is still overall the better system. ;-)
  • I don't like it because of the whole government spying scandal. Its nothing new, but the whole idea of being forced to sign in, just for a checkin is pretty stupid, and raises a red flag. I don't mind my device being heavily integrated online, but it should never turn into a dependency for normal usage.
  • The NSA issue has no relevance to signing in to check your game.  Makes no sense. 
  • But why so many restriction why why why why
  • Personally, I'm going with the Xbox simply because I want the whole home system integration and in my case it will be always connected.
    We have to think beyond ourselves though. I have friends who own Xbox 360s and have never connected them to the web. I highly doubt they'll be tempted to buy an Xbox One and put it online when they'd be just as happy with a PS4. There are others, as I was many years ago, who are in places that simply do not have internet access for game systems- like service members overseas or on ships in the middle of an ocean.
    The fact is, Microsoft is alienating some would be customers and long time fans with this policy. They still have plenty of time for another, "we heard you" moment to recant but Sony has already captured a lot of interest with a lower base price, and emphasis on allowing users to play games no matter how they accquire the media.
  • Because Sony likes to spin things. They personally support them, but the publisher can still put in restrictions, they admitted to that a few weeks ago, quietly. Don't be shocked when PS4 games from bigger publishers start coming with things similar to EA's Online Pass (why do you think they dropped it right before the X1 was revealed? It was because Microsoft was playing nice with them)
  • [Deleted]
  • Why are so many people so butt hurt about having to being connected at least once every 24 hours. Is your 360 connected to the internet right now? Mine is, so I could care less. Also, why would I want to take my system to someone else's house to split the screen when I can stay in my house and play full screen? Don't bother with any couch-op comments, not interested. The only problem I have with the x1 is the fact that they are focusing on allover entertainment instead of what an Xbox should be focused Ps1,2 and original Xbox weren't this heavily marketed for movies and video streaming as I recall.
  • Everybody is so butt hurt (me included) because they don't give you the option to not be able to be offline. Keeping the connection isn't the problem, it's them having the say so whether you have to or not. I mean really. Who the hell do they think they are to have us pay a large amount of money for something, only to tell us that where going to shut you down if you can't keep your internet connected?
  • You don't 'have' to pay them anything. If you don't like something don't buy it. Personally I find myself not that offended by it. I see series of online cloud based services being provided through the system which obviously require an internet connection to operate. If internet connectivity is a problem then the Xbox one isn't for you.
  • "we're". They can do whatever they want with the system. They made it. They could scrap the whole idea tomorrow if they wanted. Or they could change a bunch of things before it releases.
  • not the point, if i want to play my game offline, i should be able to, regardless. 
  • Better yet, stay at home and snap a video Skype call to your buddies while playing together.
  • I see it as "Xbox like Steam, only better" now if I lose a disc, it gets stolen or damaged, I still have the game.
    Now if I buy a used game and the disc is damaged, I can just download the bits and play it anyway.
    Now if I get additional consoles, my game library is available once I sign on.
    Now I can share my digital purchases with my children, and we can play multiplayer together at the same time.  I would have had to buy two copies on disc to do that.
    so for me, it's better all around.
  • Xbox One for me
  • No watch dog.... Disappointed.
  • ??? It's coming to both PS4 and XB1.  Never mind... just realized that you're probably saying that it's not in the above list. ;)
  • These games sound really cool. I will be getting an Xbox one. My very first gaming console :)
  • Watch Playstation E3 before you make that decision
  • Does it have Kinect 2.0. I didn't think so. I'll have the Xbox One, thank you.
  • Whomp whomp, how does it feel now that PS+ is required for online play. *insert price is wrong music here*
  • Thank you. Finally someone points that out. And also, no one factors in the freaking eye toy which Sony hyped for its interaction with the controller but didn't bundle it. Effectively MS is giving u too controllers.
  • PS4 + 2 years of PS+ = Xbone without Live. Ouch.
  • PS4 + 'PS+' + PS Eye = XBONE + Gold
  • How is that even a point? Xbox gold is required to play online too. Thats not like they are doing worse than MS in that sense, they are matching them.
  • yes but most everyone who owns an xbox already has a subscription, whereas not everyone had ps+, most notably, jobless people, kids, or just plain old cheapskates. So that would force them to pay for a sub anyway considering you do fall into one of these categories.
  • No one said they were worse than MS. I work with people who have ps3 and flaunt that free multiplayer all the time. Told one today that ps4 has to pay and now he doesn't plan to get it.
  • Does playstation have Halo now?
  • no it does not. that is a microsoft property and therefore will never have halo.
  • I can't wait! Already have my Xbox One preordered. I could care less about drm because I don't buy used games, nor do I trade or sell my games. I'm not paranoid about Kinect, and I'm actually excited about many of the features. And as far as always connected to the Internet... I have never disconnected my 360, PS3, or PC since I hooked them up. All those issues are irrelevant. My question is, "Will I be entertained?" And I think Microsoft has given me a resounding yes. Very impressed with what they are offering.
  • TV
    advanced controller physical/voice/gesture
    HALO :p
    who gives a crap about drm lol amen brother
  • +1
  • Couldn't have said it better myself! I can't wait.
  • I pre ordered my Xbox One on my Xbox 360 and I got an achievement for it
  • Honestly, Quantum Break is the only game that interests me of the One exclusives, but will read reviews later on for the others.  I might have to get the PS4 first... then I'll get to play some of those PS3 exclusives I missed out on in years past.  Xbox One might have to wait... since I plan on getting a Wii U as well... gotta get me some Mario and Zelda.
  • "I might have to get the PS4 first... then I'll get to play some of those PS3 exclusives I missed out on in years past."
    Just so you can make a fully formed decision, you won't be able to play PS3 games on PS4 at launch. You will have to wait until they get the imulation working on Gaikai in 2014 (when? they didn't say). And they didn't specify whether additional fees will be involved.
  • Well, I imagine I'd play the PS4 games first.  I wouldn't play that many previous generation games, but there are some I look forward to at some point... like Uncharted series, Little Big Planet, Last of Us... Also, since we can't remove the Xbox One hard drive... perhaps they'll release a special edition with 1TB, end of 2014 or early 2015.  The current 500GB seems like it will fill up quickly if we have to install all the games.  We'll have to uninstall and reinstall games often it would seem. I won't make a final decision until reviews come out.
  • You can add any external drive you want to the Xbox 1.
  • Ah, yes... that's right.  I did read that at one point and forgot about it.  For some reason, I thought I'd have to keep popping in more and more thumbdrives.  Hopefully, Microsoft won't limit the size of the drive you can add or make it proprietary Xbox One only external drives.
  • Next generation kinect for me is everything
  • Is xbox permanently online now?? I am the biggest xbox dan but my internet can go of for up too a week sometimes soo if thats the case then i would be making a very sad move 2 sony
  • AS Long as you can authenticate Your cobaole once every 24 hours It's no problem. If you have a Smartphone, which I honestøy rhink you have, you van share, Your Connection for a sec so that The Xbox can authenticate
  • I'm not too worried. My internet hasn't gone down once in the past 11 years. Hell, when the big blackout struck in 2004 for 3 days and I had no power, I was able to access the internet with my laptop by using an Ethernet cable (my building has fiber built in). Lack of connection is something I don't really fear/
  • I already misses David Hayter VA as Snake but Im OK with Keifer. Hopefully Kojima got something special for us, that tiny cute troll. Im not getting a Xbox One but hopefully it Will compete with PS4, for the sake of the consumers.
  • It all looked very realistic, until they started speaking in English lol...
  • I am PS fan and probably I will remain :-) especially if it's real that will cost 100€ less.
  • That's because PS4 doesn't come with the PS EYE. There's your price difference. Microsoft is trying to prevent too much fragmentation. I think they've learned from the 360's console cycle.
  • True but the PS EYE isn't as necessary as Kinect
  • it is for games that require it :p if you want ps move then you gotta shell out the money for it. 499 for the xbone is not too bad considering everything it comes with+ entertainment features that just arent there with playstation. its like i told my roommate, sony does not have a large enough property to simply make ps4 work like xbone and that gives xbone value especially considering that it can hold its only on gaming.
  • Exactly WinFan1. Xbox 360 suffered from very bad fragmentation because not everyone had a hard drive and/or Kinect. So game developers could not really do the things they wanted to based on the possibility that someone might buy the game and not have the equipment. Now, Microsoft has solved that problem of fragmentation by including it in every box sold. Sony now will have that issue with PS Eye. And since not everyone might have it, it's going to do just as well as it did with the PS3. Microsoft learned a valuable lesson from last gen, that there is a such thing as too many options. Nintendo I guess was a head of the curve with that one.
  • yup to me the fact that:
    1.doubles as a google tv-esque thing is awesome
    2.instant switching between one or the other. calls for more competitive gaming when i play for money :p
    4.fantasy sports.
    5.much much much more expansive app selection for entertainment hulu netflix hbo so forth
    6.killer specs for intensive gaming.
    7.air gesture, voice control
    8.XBOX ON
    9.Bing search
    10. Internet explorer
    11.Xbox music (still hoping for xbox video :P)
    12. HALO MotherF***in 5
    definitely outweighs 399 for a dedicated gaming console. though i will probably get both.
  • Oh please have 64 player support BF4 for the Xbox One
  • Wish Granted.
  • The division, watchdogs and Titanfall!
  • Yes to all three!
  • PS4 games shit on these irrelevant exclusives and games. Playstation E3 was way better than Microsofts to be honest. Kingdom Hearts, Infamous. And many MMO's have me sold
  • I'm pretty sure you're in the wrong thread. PS4 has its own merits, but this is about Xbox One. You coming here and stating that makes you look a lil insecure.....
  • I'm in the wrong thread but I'm on a windows phone, own an Xbox 360 and original, watches Microsoft E3 live and watched Playstations E3 after I thought I was convinced I was going with Xbox One. I'm not insecure im sire if you see how many games Playstation introduced you would agree too, they have so much variety. Xbox might win with the console features but PS4 wins where it counts the most. The GAMES
  • I don't know... I've seen the games that PS4 is showing off and it kinda got me bored. Even Gran Turismo was old news. See the car up close in detail... Forza 4 has already done that 2 years ago. Honestly, Minecraft on the Xbox One got me more excited than any of the PS4 games.
  • And what did Xbox do with Forza 5 ? :S
  • Drivatar's, that right there is a huge new feature for fans of racing games.
  • Won't Xbox get content first for some games? No need to wait for months before it's released.
  • I have to agree with you the Sony focused more on games. I don't care to watch tv on my Xbox. Don't do it now won't do it when I eventually get an x1.
  • All Xbox One did was dhow games. They took no pot shots at the competition it anything else. There E3 Press release was purely about gaming.
  • Yah, Sony's E3 conf was nice, but those obvious and blatent digs at Microsoft and the X1 were done in poor taste. I would have liked Sony to take the higher road instead of sinking like that.
  • The only thing Microsoft showed was games. They promised it, and delivered. They have great new first party games (something I hoped they would do), and they still have 3rd party support. They showed an immense variety of games. I'm not going to compare them to Sony's conference because Sony had a bunch of great games. As a "Gamer", I couldn't be happier. I am not hoping that one of them fail, because I know that I win in the end because I will eventually own both consoles. The fan wars are just plain stupid because we lose if any of these companies go under. We need them all to succeed so that we can reap those benefits. You should realize that if you are a gamer.... I understand preference, but the negative tone and spin on things doesn't help anything.
  • They spent a bunch of their time takling about ps3, vita, and indie games. Then they showed a number of games that are not exclusive which will be on the xbox. Exclusives from what i gathered was final fantasy 14, the order??, killzone. I had to leave right after the assassins creed demo so i wasn't able to watch the remainder. Point is, a lot of the games ps4 introduced will be multiplat so excluding indie games and more for teh hardcore gamers, i thought it was pretty clear xbox had more compelling games in Quantum break, ryse (looked kind of odd though), titanfall, halo, that overdrive or something, the dragon flying game, dead rising 3. All exclusive to the xbox one Sony showed some big titles like AC, destiny and i think one other that will be multiplat. Final Fantasy 15, i believe will be multiplat because they didn't say exclusive to ps4. Im sure they would of if it was exclusive. Sony won this because of the no restrict and better pricing. Comparing games to games, if sony won, its not by much, if ms won, its by alot.
  • @jaco the exclusives for either system weren't all kh and ffxv aren't exclusives...sonys twitter almost completely confirms this. PC master race ftw
  • It's clear that you are a Sony fanboy, but I don't think we watched the same E3. the X1's game trailers were a lot more interesting then the stuff Sony showed. Sony's was boring for the most part, and their presenters were just as boring asn Microsoft's usually are, except for near the end.
  • Oky thats not that bad got n lumia920:) but you wont be able to play used games???
  • It can play used games.
  • I dont know why people think it cant play used games... you will have to buy them the same... you only need to resell them in hmm well like stores that agreed to sell xbox one used games. becuase they need to unlink the game you are selling from your account. and sometimers publishers can ask for a fee to the store! that means you dont have to worry about anything, becuase its something publishers-stores have to deal with. you only buy your game or sell your game the same. the difference its now is more controlled than before so it would benefit publishers as well.
  • I love my 360, but PS4 had my attention at the starting blocks!
  • Ryse-son of rome is for me
  • YUP ^_^
  • My entertaining devices are always connected to the internet, even my tv. I wished ppl who don't want the zone just stopped whining on Xbox threads. "Bitch don't kill my vibe", I couldn't care less if you're buying 37 PS4's... have fun.
  • Is it me or does it seem like Xbox one is getting a lot of hate from even Microsoft fans? Every thread I read on different sites contains negative views from people. Even people here who tend to be Microsoft friendly seem to have a negative feeling towards Xbox one. I have a feeling playstation will win this one especially at $100 cheaper.
  • I'm an avid supporter of Microsoft products. I've owned two Windows Phones and have been to several launch parties/promotions. I actually purchased Vista on day one. I've owned three Zunes, spend hundreds of dollars on Xbox Live Gold, and I tell people how great Windows 8 is compared to anything else. I used Bing religiously when it first launched, and sent at least 30 pieces of feedback suggesting improvements. I enjoy office on the web, and at times defend the status of the company. I don't own a PS3, but the Playstation 4 will be my next generation console. In my view, Microsoft failed to deliver in terms of games, pricing, and ease of use. The Playstation 4 seems to have more bang for the buck, and for the first time I can say I'm not excited about the launch of a major Microsoft product.
  • i would love to hear that "bang for the buck" you are talking about...
    also arent console games supposed to have games? Microsoft showed more exclusives than ps4, so i really dont get how it delivered what gamers wanted if they were complaining about gaming in Xbox and now it surpasses and steals exclusives and games from PS. oh but whatever.
    ease of use lol... im sure they didnt even show how to use a console, Microsoft, so im really sure you dont even know what you talking about. i wont care if you had microsoft products that doesnt mean you are MS fan or anything. i dont even know you. but your reasons to get a ps4 are really stupid and not even make sense... only pricing because its $100 less, but 100 is nothing if one offers more vision for the years to come, and more and better exclusives.
  • Devensive replies were expected. I'd love to explain why I believe you get more bang for your buck with a Playstation 4. Just from a technical standpoint, spec for spec, the PS4 supports my claim. You stated that consoles are supposed to have games, yet you clearly only consider mega-studio exclusive titles worthwhile. At a $399 price point, with more powerful hardware, a strong portfolio of indie games and big-budget tiles, and with the lack of restrictions imposed by Xbox One, the PS4 offers more bang for buck. My opinion. Ease of use. With the Playstation 4, you don't have to worry about any DRM restrictions. You don't have to worry about your online connection in order to play a game. You buy the game, and it's yours. Not complicated, it is? That's easy.  If my reasoning for getting a Playsation 4 over an Xbox One don't make any sense to you, then that's not my problem. They make sense to me, and from the looks of it, many people feel the same way. The Microsoft conference was one of the best in several years. Heck, I would love to play the New Forza, Halo, Sunset Overdrive, Dead Rising, and KI. However, I believe Sony had a much stronger showing.  I'm getting the Platstation 4 at launch. However, the upgraded Kinnect and televsion features of the Xbox One intrige me. Microsoft just didn't reveal enough to trigger a day-one purchase.
  • "With the Playstation 4, you don't have to worry about any DRM restrictions. You don't have to worry about your online connection in order to play a game. You buy the game, and it's yours. Not complicated, it is? That's easy." -- one can argue that with X1, the game is more "yours" because it is tied to you, not the disk. Needing the disk is still a DRM restriction, it's just one that consoles have had, to people are used to it. Argue the merits of one over the other, but they both are restrictive and both allow things the other doesn't.
  • did you watch the conference? 
    lineup games vs games that both keynotes showed, i think you will see MS delivered. 
    Pricing and ease of use, goes to Sony. 
  • I think it needs to be reminded that you can be a fan of a company and still provide constructive criticism or feedback. I enjoy MS products. But that doesn't mean there isn't any room for improvement or for them to be called out
  • I'm a Microsoft friendly person and I can't believe I'm saying this but they dropped the ball with this One. I know a lot of people will say that these restrictions do not apply to them but that won't change the fact that they apply to a lot of people out there. Read the comments on Microsoft friendly blogs, if you don't believe me. I buy a console and they tell me what to do with it? Nope, I will not take that. I buy games and they dictate what i can do with them? Nope, I'm definitely not taking that. I am buying a PS4.
  • I agree.  In the light of Sony's press conference last night and confirmation of no forced DRM/internet connectivity, it appears MS shot themselves in the foot with this one.  The thing MS can't measure right now is how this will cause customers to think more critically about all MS products, not just XBox One.  I personally have been carrying water for MS whenever people ask me about my Surface RT and Lumia 928.  I am now a lot less passionate about all things in the MS world.  They are acting more and more like the company that made the idiotic decisions to not support users with POP3 e-mail accounts in the Mail app and that gutted the robust Zune software functionality in favor of a nonintuitive and frustrating Music app.  It's a troubling direction, and this is just the infancy of these products.
  • It's because the XBone is a very anti-consumer product, a ton of DRM restrictions.  Being a fan of one company or another has nothing to do it.   If there isn't any consumer blow-back and people just bend over and take it, it'll give companies more excuses to be even *more* customer hostile.
  • Destiny????
  • That's worthy of its own post :p
  • Anything from Remedy is a-must buy-will-neverevernever hesitate. When Remedy releases a game, they have spent good time to perfection.
  • Killer instinct?? Oh hell yeah!!! Xbox one for me fellas. Just wish some of my games on demand I purchased would carry over
  • Guys ps4 has unlimited game sharing, no bs
    Xbox is now dead to me
  • Which will be handy when game publishers stop making discs in about two years. Want my CDs too? All these games look cool. But at the end of the day, it's the ability to allow my kids to turn on the Xbox to watch their cartoons without having to use controls (or their dad) that is the killer feature for me and my wife. The ability to buy used games is not a high priority for me. After all, I'm assuming EA Sports will release an NCAA Football game and the Xbox has a new Halo coming. That's the entirety of my console gaming needs right there. And I'll gladly download those if it means I don't have any more discs littering the house. Let Sony have their cheap headlines today. In a few years, everyone will realize how cheap they were while they are downloading their games. Game publishers only have to sell their downloadable versions for $35 to make more than they ever would selling a disc at $60.
  • Exactly! Used games was partly the reason behind studios closing. Gamestop did not give those publishers anything kickbacks when the resold their games. Remember people, this is intellectual property. It's not only about the disc. The Steam model is an inevitability, trust and believe. I'm all about supporting the developers. They make the games I enjoy playing. I don't know how many can call themselves a gamer, but don't support the business part of it.
  • Have you ever bought a used car? Did you or the dealer pay a fee to ford, or Chevy, or whoever made the car? Have you bought clothes second hand? Did you or store pay fees to the designer? The point is if I buy something I should be able to do with it what I want. The same goes for gamestop, if they paid for the used game then they should be able to do what they want with it. I was very excited about the Xbox One until all the details came out.
  • Actually the used car scenario is a good one to use. Ever noticed how industries which compete with a strong 'used' market tend to struggle? Have you noticed that car dealerships/manufacturers are closing because they can't maintain the volume of sales to cover their increasing costs? Same can be said for the print and music industry fortunately for them they could switch to a digital medium so only the physical retailers started closing. The game industry is the same, it's major retail outlets shafted them by restricting orders of new stock and placing them side by side with cheaper preowned copies. So even though the demand for a game may remain high for a month, within a week they lost sales to preowned versions. Even in the car industry that would be a no no.
  • I hate to lend my games. And tbh, this is probably the last generation for home consoles as we know them, I can't afford wasting my time bitching about something which doesn't affect me, when I could be playing Forza 5.
  • Any predictions on the actual price of games for the new console(s)?
  • $60 for new discs. $20-30 for downloading the same game. Publishers make more when two people download a $20 game than if two people split a $60 game and shared it.
  • You can lend a game to one friend, and both play it, since the disc is not necessary.
  • I would be genuinely surprised if pricing for download versions was less than disk versions at launch. Do you have a source for the $20-$30 claim?
  • I must point out the fact the when you buy the disc on Xbox one, you also get a digital copy that can be played from another Xbox one at the same time.
  • Can't play at the same exact time, i bleieve that was debunked. 
  • Outside of the DRM which I do not have a problem. Ps4 has indie games that's about it as there event showed mostly multiplatform games, final fantasy 15, watchdogs and assassins creed 4 elder scrolls online, destiny kingdom hearts are,not exclusive as they are coming to 360 or xb1 so that leaves indie games and there 5 internal games so I made my choice and,preorder xb1 this morning asked they guy how many preorders he got he said its at 11 for xb1 and 12 for ps4 so I don't think many people care
  • Kingdom heats 3 ps4 399$ its a done deal
  • Destiny > all Xbox exclusives
  • I was really disappointed with Destiny. It just looked like another version of Halo. It is also NOT an exclusive... just some exclusive content. ;)
  • It is made buy Bungie.. Why wouldn't it have aspects of Halo. And it is an MMO that is amazing in its self
  • You do realize that Destiny is multiplatform right? It isn't a Sony exclusive, have it preordered for my X1 already.
  • doesn't make sense, destiny going to xbox
  • My computer is better for games anyway. I want something for party games and watching movies/tv. Already preordered Xbox One.
    Bth of them require a power source I guess we should all be playing mobile games then.. When do you not have an internet connection at home? Maybe its time to upgrade your router or cable modem. All I do with the Xbox 360 now is stream music/movies/tv from the internet. I dont see any of these so called 'restrictions' you speak of runining my experience.
  • And destiny is coming to the. Xbox one. The only exclusives Sony showed were... Second son, 1886, final fantasy 14, drive club. Everything else was multiplatform. Destiny, assassins creed 4, watch dogs, minecraft, elder scrolls online, etc... Even all the indie games will come to the Xbox one since they were pretty specific in saying that they were console debuts on the ps4. also, did all of you miss the first 20 minutes of the conference where Sony talked about all the non-game stuff they are going to try to bring... The same as Microsoft, except Microsoft actually showed what they're doing. Sony said they have a plan... And the gaikai stuff will come sometime in 2014... Hopefully it comes quicker and easier than the eternal beta known as Home on PSN
  • YUP ^_^
  • Infamous ?
  • Second son is infamous. Infamous Second Son
  • Really bummed with all these restriction, especially the need for an internet connection every 24 hours. I get why they implemented this "feature", but it's stupid really. I own a small seaside apartment, but I don't have internet there (there's no need, I'm there for maybe one and a half month total each year).
    Now, I take my Xbox 360 with me every time I go there, and I can play all my games for as long and as much as I like. But when (and if) I'll get an Xbox One, obviously it would be useless there.
    Bad move, MSFT
  • and thats why you can bring your phone which probably has internet connection and use it 1 second every 24 hours on the xbox one. im sure it wont kill your data plan.
  • Ask one of your neighbors nearby if you can share their WiFi for that purpose. Offer to pay them for the time you are there. There is always a way.
  • Internet is a buzz with trash talk about Xbox One. Microsoft may have to make some changes or get knocked our by Sony.
  • i dont think so i think people just are haters the xbox is bringing awesome stuff and awesome games everyone is just the hate on microsoft dick that has been erected the past two years.
  • Nope, I think this time the resentment is genuine. They really dropped the ball this time. Even Microsoft friendly people are completely against this. The only people happy with the One are the people who are not affected by the DRM and used game restrictions.
  • +1
  • maybe to some degree but if you dont think microsoft has been getting alot of unfair hatred then your truly blind. i can understand that people are upset since not everyone has dedicated internet or keeps all their games but good lord man the amount of whining because of these two details are being blown completely out of proportion. im sorry if thats insensitive to the people that suffer from this issue.
  • Talking trash about Xbox on CNN right now. Says Xbox's games are more violent... what?
  • looks like my next console.. unless PS4 has something better.. but fuck it.. I'LL END UP GETTIN BOTH LMFAO
  • I don't need an answer as to why it needs to connect as it will be plugged in all the time anyways, no concern to me
  • Pre-ordered my XBOX One! My very first gaming console. Really excited. It was the awesome entertainment integration that sold it for me.
  • I'll be buying a PS4, I don't like the restrictions that MS are imposing. I've had a bb internet connection since 2003 but anything can happen in this "new economy" that would require a person to choose between it and eating, I think that is a very dumb restriction for MS to impose.
  • if you are so worried about "new economy" why are you spending 400-500 plus games, and everything involved in a game console, instead of saving all that money if there is some crisis, and keep using your corrent gaming system.
    but hey your reasons to get a ps4 and not a Xbox one are really logical to me :)
  • Anybody noticed the Nokia Lumia 920 at about 11 seconds on the Quantum Break trailer, receiving a call from Paul Serene?
  • The PS4 is cheaper. No restrictions on used games. No net connection required. These are the reasons why it will outsell the Xbox One. You listened to the applause and excitement at the PS4 launch at E3 - MS has a massive battle on their hands if they don't do something. Sure, future games will be non-disc and cloud only, but consumers don't often think that far ahead. They think in the now. And right now PS4 is offering them the things they want. I've been an Xbox owner so 2001, but I'm annoyed that they have take choice from me. I have an awesome net connection at home, but the selling point for a console is being able to take it where you want, when you want, without always needing a net connection. I'm a MS fan, but these policies of theirs re the Xbox One do seem excessive.
  • +1 Totally agree
    I am somewhat reminded by all of this by the Surface launch and their price point. It is like MS doesn't have a realistic idea of what will sell and what features that people may want, and what things will turn consumers off.
  • The comments here are oddly familiar... Remarkable in similarity to Apple fan boys. For me, who is not an avid gamer, I won't be a xbox 1 owner. I will support the ps4 as I cannot support a company bent on converting my purchase to a defacto long term license rental, and as a home entertainment system, the idea that I would be required to allow the constant collection of my individual viewing habits just isn't going to happen. Freedom isn't free, it comes at the expense of those who would stand up to tyranny.
  • I expect to see that freedom fighter attitude and your physical body protesting the NSA and making calls you your local representatives asking about how they are going to stop the illegal federal wiretapping.
  • Maybe in his/her case, simply not buying an XBox One will speak loudly enough.
  • The Kinect thing can be turned off so there's a win in your fight for truth and justice. Also I suggest not buying any digital content on the PS4 or Android or iTunes or Steam or Amazon or well you get the idea, as it has the same license restrictions. Oh and given that in a couple of years digital content delivery will overtake physical media you may just want to stick with your current console of choice. Enjoy.
  • I really hope MS fixes the DRM situation otherwise they'll probably will loose quickly against PS4. Personally I like that they removed the need for swapping disks or even play my games at a friends box but the idea that games will only work if it gets an ok from a MS-server puts me off. Its not only that my internet can be down. What if MS servers are down or even worse MS turns them off in 10 years time because there is a new XBOX 2 and 3 and they don't support XBox 1 anymore (anybody remebers the first XBox?).
    I hope for a simple fix: allow games to be played when the disk inserted (just as right now on the XBOX 360) no matter when there was the last online check.
  • Another group that is happy with the Xbox One is the game publishers.
  • And Developers.
  • I've seen alot of people with really good paying careers lose everything almost over night because of layoffs & closures or just downsizing Emi. It can happen to anyone.
  • it true X1 is not goin to be released in Asia until ONE WHOLE YEAR later. If so, forget it. 
    Does MS not know how many Asians populate the earth. What are they thinking. TV service issue? The hell with that half the world is goin to own a PS4. 
    I love my 920 and it's my 2nd WP device. I don't know if this will make me turn after a while. I may stil use WP cos it's such a damn good OS but I don't know about others not being able to have any kind of connection with their WP and the next-gen console X1.  Really bad move IMO.  ONE WHOLE YEAR LATER. 
  • _Emi_ i dont only want too sell the games i want to loan it to my friend exampel.. He buys the new COd and after he finish it gives it to me that wont be possible or wil it?? And my friend lives on a farm with no internet:/
  • Preordered my PS4 on amazon.
  • Anyone that wants an X1 but disagrees with any of the restrictions or requirements should preorder a PS4 (make sure its refundable), forward that purchase info to MS letting them know you are switching to Sony and then wait to see if the change or drop the objectionable features...then get your refund and buy the X1. Quite bitching on the internet and speak loudly with what really matters ... your money.
  • Both great consoles, but it's the ps4 for me. I like to buy used games off Craigslist as most games I don't have to have at launch. This makes it more affordable , but I will have to get Destiny when it becomes available as that game looks amazing.
  • PS4 here. I don't agree with Microsoft new policies on the XB1. I love W8 and WP8 but sometimes it gives me the idea that Microsoft really doesn't care about what customers want. In this situation, GAMERS. Instead of adapting to what consumers want, Microsoft is to focused on its own vision and expects people to suddenly start sharing it too! How is this possible? You produce what consumers want (marketing concept of demand pull) and not what you want to produce if you want to have success. With that said, PS4 has also a more powerful hardware and it is €100 cheaper.
  • The "used" market doesn't tend to pull away customers actually. The "used" market is there for people who can't afford new. Name one "used" market that completely destroyed the "new" market. "Used" markets only serve a small percentage of society. Gamestop has been selling used games for how many years now? Yet game companies still persist. Used cars have been around many more years, yet car manufacturers still make new cars every year. Used games haven't killed the game industry just yet and it won't kill them in the future. Edit: this was suppose to be in response to an earlier comment but instead I accidentally posted as a separate comment.
  • I think people who want to have fun with a PS4 should just buy it and waste less time playing white knight. I'm getting the One day one, but hey, it's my money. We can still be friends, I don't want to sell it to you, I just want to buy it. Peace.
  • Went to 4 different GameStop to check out preorders every one I went to they talked me out of Xbox one holy s%&#t gamestop is pissed with Xbox one
  • Gamestop was great at a time when it was needed.  That time is drawing to a close regardless of MS' used game policy.  Once there was a time when people took rolls of film to a drive-thru Fotomat and waited a week for their pictures.  When the largest department in Best Buy was CDs/DVDs.  When Blockbuster/Hollywood Video were a Friday night ritual.  It was inevitable that Gamestop's time would come if they couldn't innovate and succeed beyond physical media.
  • Roku is useless! See?
  • Do you not appreciate the difference between renting a $2-$5 TV show/movie, media which people have predominantly rented through the years, and paying $60 to (what amounts to) rent a game, which people have predominantly purchased through the years?  MS is radically changing the nature of video game purchases in the console market.  Roku is a weak, and frankly a lazy, analogy.
  • So i cant play at my cabin, fail
    I cant rent from my library, fail
    I cant sell to people on kijiji, fail.
    im in Canada, so most of the tv integrations and special stuff wont work.
    I have never owned or even played a PS3, but the PS4 is looking like my next purchase.
    I dont even care about the extra 100$
    Its like microsoft doesnt want to even be in this console war.
  • The day when i can't afford internet connection anymore is the day i should stop playing games anyway...i don't see this drm thing as that much of a restriction..atleast for me it's not a big deal even though i live in one of the most remote places in n-east India..
  • Why are people so paranoid abt Xbox One camera ? I don't see people freaking out when it comes to laptop / tablet / mobile's front facing camera. Dont you think the Govt can spy on you through all that if they want.. and whats makes your life so interesting that would make the Govt spy on you.
  • Jesus Christ the only restriction is the used game restriction while people are saying that the Internet's needs to be always connected. It has been stated that internet connection doesn't always need to be on. Guys hasn't school taught not to listen to rumors?
  • it has to check in every 24 hours dude or your cant game on it.
  • dont know if everyone know but the 10 family members can be any friend you have anywhere in the world so you can link your games to all your friends and you can get access to all of their games just like that. that is like much easier and better than how it was before XD AWESOME!