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Xbox One Preview Program still 'TBD' on accepting more testers

In the latter part of 2015, Microsoft slowed up on accepting new testers in to the Xbox One Preview program. Not much has been said since, but the questions have continued and now, Xbox's Mike Ybarra, has clarified the current state of affairs.

"Lot of msg on this so answering broadly: we have a lot of folks in queue to get into Preview on Xbox One. Still TBD when and if more needed. - @XboxQwik"

The Xbox One Preview Program has, in the past, been pretty generous when it comes to accepting eager gamers willing to try out the latest features before Microsoft pushes them out to the general public. That, in turn, led to the program reaching near capacity, hence the invites slowing up to almost a complete standstill.

Ybarra's words don't give us much hope that things will change any time soon, so if you're not already in, you probably won't be any time in the foreseeable future. Nevertheless it's always good to get a little clarity on such matters.

Source: @XboxQwik

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  • Last month, I got an invite and got in. I get preview builds too. So has it been completely halted or just accepting very few?
  • Veeeerrrrryyyyyy slow. They were "near capacity" so there's every chance a few will still get in
  • Can you send me an invite to the preview program SoulDevourer313
  • So I can quit? Im considering quiting all testing. I want a normal life of it just works back. Nearly there. I am unsure when I will make the switch.
  • Yes, you can un-enroll and then that will probably free up a space for someone else.
  • not living on the bleeding edge?
  • sorry, my english is not so good but what TBD stand for? to be dead?
  • To be decided. Not all Microsoft news is about death, despair and doom. ;)
  • To Be Determined.
  • +1
  • I thought To Be Discontinued which offcourse would be a bit strange contextually so thanks for clearing it up guys.
  • TBD means to be determined.
  • They should take it a step further and start kicking out the people that don't do any of the Surveys, Quests, or report any problems.
  • Agreed. Though maybe they already do?
  • They sure havne't done.  Or they don't listen to them. How else can you explain the huge fustercluck that is the NXOE? Testers not telling MS it was s**t or MS not caring that ppl thought it was s**t.
  • Agreed.  After they gutted Kinect, we disconnected our Xbox and it's now in our shed.  Didn't need the waste of electricity.
  • Well it still has more functionality than the PS4. Mine just sits there as a hideously expensive USB phone charger.
  • And I laugh at you everytime you mention that.
  • Its pretty much the same as fall dash preview basically at our point its already been tested internally & were just being used to clean up minor things. I had retail bug 6 months off/on before they identified it as such pretty much made it useless for gaming 500GBs of bandwidth later
  • What ?!
  • Crash bugs are reported automatically, and there are still telemetry data they care for. As long as you are using it you are valuable contributor.  
  • At least release the screen sharing app! That's all that I want from the program right now.
  • And Cortana!
  • I'm still waiting for the planned TV DVR feature
  • Same here, long overdue.
  • With Win10 dropping media centre they need to get on with this.
  • @kravex, check the forums about wmc.
  • I had trouble with the new guide info not getting pulled from the new site regularly. I'd rather they get OTA DVR running. I'd hate to waste hours of my time figuring out where my guide info is and how to fix it.
  • Yeh, well, there's no point now.  They've ruined the device for non-gamers, so I couldn't care less what they do with the stupid Xbox One.
  • What non gamer wants an Xbox one? Just buy a friggin pc
  • @theonedunn. Gestures, they made the world of difference for some people.
  • Your own fault for buying a device for secondary features. Could've bought many other i/o devices for a htpc
  • So like the 10 non-gamers who bought the Xbox will be upset. That's too bad.  Microsoft very stupidly tried to target the XB1 to non-gamers. They didn't buy it. Why would a non-gamer buy an expensive $500 machine with semi-reliable voice recognition when they could just buy an $80 Roku and get a fully reliable remote control? Only gamers bought the XB1 and the media features were not that great anyways. 
  • It's a games box, non-gamer.
  • Not being able to wave your hands around is not ruining the device for non-gamers. You're way too melodramatic.
  • I've got friends who are part of it that don't even use it. Answer. Drop the dead wait. Look at people who haven't given feed back and cut the dead weight.
  • To the people still wanting to join the Preview Program, all I can say is be patient. This article is right, they've slowed down the amount of people they're accepting into the Preview Program. They didn't stop accepting people into the Preview Program (doesn't matter what the Xbox One subreddit tells you, they're just trying to get your hopes down). My friend invited me to the Preview Program in October. I wasn't accepted into the Preview Program until Decemer. So patience is virtue my friends.
  • I imagine there are alot that joined thinking it was an exclusive members club and realised it actually involved participating in giving feedback therefore have just sat back or just let the X1 gather dust. They should start removing people who haven't been active at all on the programme, I know two - they only got the X1 just to play halo and spend pretty much all their time on the PS4.
  • Well at least folks have proof now that **** basically full
    Now maybe they will quit asking for ******* invites
  • @kwajr, oh i highly doubt it. The exclusive nature makes some even more determined to get into the preview programme. After all everyone has a little greed in them, some can control it (self control), others not so much.
  • That's odd, my buddy invited me in a few weeks ago and I got into the program a couple days later.
  • Can u invite me ?
  • Who can sent me an invite ?