Xbox One Media Remote Confirmed – coming this March for $24.99

Yesterday we reported on the possible announcement and availability dates for Microsoft’s Xbox One Media Remote. As of today, we can confirm the previously mentioned reports and provide more information about the Media Remote itself. Wondering what the remote will be able to control and exactly when you will be able to pick it up? Check after the break for all the details you could possibly endure about a remote.

Microsoft has officially announced that the Xbox One Media Remote will become available this early March and will allow consumers to control various aspects of their entertainment consoles. The main functionality of the Xbox One Media Remote will be aimed at controlling video playback of Blu-ray movies and your favorite streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon instant Video.

It has been confirmed that the remote does contains dedicated Back and OneGuide buttons for quick access to your cable box through Xbox One’s HDMI In port. Microsoft is stating that the new Media Remote for Xbox One was “designed to help you listen, watch and switch among experiences instantly.”

In addition, the Media Remote does contain an Infrared transceiver that will allow you to control your TV and various audiovisual equipment via the remote; it provides an easy way to control aspects such as the television’s volume, power, and selected channel. We are yet to hear any official word from Microsoft on the topic of being able to control the entire Xbox UI via the remote itself.

The remote itself has been crafted with what Microsoft calls a “familiar design”, no doubt alluding to the design language of their Xbox One line of products. The surface of the remote is a soft silicone finish that we are personally hoping will help to reduce fingerprints and help to enhance grip.

Xbox One’s Media Remote will also feature basic motion sensing to understand when it has been picked up. As soon as you grab the remote off your coffee table, the keys of the remote will illuminate to help you out when watching movies in a dimly lit room.

The reported release date for the Xbox One Media Remote continues to be March 4, but Microsoft is simply stating “early March”. At that time, you will be able to pick up the remote for $24.99 in the United States and other stores around the globe.

What do you think of the Xbox One Media Remote – is the price tag sufficient?

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  • That is one sexy looking remote.
  • Indeed. Pricing isn't bad either for a MS product.
  • Should have a keyboard on the other side....
  • For how much the console costs it should have been included with it.  Specially sine MS hailed it as the fture of living room digital entertainment. Plus It doesn't really do anything the regular remote doesn't already do IMHO.
  • You're last point make the first point invalid. All this remote is; is an option to the many choices you already have.
  • It doesn't change volume, i mean the regular remote
  • Seems reasonable. I use my Xbox as a media consumption device a lot more now than I used to and having a remote for when the voice commands fail me would be very handy. Taking the time to power up a controller the few times Kinect fails to accept my voice commands is inconvenient.
  • Ditto. Amazing that not having to switch inputs has meant I've watched more blurays and tv in the past couple months than my years with a 360.
  • Any more leaks? Cortana?
  • Why is there always one person that is just way off topic? Stay on the article topic or feel free to visit our forums.
  • Nice looking remote at a decent price, but when and where will MS enable the media center features like those available in the 360?  I have a media server with all my music and movies, etc and I have to keep the 360 hooked up to be able to gain access to my media!  C'mon MS, get with the program!
  • Media Center is dead. Msft stopped updating it after Windows 7. The 360 still supports it because it's an older machine.
  • My bad,  poor choice of words, I was referring to using the XBOX ONE as a media extender for playing your owned media over the network!  I was not a fan of MEDIA CENTER,  cluncky to use!  
  • Miss that so much.
  • What is MS's alternative to WMC going forward? I use Xbox as an extender with WMC currently and have been wondering what an alternative would be since I don't game with Xbox. What do people use if they don't want to pay rent for a DVR that doesn't work as well?
  • Looks very sleek to me.... I will end buying this for sure.
  • I just pre-ordered my @xbox One Media remote.   Original Tweet:
  • Looks nice. Any idea on whether can control sound bar volumes??? If so Ill defintely get one.
  • With this release of a remote, you have to wonder if an Xbox without the Kinect is in fact happening. I mean, using the Kinect to navigate is more of natural way instead of using a remote, though cheaper. People are still using remote of the most part.
  • No, Kinect is actually critical for this remote to work. Major Nelson described using the volume buttons and channel change buttons through IR commands output by the Kinect sensor. Analogous to how it works now with the smart glass app (which I think is pretty fantastic btw.)
  • Absolutely buying this. Very reasonable price. Hopefully I can navigate my cable box with this (for DVR), and not just the OneGuide.
  • My remote is broken, so I'll just buy one of these.
  • I doubt it will happen right away. But eventually I expect Microsoft will start to provide some basic cable box remote or codes to navigate the cable box interface. The problem is, there are literally hundreds of different boxes that the various providers use, many with custom remote button layouts. Anyone who's ever had a harmony knows what I'm talking about. This remote won't be able to handle that. But a future version with customizable buttons, I think is very possible.
  • If I were an xbox I would totally be all over this remote. I wouldn't be able to control myself. It would keep turning me on. Joke in there somewhere.
  • I'll stick to the controller that came with the system
  • Id very much like some info on when the eggbox (try it with kinect voice control, I cant call it anything else now) will have compatibility with the 10.5 million Sky boxes that are currently strewn across the UK.. If they want to sell it using the PS4 differentiators than this is critical for the UK..
  • Sky just stole the name SkyDrive from Microsoft... Screw them..
  • One of the worlds stupidest lawsuits btw
  • Want.  Take my money!
  • So much for the Kinect Eh? Guess that's a "Fail." Hope MS doesn't forget to keep improving it, now that they added another option.
  • Pay attention, this works in concert with the Kinect. It doesn't work without it.
  • I thought "Kinect" was the control. That's why I say it's a failed project. Bringing a controller means it's a failure. Of course, there's always that "option" argument. Anyways, I really wished they would have put a qwerty on that. But I'm sure that will be another 25 dollar peripheral.
  • Kinect is one method of control. A remote is another. A controller is yet another. The existence or absence of one doesn't mean the failure of all the others
  • I don't want or need another frickin remote. Does this have infrared codes I can grab off the internet so I can program my harmony? That's all I need.
  • What Microsoft really needs to do is turn the Xbox One into a universal remote to rule them all. Given that the Kinect has an awesome IR blaster, there is no reason the console couldn't control every device in the room, along with macros. There are really no decent macro remotes on the market without spending big bucks. The Xbox One could/should be the killer universal remote.
  • Give it time dude, the 360 took a while to get all its features.
  • I agree. Just throwing it out there in case anyone at Microsoft is reading.
  • +1
  • Will it work for navigating the YouTube app? Because the smart glass controls don't, or else I'd just use my phone.
  • Now we just need media playback via USB and then this will actually be useful.
  • I just miss the Titanfall beta.