Xbox One consoles are getting support for BD-R and BD-RE re-writable Blu-ray discs

The Xbox One S is slated to pick up support for Blu-ray Disc Recordable (BD-R) and Blu-ray Disc Recordable Erasable (BD-RE) formats, joining 4K UHD as another reason Blu-ray enthusiasts should strongly consider the console.

Update: Having previously written that this feature was Xbox One S exclusive, it does appear that this update will be available for regular Xbox Ones too.

Blu-ray recorders are becoming ever more popular as they climb down in price, opening up opportunities to record live TV for later viewing or archiving. Per Mike Ybarra's tweet, an app update should arrive for the Blu-ray player to support this new functionality very soon.

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Jez Corden
Managing Editor

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  • This is awesome
  • Shhh.... The Cubs are working on a World series win!
  • another reason to ignore Chicago (others are weather, crime and Democrats)
  • FINALLY!   Also, two things: 1 - I can CONFIRM that the original Xbox One ALSO supports it. It's not exclusive to the One S. 2 - The update to the Blu-Ray app is ALREADY available (I already updated, this is how I know).   You don't need to be in the preview either. This update is going out to everyone. So you can now go and update the app to enable this most needed feature. I'll be trying to pick between the storm grey One S and the blood red GoW one since it's now worth it instead of a stand-alone UHD player.
  • As someone who normally just reads the comments and have seen your lament for BD-R, I was excited to see your take on this, haha! :)
  • lol, same. I was like "I know ONE guy who's going to love this"
  • Well, as long as Microsoft keeps delivering what that one guy wants, we'll all be fine ;P
  • Haha I think we all had that thought, knew he'd be made up
  • Xbox One S just keeps on giving.
  • As does Xbox One (original). I know a lot of people feel very happy about this, similar to how I felt when they finally enabled Bluray 3D last summer.
  • Not sure why you feel compelled to to make that distinction 12 hrs after my comment considering the original tweet and article only talked about the XB1S. Definitely glad they're all being updated though. Cheers!
  • and MaulerX I'm writing this comment 30 minutes after yours
  • And your point?
  • Dude, I was sleeping... I just wanted to make the point that while I agree that the new model keeps on giving (it had better be, since it's 3 months old), the original model from a few years back is *also* still giving and giving... and even after Project Scorpio comes along, the XB1 and XB1S will both also continue to keep on giving...
  • Exactly. Why do people act like just because they are awake, that others should be as well? You do realize this is a worldwide site right? And also what you post will stay it it forever, unless they purge the system? Be prepared for another comment 3.567 years from now.
  • Her intention was clearly to sound superior when it's not my fault she was asleep when the article was initially posted. By the time she responded to me the article had already been updated hence it was pointless for her to come after me. It goes both ways. Anyways, it's all good.
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  • ok. lol
  • Great news!
  • XBox division is killing it! Sony can't compete!
  • It's definitely one of the best Blu-ray players/budget media PCs out there... But I'm a gamer, so I went for the PlayStation 4 :p
  • Xbox doesn't have games?
  • Apparently not Jez lol :p
  • The PS4 has more compelling exclusive games, in my opinion. And the exclusive games the xbone does have are more likely to be playable on PC.
  • I fail to see it. Xbox One has a better variety of exclusives. And sales show not many at all have pcs capable of running these games on pc hardware.
  • Doesn't matter if you see it. The fact you think the xbone has a wide variety of gamers i don't care about doesn't make me care about them any more. And the fact that most people don't have a gaming rig doesn't make mine any less powerful when it comes to playing the games I do.
  • Hmm, our exclusives are to the windows platform which means we can play it on any windows machine. That makes gaming much better. Our exclusives are also better and more varied.
  • We can play Halo 5 on PC now (not just the Forge piece)?
  • Watch out, fanboys don't like differing subjective opinions. Even if the part about games playable on PC is true. That's kind of the point of Xbox play anywhere.
  • Ain't that the truth!
  • Same can be said for Playstation exclusives via PS Now. It's just a matter of time before Uncharted 4 makes it to PC. Play Anywhere or PS Now, what's the difference really....  
  • Xbox 360 backwards compatibility means the XB1's library wins by default. It might not seem fair but it's true.
  • Nonsense. If I want to play 360 games I can play them on my 360. The ability to do something I can already do isn't a compelling reason to buy a console.
  • I don't have an XBOX 360 and I don't want another console to occupy my TV cabinet space but I still want to play games like Red Dead Redemption. That's why I chose XBOX ONE. Along with all the other functions that I use everyday such as controlling my TV, set top box and amplifier via XBOX remote which makes everything clean and simple even my girlfriend can oprerate.
  • Didn't you know that Xbox was just a media center. =P
  • That's why I went for the Xbox One. The better online gaming service, and the games I want to play (currently playing the hell out of Forza Horizon). The game selection for Games With Gold has been generally accepted to have been far better this generation than what's been offered with PS+ too.
  • That's why this stuff is subjective... I literally couldn't care less about Forza personally. Plus it actually proves my above point. If I did want to play Forza, I could do it on my PC, no Xbox required ;)
  • The Xbox is just a low end entry level "partial gaming" PC now.
  • No more than your PC is 'partial gaming' because it can do word processing.
  • Which is better than a low end PC toy. That is PS4. It can't even be classed as an electrical media device. It doesn't even support basic features.
  • That's what consoles are now, unless your Nintendo going backwards in technology.
  • Maybe tour into Beat em ups, strategy games, 2d platformers, open world games, third person shooters, first person shooters, cinematic storytelling games. All genres MS has made amazing games in this gen not available on anything other than a MS system. PC or console doesn't matter. Both hardware make Xbox money. So yes welcome to the Xbox Ecosystem.
  • Actually it does matter to Microsoft if you choose PC or Xbox, it matters a lot. You can play on PC and not give Microsoft a single cent.
  • No you cant. If you want to play MS exclusives on either PC or Console you have to pay MS my friend.
  • Wow. The ignorance and misinformation. What made you come to that moronic conclusion. MS is obviously getting your money weather you play their games on XB1 or PC. Come on now.
  • Backwards compatibility baby. Where else can you play Red Dead Redemption, Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon etc... etc... etc... ?? The Xbox One. But let me guess, you'll find a way to down play that as well. Typical.
  • On my 360. I can play, and have played, all three of those games on my 360. I'm downplaying nothing, it's just a weak argument.
  • Not a weak argument at all. In fact, it's better than any argument you have posted. When someone buys an XB1 they immediately have access to a library that craps on the PS4's library. Cheers!
  • Since you are a gamer and made the obvious choice I challenge you to name just a single exclusive you got the last two whole months that anyone here would give a tiny rat's ass and I'll name you a couple instead for each one that you do! It's a funny thing really if you try to reply how things turn out. I'm sure most of us will have a good laugh xD
  • Is there really any point? I don't care what games you or anyone else here give a tiny rats arse about. I only care about games I want to play. If you really want me to list the games I bought a PS4 to play I can, and then you can list the xbone games that I didn't find compelling enough to buy a console for and then I can say meh... But why bother?
  • Amazing finally!!
  • About God Damn time.
  • Off topic: When is black Friday(I'm from India) so that I can buy Xbox one s.
  • It's the day after American Thanksgiving... The 25th, I think.
  • On Amazon? Last week of November. 23 to 28th if I'm not mistaken. 28th is Cyber-Monday.
  • You don't even have to get consoles chipped to play pirate games anymore lo\!
  • That's kind of what I was thinking too... Isn't this opening Pandora's box? Unless they make it to where games need some extra verification.
  • I don't think that's how it works.
  • I thought the whole point of the mod chip (never used one myself) on 360 was to read recordable discs.. Am I wrong?
  • I might buy an XBox now.
  • This is cool, i have no use for it, but it's a great feature.
  • So this means it'll play pirated movies then? I bought (in good faith) a TV series off Ebay about a year ago, and despite it looking legitimate in every way, it wouldn't play on any Xbox One's I tried it on, though it did play on a standalone BD player. I contacted the seller and he refunded immediately with no questions asked. I concluded that this was a copy, it'll be interesting to see if it plays after the update.
  • Probably not. It doesn't have HDCP.
  • It could be a MoD. Some series currently are. For example Lucifer on Blu-Ray is MoD which means it comes in BD-R discs.
    And this will now allow you to play them. If you pirate a film and burn it unto a BD-R, it'll play that disc.
    Of course, why would you burn a pirated film (which is what? 3GB?) unto a 25/50GB disc, that's beyond me. But it's possible to play them now, yes.
  • Better later then never
  • Actually the MS is the first console to do it.
  • Nop. Both the PS3 and the PS4 have had BD-R support since day one.
  • Hope that with this update I will could play my Blu-ray discs...
  • Xbox team is on the verge of selling more this holiday than the Playstation brand.
  • Apple TV will never reach the gaming industry like the Xbox did
  • Erm my old xbox one would read bd rs just fine? I didn't even realise this wasn't a feature ....
  • Finally!!!