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Hulu for Windows 10 updates to Progressive Web App, now rolling out gradually

Hulu is jumping on the Progressive Web App (PWA) bandwagon with its latest update on Windows 10. The update, which is gradually rolling out now, transitions Hulu to a PWA, bringing along an updated look and features that match Hulu on the web.

The update isn't widely available yet, but Hulu confirmed on Twitter (via OnMSFT) that it is making the switch to the PWA platform.

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Transitioning to a PWA means that the Hulu app for Windows 10 will see new features and changes added as soon as they arrive on the web. That's good news for anyone who prefers to use the dedicated app, as the Windows 10 app has lagged behind other platforms considerably in terms of gaining new features like live TV and Hulu's revamped interface.

If you aren't seeing the update just yet, sit tight: all Windows 10 users should see the update arrive "in the coming weeks," according to Hulu's support account.

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  • If u still have the old wm app it gets the update too!
  • are there any screenshots??
  • Sweet! Having the Live TV in the app is something I've been waiting quite a while for.
  • If you want the app now download it directly from the Microsoft Store's server: I got the update on my SP4 but not on my desktop and 2 laptops. Installing it this way works fine.
  • Awesome! Was having issues with the Pacific Thomas caption in the old app
  • Man, I hate what they've done to the app. I wish I could roll it back to the previous version. This one is horrible.
  • yea i enjoyed the facebook comments. its like watching with random people at a theater and people makign comments on the movie.
  • What about mobile?
  • Do you mean WM?
    If so lol + haha
  • I literally tweeted you guys about this a week ago. I've been using this new PWA update for almost a week. A few bugs still but nice to see they're updating it.