Xbox One March update is now live, lets you finally take screenshots

Xbox One March update has commenced rollout, bringing with it the ability to take screenshots and set them as the background image. Screenshot functionality works in two ways: You can either double tap the Xbox button on the controller — which triggers a screenshot — and then press "Y" to save it, or use Kinect to say "Xbox, take a screenshot."

Ability to change background images on the Xbox One dashboard rolled out last year, and today's update is bringing customization options through which you can set the level of transparency of background images. That can be achieved by going to Settings > My Xbox > Tile transparency.

Other additions in the update include the ability to display your real name on Xbox Live, along with enhancements to party chat that show each participant's microphone status. Here's the changelog detailing the changes in the Xbox One March update:

  • Screenshots – New this month is a highly requested feature by our community from the Xbox feedback site. While playing a game, you can now take screenshots on your Xbox One console by simply double-tapping the Xbox button on your controller to capture a screenshot and pressing Y to save the screenshot. You can also say "Xbox, take a screenshot" to take and save a screenshot.The Upload app has been updated so that you can manage your screenshots in addition to your game clips. To set a screenshot as your background, go to Upload, open the screenshot full screen, press the Menu button, and select Set as background. You can also use Upload to share screenshots to your activity feed, attach them to messages, add screenshots to your showcase, share to Twitter, and post to OneDrive. Additionally, your game clips and screenshots will be shown in a new area on your profile.
  • Suggested friends – Everyone can use new friends! Suggested friends will include people you might know—so you can add more friends to game with—and top community broadcasters and clip creators—so you can get more great content in your activity feed. To find new friends, go to Friends and look for people under the Suggested friends heading or select the Suggested friends button. Or, if you don't have a ton of friends yet, just check the Friends area of Home.
  • Sharing your name – We're rolling out two new ways to share your real name: with all of your friends, or to everyone in the Xbox Live community. You can also continue to share your real name with select friends or no one, if that's what you prefer. Gamertags are still the primary method of identifying yourself on Xbox Live, but sharing your real name helps people recognize you who might not know you by your gamertag. The new name sharing options can be found under Friends > My profile > Name sharing settings.
  • Party chat enhancements – We added two new icons to party chat to show each participant their own microphone status. The Kinect icon means the Kinect is being used as the mic and the headset icon means the headset mic is being used.
  • Tile transparency – As a result of your feedback, we're adding a setting to vary the level of transparency for your background images. To do this, go to Settings > My Xbox > Tile transparency.
  • Voice search privacy – We added a new setting to share voice search data to allow anonymous collection and analysis of voice data when using Bing on Xbox to search. Go to Settings > Privacy and online safety > Custom > Share voice search data to change the setting.
  • Report spam – The Messages app has an added option to notify Xbox when you receive spam. To report a message as spam, select it, press A on the controller, select Report, and then choose Spam.
  • Live TV & OneGuide in Australia – Support for OneGuide is now available to all users in Australia for free-to-air TV listings. Additionally, the OneGuide app will be pre-pinned for users in Australia a few days after the March system update goes live.
  • Xbox One Digital TV Tuner in Australia – Xbox One owners in Australia can pre-purchase the Xbox Digital TV Tuner (opens in new tab) at the online Microsoft Store, Availability of the tuner is planned for March 25, 2015.

Xbox One owners, how are you liking the new feature additions? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Major Nelson (opens in new tab)

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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  • Finally ;)
  • Will the screenshots appear in our activity feeds?
    Wish Xbox smartglass will get an update to let us download shots onto our phones.
  • I believe they will now that update is public. They didn't in preview when i got it a week or so ago. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That'll be really nice to have. Wish I could share my game clips to twitter & others via the Xbox smartglass app on my phone
  • You can't you need to use the share feature on these vice. If you download win 10 you will see a new Xbox app. I think Xbox smart glass is done. I think.
  • You can upload them after to twitter or OneDrive. Via Xbox go to upload.
  • Good to hear!!
  • So no more updates for the 360?
  • There was a post on here about a 360 preview programme, so I think it is fair to say there will be more updates.
  • Cool! Now, I can finally use my OneDrive pics as backgrounds.
  • This was working since last year...
  • How?
  • Nice and no it never worked for me, I'll check it out.
  • Nvm. It's supposedly only for games :/
  • Love the updates! Keep those updates coming :)
  • Awesome, they need to add the option to assign a controller to a profile automatically!!!
  • I not sure but I think this can already be done. I don't personally own an x1 yet but I set up our company console and mapped the three additional controllers to guest0/1/2. I'm sure you can do the same for user accounts if they are stored to the console
  • You are right, it can be done easily. I don't know the exact way right now and I'm too lazy to look it up, sorry!
  • You can do that in the Settings. The exact same place you update the controller's firmware
  • when is Microsofts next event?? is it BUILD some where in April?
  • San Francisco, April it is.
  • Expect the Windows 10 TP to be released in April too. /s
  • I would hope for another update this month but if nothing til build, then id expect that to reach all devices
  • They should stop doing stuff on xbox 360 coz more they do longer they gonna keep improving xbox one good update more to come I hope
  • X1 is getting better and better.. But still will chose ps4 instead if x1 .. Both are great but I prefer ps4 because used ps3 before btw windows phone user..
  • Its pretty much down to what controller you prefer now. The fps and resolution issues just go to prove how little there is between them.
  • Not really. I am a PlayStation guy myself and still prefer the PS controler, but I opted for the Xbox One precicely because Microsoft has constantly updated the Xbox One to make it better and Sony has been sitting on their arses. Over 1 year after launch and I still can't stream video from a PC to the PS4 as I can with the PS3.
  • Good for you don't give shit about streaming videos just care about the games.. And both consoles are good at that but ps4 is better cuz of tlou and uncharted series and many more..
  • Sounds like an educated choice. That's fine. People who make their choice based on some kind of ideology are stupid though.
  • I'm very happy to hear that ^. So why u use an windows phone? Use an android! Lol
  • I hate android.
  • Coming from PS3 to Xbox One, and I will never go to PS anything because Xbox One to me is just much better overall experience. I have nothing against PS or Sony.
  • I want to buy both because I want to play quantum break but I'm dying to play uncharted 4 but have ps3
  • Go from PC to 360 + ps3. Back to PC and Xbox one. I'm sticking with these 2.
  • Nice update, looking forward to checking this out later...
  • Not much. These are small. When is 1080p coming?. Home screen gestures via Kinect...
  • 1080p is up to a developer if they wish to support it .
  • Technically you control the transparency of the tiles, not the background.
  • I hope they will add market for more countries. No marketplace for x1 in my country, so I have to wait for disks and pay for shipping :(
  • And I got my denim yesterday for L1520SWE.
  • Do updates happen automatically or manual?
  • Your choice.
  • After a set time, you will need to install the update. In between that you have a choice.
  • It's crap for action shots. Too many key presses. It needs to be implemented as a "one click" deal. Maybe you can toggle screenshot mode on and off in the snap menu, and when its on, the menu button takes the screenshot. MS could have implemented this much better
  • It takes the screen shot as soon as you hit the Xbox button. If you hit Y it saves it. You should have more confidence that they know what they are doing.
  • Well, it hasn't been doing that for me? I've had the preview update for the last few weeks.
  • Did you report your error in the preview forums to revive help? Or via the feedback option?
  • Well, it's not an error so no. It's just poor implementation.
  • "Xbox, take a screenshot" = zero key presses. Boom.
  • And by the time you have said that, you have missed the action shot
  • If you're really hoping to take such specific action shots on Xbox One, it sounds like you need to start a User Voice petition to bring Windows Phone's Blink technology to Xbox One screen shots. That would solve  your problem (and would be a cool feature and a good way to cross-promote Blink).
  • "boom". Lol
  • When we will see a Facebook app for Xbox one ??
  • When Facebook decides to make one. It's not up to Microsoft to make apps for other companies.
  • It will come with windows 10. Universal app support ;)
  • Anyone know if this update improves the "Instant-On" mess?   Where from time to time the console wont launch anything unless you completely pull power for a fresh restart?  
  • Yeah that's so annoying! No it doesn't. Still happens
  • Have you reported your problem to Xbox support or the forums? Could be faulty device.
  • Yea I posted to the forums, but no real solution yet.  Some folks have said sending in for replacement helped (faulty memory) but others stated it didnt help.  Might have to try it..   just dont want to be XBOX-less for weeks :(
  • Not that you should or even have to, but if you pay like $15, you can do the "advanced" fix option and basically they just send you a refurbished XBox and you send them your broken one.  You have to reinstall all the games and apps in the new xbox but other than that there is no wasted time waiting.  I did it and was fully expecting them to send back my old one after it was fixed and they were like, "No, thats your new xbox one".  We got your bad one.  If you don't care about the actual console, its a decent option to not lose any time. 
  • I've had that problem too. :/ Please don't be out of warranty, Xbox
  • That's good. Enjoy everyone!
  • I'm confused. Doesn't double-tapping the Xbox button already open the Snap menu? What happens with that functionality now?
  • Actually, pressing and holding the left stick in any direction while pressing the Xbox button will bring up the snap menu
  • Thanks - so they changed the existing Snap functionality in order to add the screenshot option?
  • No, they did not change it. It still takes a touble tab of the Xbox button to bring up the menu. What they added is that, in addition to pressing X to record 30 seconds of video, you can also now press Y to take a screenshot, or you can select an app to snap. I prefer using voice commands.
  • Thanks a lot. I'll have to see it in person in order to fully understand I think.
  • I'm glad I bought an XB1 as an early b'day present for myself. The guys at my MS store did a fine job of selling me the console without the pressure, I'm glad I went w/ the Assassins Creed Kinect bundle. Voice commands were a nifty feature and now I can't imagine gaming without it. Waiting to get an XB1 and getting all the kinks worked out fared well for me
  • Congratulations on your new purchase. Got to treat yourself! And good call on the Kinect version. That is definitely the way to go.
  • Hey thanks coip! It was amazing to see a game I would like to buy on the Store and then see someone live streaming the game on Twitch on the next tab.
  • I really love all the new features, everything is a lot easier for me now! I enjoy the screenshot feature, pretty awesome!
  • Support for BD-R would be nice.
  • Nice!
    Though I'm a bit disappointed with the "transparency" options. "Mostly transparent" isn't transparent at all. It's what we had before. I was hopping for something more vitreal. But I can live with it.
  • I've been trying to upload my screenshot to somewhere but I can't! I don't have the share option, only the make it as background thing. Can anyone help please? I took several screenshots from different games and all of them can't be saved/shared. This is driving me insane!
  • My Xbox says there is no update available at the moment.. Please help!