Xbox One to support HD streaming with Twitch, while PlayStation 4 only supports 540p

Twitch is right around the corner for Microsoft’s Xbox One entertainment consoles and it will not be long before your friends begin to invite you to watch their Titanfall matches live over the internet. Twitch is a popular video streaming service for gamers. Sony’s PlayStation 4 already supports the service, but can only stream gameplay at a resolution of 960 x 540 with a 1.7Mbps bitrate. The Xbox One on the other hand, will be streaming 720p 1280 x 720 video at a 2.7 Mbps – a significant difference.

Microsoft’s Major Nelson posted footage of the upcoming Twitch app for Xbox One while gaming, and his stream gave away a bit of information that Reddit user, "rotj", used an analyzer to take a closer look at the data. The Twitch Analyzer Results for Major Nelson’s stream showed that the Xbox One streamed at a solid 30 FPS at 1280 x 720 with a 2.7 Mbps bitrate.

While the collection of your PlayStation 4 friends might always try to remind you that their consoles runs some games at higher frame rates before up conversion takes place, you can now point it out that your Xbox One streams at a higher quality and bitrate than their PlayStation 4 (and there is no up conversion).

For those who are unfamiliar with Twitch TV, it is a service that provides players to stream their video gaming experience live on the web. The platform itself is extremely popular and has an outstanding forty-five million visitors a month.

While the Twitch app for Xbox One will support streaming any of your games, the application is being pushed out right on the day of the console’s exclusive debut of Titanfall. So be sure to install Twitch and grab a copy of Titan fall this March 11, when both pieces of software will hit the Xbox Store.

Are you a fan of the Twitch TV platform? Will you be picking up Titanfall and streaming your matches on March 11?

Source: Twitch; via Reddit

Michael Archambault
  • Can't wait. I'll be streaming Titanfall every moment I'm not writing an article here. GeneralSham on Twitch!
  • GT: simphf, if you need someone to play with. The beta was awesome.
  • you were barely online during the beta Sam, I find your promise empty! That said we'll all be sure to stream up some games come launch weekend!
  • That's because the site needs to keep running! :)
  • Siik Psychotiik is the GT.
    Probably the highest quality beta I've played. I haven't been this pumped for a game since my MW2 days.
  • I have an XB1and will be doing the same : )
  • With the updated SDK, this "resolutiongate" thing is a thing of the past. Wolfenstein was announced at 1080p/60fps on both consoles, as was another high name game I can't remember now. It's done.
  • Was it Murdered: Soul Suspect? Also, Sniper Elite 3 dev said they can get to 1080p/60fps with the new SDK.
  • Since I've got an Xbox one (and love it) I hope so... but I'll only believe it once I see it.
  • I'm a PS4 owner, but congrats to you, XB1 owners!
  • Thx man I wish we had alot of PSFANBOYS like u
  • Nice attitude TMAN, you're the sort of guy we want around here. Pint?
  • Yeah I'm a PS4 Owner also and must say, nice feature for XBOne owners. However, it's pointless to me as an Aussie since our internet download/upload speeds are awful, and I couldn't stream at 1080p anyway. US/Europe/Asia must be loving it though. +1520
  • US is not a continent.
  • Who said it was a continent?
  • there's always a smartass like you in the comments thread. 
  • Nobody is streaming 1080p... Its 720p streaming for Xbox.  And some of us in Australia already have NBN so streaming 720p is no problems.  :-)
  • I mean at least the X1 games are now 1080p lol Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • That's not how it works.
  • Mmm what? Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Fck u, what a shitty comparision, ps4 supports 1080p gaiming, xbox one not, that's the key feature of a console, big fail from microsoft, and now they get horny with a stupid streaming thing, baaah no comment!!
  • You do realize that there are games on Xbox One that are 1080p right?
  • *Boromir voice* oh, look, they've got a troll
  • Lol "it is a gift"
  • Lol this guy is mad
  • You sound very stupid. Plz stop sullying comment sections with vulgar language. Hope you get banned!
  • Just another ignorant fool with a garbage comment.
  • Lol.
  • He's one of those paid by Sony to say crap, just like how Samsung did to HTC. We all know truthfully that graphics on the Xbone are top notch. I don't know of anyone while playing a game pics out little details just to compare...
  • Xbone do support 1080p just not all game dummie
  • Have you played Killzone multi yet? It doesn't run at a full 1080P.
  • 1080p is a key feature? What about AAA games? What about enhancing the gaming experience by doing things like Twitch and Snap?
  • "Andrea Comoglio have fun with your PS4 I'm glad its keeping you so busy with its stellar line up of games. I'm actually amazed that you found the time to come here and leave such a well informed comment what with all the great games you must be playing all the time on your PS4. I look forward to more insightful and informative comments in the future." - said no one ever.
  • If you read the comments above you would see that a bunch on new AAA titles are coming to both PS4 and XB1 at 1080o/60fps. If the future, the better video card in the PS4 might mean slight better frame rate. My experience with PC gaming is that the higher end video card doesn't mean much. You can turn on a few graphic elements to high and still get high framerate, but you have to look really close to actually see the extra eye candy. The game play doesn't change at all and the experience isn't really better.  
  • I am covering my face as a PS4 owner, all because of you, Andrea. You're an embarrassment to Sony/PS4 enthusiasts.. idiot.
  • Do you even
  • infatti avere in streaming una risoluzione da tv a tubo catodico è figo, fa un pò vintage su una console next-gen..cmq grazie per aver fatto dimostrazione di come noi italiani (dal nome sembrerebbe così) possiamo essere dei bimbiminkia ignoranti. La prossima volta però non dimenticare di dire che Xone blocca i giochi usati anche... PS Xone supporta i 1080p a 60fps fissi,e incredibilmente ci sono pure i giochi. Da qui il mio "ignorante". Infact having a streaming resolution like old chatodic TVs is cool, somehow looks vintage on a next gen console.. BTW thanks to demonstrate that even Italians can be stupid fanboys. Next time say also that Xbox One doesn't allow to play with used games... PS Xbox One supports (and has) 1080p at 60fps locked games.
  • Ma checazzo me ne frega a me adesso dello streaming??? Io compro la console x giocare, microsoft s'é scavata la tomba dasola da quando ha buttato WM6.1. E nn perche lo dico io senno x i fatti. Io ancora compro tt microsoft, son stato inculato col Wp7 ed ora saro inculato col wp8, e probabilmente con la xbox one. Continuo a comprare microsoft con la speranza che torni ad essere quel che era
  • Can I use the Xbox argument, "You can't tell the difference!" Or does that only apply when it's 720p vs 1080p?
  • It only apply to 720p vs 1080p, sorry. LOL
  • It'd be better to say only a few games are different but ALL of Twitch is.
  • William. Yes.
  • You can to a degree, but a lower bitrate can make a big difference in how the game looks on twitch. There could probably even be a notable difference between 720p at 2.7Mbps and 1.7Mbps, let alone various resolutions.
  • You can absolutely use that argument. The resolution won't really matter at normal viewing distances. As long as the video doesn't stutter. Although, I believe the article says the xbox is 720p and the PS4 is at 540p. When you start getting into really low resolutions, you do see a difference. Watching standard TV is really hard now with the HDTVs
  • Take that PS4 lol
  • Yeah 540p! That's close to the resolution of my 4 yr old phone!
  • Or a 2 week old Windows Phone...
  • Take 1520 for example, it has 1080p display. >>owned<<
  • Oh my fault. All the WP devices are 1080p, like the Lumia 630 coming out correct? Not to mention the best seller list.
  • Those are budget phones you idiot! Of course they wont be 1080p. Android budget phones are not 1080p either. Even iPhone isn't close to 1080p.
  • that is not his point. btw - iphone are not even 720p
  • My two week old phone has better specs of a GS5 that isn't out yet... And please enlighten us all mighty troll, tell us what other phone for the price of a Lumia 620 can you buy with better specs.
  • Moto G. Idk why y'all getting so sensitive, buddy was like "That's the rez of my 4 year old phone" and the reality is that majority of the WP devices being made today are even less than that. 2 phones don't make up for the bulk. I'd be glad to see some qHD Windows Phones come out but we getting 480 x 800.
  • Actually, the Lumia 920, released in Nov. 2012, has a 720p screen. ⏩invalid argument⏪
  • you die hard fanboys are killing it. can you be realistic for ones? the majority of WP7 and WP8 phones are not supporting 720p and dont even get started on 1080p and when it was introduced
  • It's spelled "realistic for once" not "ones." but ok for "ones" I'll be realistic. 800x480 WP devices are low end budget devices... And since 2012 WP been pushing 720p high end devices and since the end of last year we're seeing 1080p devices. True, there are two devices that support that resolution, but that's only Nokia pushing them. Samsung has a leaked ATIV showing in the works. Now how many companies support Android? Well its definitely more than a handful like WP has so why don't you be realistic for "ones" and don't compare 30-40 mobile corps and how many devices they come out with to fucking 4-6.
  • Christ, do some research before you post wrong information and embarass yourself.
  • I'll admit, I am a fan of Nokia. I'm also a fan of WP. BUT, if I do visit another phone forum, I will only correct what is being labeled wrongly, and in this case, my area of expertise is WP. in retrospect, I should not have said the "invalid argument⏪" part, but I try not to hate on devices/troll
  • it has a 768p screen btw
  • Troll.
  • In your face.
  • Streaming won't that kill my internet. 3.0 down 0.7 up. I live in the country
  • "your PlayStation 4 friends might always try to remind you that their consoles runs some games at higher frame rates before up conversion takes place, you can now point it out that your Xbox One streams at a higher quality and bitrate than their PlayStation 4" yup. You can say this...and be laughed at.
    "Uhh I'm glad your GAMING console can stream you playing at such an high bitrate. What a pity you can't play major XBone games natively at 1080p though...but hey! you can stream at 720p! Wow!" Seriously? No one on their right mind will attack the PS4 based on such a pathetic thing as the quality of streaming of game sessions. XBone fans can attack the PS4 on its lack of media stream capabilities, lack of music CD reading capabilities etc. God knows it deserved to be criticised for that. But when it comes to image quality and bitrate...XBone fans should remain with their mouths shut tight.
  • 720p vs 1080p is a pretty stupid thing to brag about too when the consoles have only been out for a couple of months.
  • But it's what's happening, regardless of how silly it may be. I highly doubt people with small TVs would ever notice the difference between 720p and 1080p. But it's one of the main points in the war between PS4/XBone. To suggest this streaming thing is an argument for that war is just stupid.
  • I think what Sam was suggesting is that both of the arguments are kind of dumb. They're minor issues that will somehow spiral into perception problems when really, we've all got better things to do than to worry about this stuff. The question should be which games do you want to play. Then get the console that supports them. Simple
  • Just out of curiosity, who is this Sam that you're talking about? Michael wrote this article and Sam Sabri was just talking about how he's excited in the first comment.
  • All the while whishing you had done the same...
  • Then perhaps you could have spared yourself the trouble of leaving such a pointless useless reply. But I guess your brain didn't allowed for more and for that, I'm sorry for you.
  • Jas. The consoles were made the same time, whether you like it or not, on a console with such high specs you should be expecting the highest resolution possible. Its a perfectly valid reason.
  • That's a ridiculous argument. You don't buy a console for the graphics, you buy it for the experience. If most of the people who go "oh, my console has a higher resolution" really cared about it that much, then they would buy a PC, which is what you do for the best graphics. I'll admit that I'm not much of a gamer, but I'll say that I can't tell the difference between 720p and 1080p. You can claim that you can, but I can't, so the fact that the PS4 has half a dozen games with marginal differences in resolution (with some games suffering in the frame rate because of it, which is something that I think is more important than resolution) means nothing to me, especially in the first few months of a console launch. You may disagree with me, but I stand by my opinion that arguing about differences in resolution of a console is pretty stupid.
  • Hey, I love both consoles, but saying you can't see the difference between 720 and 1080 just makes me wonder if you have ever tried to compare? It's like saying your stomach can't feel the difference between a bowl of soup and a double cheeseburger with fries. Come on.
  • I've done blind tests between both and, no, I couldn't tell the difference. I would go "oh, this is 1080p, this is the better one" then it would turn out to be 720p. Actually, its not just me. People playing Assassins Creed were bragging about how the PS4 was in 1080p, then Ubisoft came out and said that both were running at 720p (they've since fixed it). So if fanboys can't tell the difference, neither can I.
  • I have an XBox One and PS4 and can definitely tell the difference between 720 and 1080. I am however playing on a 55" TV and I'll agree with anyone that says its hard to tell on a TV that is around 40"-42" and they are sitting back on a couch. It is important to me that my games are 1080p and look better/crisper on my gaming console, and Assassin's Creed IV on my PS4 was absolutely beautiful. I played the Titanfall beta for a couple hours and was pretty disappointed in the graphics, definitely not next gen, but the gameplay was nextgen, except for the fact that there is no coop or single player in the final version of the game. So basically a multiplayer only game with decent graphics on a nextgen system? Come on. I will continue to buy my games for the PS4 and use the Xbox One for ESPN and exclusives until the cross platform games become better on the Xbox One. There is a huge difference between 720 and 1080 and its a very valid argument. Developers for the Xbox One will get their games up to speed to where the PS4s are now, but by that time comes around, the PS4 games will be further ahead as well. I'm definitely playing metal gear solid on PS4 at 1080 instead of 720 on the Xbox One. This is cool that XBox One is supporting 720p for Twitch, I just don't use that feature, but I'm glad they are continuing to add updates, I can't wait for the XBox One to become a miracast receiver!!!!!!
  • So you are in the majority (55" Tv owners)! Just to remind you that all the games in Xbox One upscale to 1080p, heck you will hardly notice the different unless you're 3ft far from your 45"> TV and pause your game to check the differences (is this the way you play your games)? My brother is PS4 fan but guess what he admitted that there was no different or that he could be able to notice while playing  games on Xbox One. To say that Xbox One is not capable to run games @ native 1080p (Forza5, Fifa14, Tomb Raider, etc...)or believing this gap will remain in future release games (games comming this summer or fall) then I am affraid to tell you that you have no clues of what you are talking about. Excuse me for my bad English (not a native) If you will talk about best looking graphic, then do yourself a favour and check Ryse which is the best looking graphic games so far in next gen.  
  • im with u, a bowl of soup is far better for you
  • This is gamer "culture" we're talking about-- they'll attack each other on any grounds they can, including streaming resolution! Lol
  • No u need tu SHUT UP....tha only thing gud for PS is tha price
  • You do realize with the new SDK for the x1 it will be easier to release games in 1080p 60fps? This resolution "advantage" of the ps4 is a thing of the past. You ps4 fanboys should stfu from now on and keep your mouths shut tight. Wow, you're an idiot! While we're enjoying Titanfall and streaming on Twitch in hd, enjoy you're Knack and you're vanilla ass shooter Killzone. Ps4 fanboys are the worst! I have both systems and I know exactly which One is the best system overall and which one is just a glorified ps3.5.
  • Specially considering that killzone 4 multiplayer wasn't even running at 1080p at 60fps. This was a major blowback to ps4 owners that claimed to see the difference between 720 and 1080p from a mile away. Funny thing is, they didn't catch a million pixel less killzone 4. Sony was lying there and haven't even gave an apology on the matter. Resolution is not a thing to brag about, as clearly ps4 fanboy can't tell the difference that they so much boast about lol.
  • I doubt anyone will brag about it, but professional internet streamers and reviewers might start to favor XBone.
  • "Seriously? No one on their right mind will attack the PS4 based on such a pathetic thing as the quality of streaming of game sessions. XBone fans can attack the PS4 on its lack of media stream capabilities, lack of music CD reading capabilities etc. God knows it deserved to be criticised for that. But when it comes to image quality and bitrate...XBone fans should remain with their mouths shut tight." here's what you do:
    1. get $5,000-7,000 and browse the internet.
    2. Get a 4k monitor.
    3. Spend the rest on a high quality gaming desktop with the latest features and graphics card.
    4. Download Steam
    5. Whenever friends and/or trolls brag about '1080' or "moar framerate than console X', you can immediately stuff your specs down their throats! :)
  • Its not the part where "hey guys PS4 streams lower quality than Xbox.. Its the part where "hey guys ANY gameplay running PS4 on YouTube is standard definition.
  • Is there a way to filter out all the MS fanboy bullshit from my news feed? This has zero to do with my Windows Phone.
  • I actually agree with you on that one.
  • this. a two year old PC with a 750ti can look and play better than this garbage, overpriced console.
  • Not true. You can open their twitch app and start streaming from XBox One's smartglass companion app that on Windows Phone
  • Don't click the article? I'm confused at why everyone reads things they don't want to?
  • The point they're trying to make is that they want to avoid it completely and get strictly WP news.
  • Why would you want to do that? I don't complain when they talk about the Nokia X, so what's the big deal? People need to realize that there's more to the world besides them.
  • And you should realize the site is called wpcentral and we all came here for windows phone news not for news on Nokia x. Though admittedly this article doesn't bother me much .
  • WPcentral has clearly grown into a Microsoft news site. Most of it's content is still focused on Windows Phone, but there is nothing wrong with them aiming for a bigger audience, especially with Microsoft's "One" philosophy. Everything is becoming more cross-connected and interdependent. Personally, I love reading about all the various Microsoft news--especially Xbox news--on WPCentral. And if I didn't, I simply wouldn't waste time clicking on, then reading, then writing a comment.
  • See, its news like this that helps sites like these operate. People reading articles is good. More traffic, more page views. If you don't want to read them that's fine, but the more activity on the site means the more successful it can be. I don't get why people have to complain about that?
  • Not enough WP news for 5-6 interesting articles daily.
  • ^THIS^ and then they take the time to comment.
  • I agree, there's a place in the forums for these things. At least give us a way to filter stuff out
  • I still don't understand this. Reporting non-WP news doesn't prevent them from reporting WP news. Asking them to not do this doesn't increase the amount of windows phone news, it just lessens the amount of news that we get to read about Microsoft.
  • It would be nice to have a filter. I really don't want to see an article about Nokia x as I scroll through the site.
  • Why does everyone whine about this!!!!!! YOU HAVE A FILTER.... YOUR FINGER!!!! If something doesn't interest you keep scrolling until you find something you like.
  • he should have his brain as a filter... that's the main problem
  • Many Microsoft services are integrated in Windows Phone. I don't see what is wrong with these Microsoft news.
  • Boom!
  • So Microsoft's still unreleased service runs at higher resolution than Sony's service that has been available since launch day?
  • Correct, they were saving the best for last. 540p is pretty bad, and the PS4 app has been known to crash a lot.
  • I rather have something that is polished and working. Than something that was rushed.
  • Personally Sony could remove this feature today and I wouldn't be worried, the games themself are more important.
  • What games?
  • I have games for my PS4
  • It's unreleased to the general public. I believe it was made available for a small beta test group. Also, launch day was about 3 months ago and both console were half baked with features that were rushed to market.
  • Which is no different to the previous generation.  My PS3 now has a tonne of different features than when I got it in 2007
  • Can we get an official twitch app for wp or integrate it into smartglass
  • This is great for you X1 users. But I have to say, the title of this article seems like fuel for a console war.
  • Especially the lie about HD. 720p is HD only on mobile, and even there it's iffy.
  • Technically 720p or 1080p is HD.
  • This just shows how MS prioritizes stability and performance, just like windows phone. Both x1 & WP perform like top notch hardware, even tho they're weaker. Keep going MS. I'm sure X1 will be the Cortana heart of my home.
  • Well this isn't that surprising. Streaming is almost 100% CPU bound, and the SoC in the Xbox is actually slightly faster. That, and Microsoft can probably coax a bit more out of the performance with their know how.
  • I preordered Titanfall this morning. I'll be on Twitch streaming but I have a feeling no one will care to tune in... I'm just not that good at these types of games yet.
    Then again, I guess it could serve as a blooper reel of sorts LOL
  • That's all very good as long as u have internet fast enough, and the majority of people out the still don't have access to super fast connections
  • HA! In your face Sony trolls, with your 'native' 1080p harassment towards us! SUCKS IT NERDS!
  • This comment makes me laugh. Harassment? Nerds? Oh snap
  • Yup! :P
  • Xbone all day
  • Where is everyone yelling, "See ! The PS4 sucks!" Just like they did with the Xbone when it was the other way around.
  • See! The PS4 sucks! Happy?
  • I am f'n ecstatic. Thanks, Alice.
  • Any idea how much bandwidth broadcasting might use? I'm on a bandwidth cap thru my lame ISP and I don't want to kill my allowance. :(
  • Im sure by the end of the year the ps4 will also be able to stream in 1080p.
  • Like by this summer, X1 would have more 1080p res games; oO YEAH!
  • I've said it multiple times but Microsoft just needs to buy Twitch already before it's too late.
  • Just ruin it for everyone. Thanks.
  • Why would that ruin it? If anything, they'd make it better.
  • Definitely need some friends to play add me: Lord Rican
  • Here we go.. Blah this while blah that!
  • This cannot be true. The PS4 was made by the hand of god.
  • Sadly the PS4 Twitch app was made by Gods discarded toenails. This isn't the only feature PS4 app is lacking.
  • And thus we see the fruits of power reserved for the OS/Apps.
  • Downloaded the twitch app now,looks good
  • Look, I'm sick of the all the 720p vs 1080p "debates" (if you call children yelling at each other with fingers in their ears debate), and I guess it's "nice" to have something as ammo concerning resolution, but there was no need to bring the PS4 directly into the headline like that.  As a comparison within the article, sure, but the headline is just asking to start a fanboy war.
  • Thank you.
  • That post wasn't meant for you, seeing as you are part of the problem based on your posting just below this one.
  • Oh no. Ps4 sucks and Xbox is sooooo much better. Which explains why the ps4 had sold twice as much ad xbones.
  • Gonna stick my neck out and suggest you have some unnatural allegiance to the PS4, I think it was the derogatory way you called it xbones. I suspect you use the $ sign when you refer to Microsoft sorry Micro$oft... Not sure if it explains your poor grasp of numbers though.
  • Sorry? Wtf are you talking about. Also what poor grasp of numbers? The country I come from, which has a higher grade then 1, we learn how to divid. And 3000000 is half as much as 6000000. Which means 6000000 is larger in both integer and sum.
  • The PlayStation usually always starts out strong then quickly loses ground after the second year or so. Like the last generation for example.
  • Maybe true for last Gen. This gen maybe not, as ps4 is far superior. And I have every consol made since Atari 1800, including the xbone. So the a$$ above can stick that in his a$$ and smoke it.
  • Same arguments were made about the PS3, we won't know who's really ahead till about 7 years from now, and please watch your language.
  • Umm PS3 started out strong? PS3 was losing pretty heavily until they removed the PS2-chip and made a cheaper version. The same is likely to happen with XBone and Kinect sooner or later.
  • Neither system sucks, but the difference in sales is obviously due to the price differential. Xbox One can't match Playstation 4's sales until Microsoft drops its price down to the same level.
  • Looking forward to Titanfall but struggling to give a badgers fart for Twitch. I feel better now I have unburdened myself...
  • I'm more excited about X1 having archiving, which isn't available on PS4. When I stream on PC I'm always making highlights from archived videos to put on YouTube. That will be nice for X1 streams too.
  • while gaming rigs can stream at whatever resolution/framerate the service/ISP uplink can take... sorry you guys but im sure a windows phone would do the same 720p or better sooner or later
  • I just wish they'd change that snap screen colour from White to Black or Purple or anything that isn't that bright in a dark room. It makes it hard to watch in snap mode is all in saying.
  • Oooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh, PIIIIIIIIIIXELS.   I don't think I could care less about the resolution of a stream if I tried. I'd rather have MY games look good than someone else's.
  • Do you have next gen games? We do have next gen games with great looking such as Ryse and Forza5 or games with great play experience and fun like DR3 and Project Spark
  • I've owned both the Xbox One and Ps4 since they launched. Honestly, the Xbox One is the better of the two at this point in my opinion. I game on a 60" Samsung LED television and its pretty hard to discern graphical differences between the two systems. Take NBA 2k14 for example. The game is the most graphically impressive sports game I've ever played and it looks nearly identical on both systems. The 1080p vs lower resolutions debate is way overblown. Both systems have their pros and cons but the Xbox one offers more for my money. The $100 price difference is pretty much eliminated when you pay $60 bucks for the PS camera (which seems to be sold out everywhere on the planet right now). I love the dedicated ESPN app, NFL license agreement, along the Kinect tv integration. The PS4 has a simple and boring interface (although I enjoy being able to use my Facebook profile pic on the PSN) and very few enjoyable games right now. I'm keeping it around for PS exclusives like MLB the show and Uncharted. I'll be buying all multiplatform games on the Xbox One. If I'm paying $400-$500 for a system I want to be able to do more than just play games. I'm no fan boy either because I've always supported both Sony and Microsoft. Sony went with a simpler, games focused approach and it seems to be working so far. Simpler is not always better though. Both systems are pretty good but the Xbox One is an amazing device.....and its still early in its lifecycle! I have my stereo headset, media remote, and Titanfall already preordered......hit me up on Xbox Live. (ajdevin5300)
  • I agree with you. I chose the Xbox One because it is so feature rich. It can do a ton of things that no other console can do. In contrast, I find the PS4 to be quite boring. The differences between the PS4 and PS3/Xbox 360 are pretty minimal. Some graphical upgrades and a few other minor improvements, but nothing in comparison to the huge innovative leap the Xbox One made over the previous generation of consoles.
  • NBA 2k14 is running at 1080p native with 60fps on Xbox One
  • Bull, I have a 50" and can clearly see the difference which is why my PS4 will always get more game time. I used to work at Target and when ever anyone came with that bs of not telling the difference between 720 vs 1080 I make the stand and look at our tvs, didn't take long for the average mouth breather to see a difference.
  • Sir....I'm 36 and I've owned just about every game console since the Atari days. I've owned HDTV sets since they were very expensive and not in many households. Any person who can seriously say that you can "clearly" see a graphical difference between the XBOX One and PS4 with the same game on the same television with the same settings is truly biased towards one company or another. I have no allegiance to Sony or Microsoft so I'm able to give an honest assessment. Both system have beautiful graphics that are clearly an upgrade from the last generation. The XBOX One also happens to offer more than just the ability to play games. It's truly a media center hub. The XBOX One also has more worthwhile games to play right now (Forza 5, Dead Rising, Ryse, and soon Titanfall). To each his own though.......I'll probably fire up the PS4 when MLB 14 the Show drops but until's "XBOX ON"!
  • I've also had almost every system with the exception of a neo geo and a Wii. Jaguar, Sega Cd, 3DO, just to name a few, that doesn't change the FACT as stated by reliable sources like Cnet and Consumer Reports that there is a noticeable difference between 1080p vs 720, not to mention the most important source, my eyes.
  • Did you notice the difference in MP Killzone by any chance?
  • Yes you can, single player does look sharper and more detailed.
  • Really wish gamers would stop talking about resolution. Boring. It's the new MHz.
  • Well im going to stream in 1080p on my PC. Will you fanboys give it a rest?
  • ^thx
  • do you understand with this you dont need a capture card? just that its enough for some people, and its even better if it gives 720p streaming. again thats enough for some people who dont want to waste money in a CC.
    apparently you are the only one who says "1080p" like if your channel would become interesting just because of that, I bet nobody visits it or you dont even stream on any online service like twitch.
    clueless people like you are funny :)
  • Xbox Phaggots. 
  • Reading the comments here quite litertally make me want to abandon my Windows Phone.  Why is a phone site constantly posting news about Xbox One?  If I wanted video game news, I'd go to a better source and one that isn't clearly biased to one platform.  I come here for news about Windows Phone, but that seems to not be the focal point of this site anymore.  I've seen countless major news pieces about Windows Phone be completely ignored by this site.  If this is the future of this site, I'm out.  Stop pretending to be Kotaku, you're not a video game blog, you're a phone blog.  Just because somebody purchases a Microsoft phone does not automatically mean they have to love all things Microsoft. 
  • Great story. Move on.
  • Good stuff, although I personally won't be streaming for multiple reasons nor will I really watch anyone else stream, except for games that I'm planning to buy but havnt yet.