How to sign up for the Disney+ bundle with ad-free Hulu

Disney+ on a phoe and Hulu on a laptop
Disney+ on a phoe and Hulu on a laptop (Image credit: Chris Wedel / Windows Central)

Disney+ is finally out in the wild so we can catch-up on so many favorite Disney classics, Marvel hits, the Star Wars saga, and much more. Disney is also offering the chance to get its new streaming service bundled with Hulu and ESPN+ — which is a great deal at $13 per month. However, if you sign-up for this bundle, the Hulu you get will be the ad-supported version. So, if you prefer your Hulu minus the ads, then follow along to find out how to bundle up and hold the ads.

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How to the Disney+ bundle with ad-free Hulu

  1. Go to Hulu and sign-up for the ad-free plan.

Source: Hulu (Image credit: Source: Hulu)
  1. Enter your personal info and continue.
  2. Select your payment method to finish your subscription to Hulu ad-free.

Source: Disney+ (Image credit: Source: Disney+)

Now that your Hulu account is set up let's set up the Disney+ bundle

  1. After clicking Sign Up Now you can enter the same email you used for setting up your Hulu account.
  2. Click Agree & Continue.
  3. After setting up your password and entering your payment method click Agree & Subscribe

What is going to happen now is that you'll get two separate bills, one from Hulu and one from Disney+. On the Disney+ bundle price, you will receive a $5.99 per month credit on your account, which is the value of the ad-supported Hulu in the standard bundle price. If you already have the ad-free Hulu, then you can simply sign up for Disney+ with the same email as you used when you first set up your Hulu account.

If you've already set up your Disney+ non-bundle account and would like to switch we've got you covered on how to get that done.

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