Hulu now lets you stream live TV from your PC's browser

After tackling mobile, consoles, and set-top boxes, Hulu is bringing an early version of its live TV service to your browser.

Hulu brings its new interface and live TV to Xbox 360

Sure, the Xbox 360 may no longer be the hot shot it once was, but Hulu is still showing it some love.

Hulu launches live TV streaming beta, overhauled interface on Xbox One

Hulu’s long-awaited live TV streaming is finally here in beta form, and Xbox One is among the platforms getting the first crack at it.

Netflix and Hulu universal apps are now live on Xbox One Preview

Members of the Xbox Preview program can now download and use the new Netflix and Hulu UWP apps for the Xbox One console.

Hulu Universal App sneaks out for Xbox One

Ready to see another Universal App heading to the Xbox One? Some preview members can already see Hulu, but it's not ready to roll just yet.

Snag a 2-month free trial to Hulu Plus when you sign up through the Windows app

You can currently grab a 2-month free trial to Hulu Plus when you sign up through through the service's Windows app.

PSA: Don't download the latest Hulu update for Windows 10 PC and Mobile

Hulu has released a new version of its TV and movie streaming video app for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, but you should not download it. There are a number of reports that the new version won't load at all.

Hulu will offer live TV streaming in 2017, CEO confirms

Hulu is planning to launch a live TV streaming service in 2017.

Hulu may take on Sling TV with cable-like streaming service

A new report claims Hulu is developing its own internet-based cable TV service, which would provide access to live TV in addition to on-demand viewing of network shows. The service could launch sometime in the first quarter of 2017.

MSN suite of apps and Hulu get minor updates on Windows 10 Mobile

New updates are available for Microsoft's MSN apps on Windows 10 Mobile, along with the recently launched Windows 10 PC and Mobile version of Hulu. The apps appear to be minor new versions with no additional features,

Hulu embraces Microsoft with their brand new Universal app for Windows 10

We heard rumors that Hulu - the popular TV and movie streaming service - was set to launch their new universal (UWP) app for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, and now we can confirm that it is available for all to download (or upgrade).

Hulu for Windows 10 was written from the ground up using the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) meaning it can run everywhere from Windows 10 PCs, tablets, and the Surface to Windows 10 Mobile smartphones.

Hulu adds commercial-free video streaming option for $11.99 a month

Hulu is finally adding an option for its TV show and movie streaming service that will eliminate nearly all commercials for $11.99 a month. Current subscribers can keep their $7.99 a month, with ads, option or switch to the new commercial-free version for an extra $4 a month

Hulu may debut ad-free option as soon as this fall

Hulu is reportedly investigating the possibility of an ad-free tier of its service, which could cost between $12 and $14 per month, and launch as early as this fall.

Hulu to add Showtime subscription option so you can watch Ray Donovan for less

Hulu will add a new option to allow subscribers to watch current and past Showtime TV shows and movies for the combined price of $17 a month, which is less than what the price would be if each service were purchased separately

AT&T customers to receive free Hulu content later this year

AT&T has signed a deal with Hulu, the popular streaming service, which will allow its customers to access the content for free. The promotion will start later in 2015.

Xbox Live could be ditching the Gold requirement for Netflix, Hulu

If you've never really been happy at the fact you need a Xbox Live Gold subscription in order to access Hulu and Netflix on your Xbox there's a good chance that requirement could be gone soon. It's something that has been on the table for a while now but according to Arstechnica, multiple sources have now been briefed on the matter ahead of June's E3 expo.

Hulu Plus to offer select free viewing on mobile this summer

Previously bound to having a Hulu Plus subscription, Hulu this summer will be opening up their free streams to mobile users. As of right now, if you want to watch something that's streaming on Hulu on your mobile device, you'll need a Hulu Plus account — even if that show is free to stream through a desktop browser. Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins announced today that this summer that will change.

Grab some popcorn and kick back with these top movie and television apps for Windows 8

In 2014, if you are looking to watch television shows or movies, there are a plethora of different apps and services available to fulfill your need of entertainment consumption. We are going to look at what we currently consider the best TV and movie apps available in the Windows Store for Windows 8/RT devices. We will begin by noting that all of these application will work within the United States, but elsewhere your results will vary.

Hulu Plus for Windows 8 gets updated - allows you to enjoy your favorite content even more

Hulu Plus, Netflix, and Amazon Instant Video are all great ways to enjoy your favorite TV and movie content wherever you are. This week, Hulu has released an update to their application, adding an addition of new features and, of course, a few bug fixes.

Hulu Plus for Windows Phone updated with more bug repellent and performance improvements

The official Hulu Plus app for Windows Phone 8 has been bumped to version, introducing some minor, but rather important improvements. Hulu is a popular service for streaming TV shows, movies and "webisodes," coupled with bonus materials such as behind the scenes footage from multiple networks.