Score a free $15 Best Buy gift card when you buy a $100 Hulu gift card for a limited time

Hulu home screen shown on Vizio TV
Hulu home screen shown on Vizio TV (Image credit: Windows Central)

Over at Best Buy, you can snag a free $15 Best Buy gift card when you buy a $100 Hulu gift card. If you're already paying for Hulu every month, that's basically $15 free to spend on anything else of your choosing at Best Buy. Both of the gift cards are delivered digitally by email so you can put them to use straight away. You'll see the digital Best Buy card automatically added to your cart for the sweet, sweet price of $0.

$100 Hulu Gift Card + $15 Best Buy Gift Card

$100 Hulu Gift Card + $15 Best Buy Gift Card

Buying this Hulu gift card gets you a free $15 Best Buy gift card right now. If you're already paying monthly for Hulu, why not snag some savings in the meantime? Both gift cards are digital so you can redeem them straight away.

You can redeem the Hulu gift card against your own account to save you paying monthly or give it a gift to someone else who hasn't yet experienced the joy of endless media streaming. Netflix works on a bunch of devices and there's a ton of content on there to keep you entertained with an ever-changing library.

Similar to Netflix, Hulu gives its users on-demand access to a library that contains thousands of movies, TV shows, and original programs crafted exclusively for Hulu.

The cheapest plan costs $5.99 per month, and while you get access to all of the shows Hulu has to offer, you'll watch them with small commercial breaks throughout. These commercials aren't nearly as bad as the ones you get with traditional TV programming, but they can interrupt the flow of the story if you're especially engrossed in something like The Handmaid's Tale. Thankfully, Hulu has an ad-free plan for $11.99 a month plan. Some shows still come attached with a small ad before they start, but you won't have to deal with any interruptions once it gets going.

If you're spending way more time indoors these days as you practise good social distancing etiquette, it's a wise idea to have access to a streaming service or two to stave off the boredom. There's plenty of good stuff to watch on Hulu right now, so this deal has come at a great time.

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