First look at the Xbox One S from E3 2016

The Xbox One S was one of the many things shown off at the company's E3 2016 press conference. Starting at $299, you get a 40% smaller console compared to the original, and support for 4K Ultra HD for Blu-ray movies and content partners like Netflix and Amazon Video. It comes with a new streamlined controller, too. We rushed over to Microsoft's media showcase after the press conference to give you a closer a look. Make sure to watch the video!

The new controller gets a textured grip for more comfort and Bluetooth radio for wireless connection to Windows 10 PCs, tablets, and phones.

The Xbox One S will debut in "robot white" color. It will be available for preorder beginning today and in stores starting August 2016:

  • 500GB Xbox One S is $299
  • 1TB Xbox One S is $349
  • 2TB Xbox One S will be available in select markets for $399

Xbox One S

Xbox One S (Image credit: Windows Central)

Will you buy the new Xbox One S or wait for Project Scorpio? Let us know in the comments!

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Mark Guim

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  • I still have a 360, and I'm not a hardcore gamer, so this is very, very likely to be my next console
  • Looks like a worthy successor to the 360 where the original XB1 wasn't quite there in a number of areas. A lower price for the 2tb version would have been nice though.
  • Considering the fact that the original Xbox One was $500.00 and force bundled with Kinect, the price for the 2 TB version seems a bargain.
  • What "number of areas"? It's smaller and it comes in white. There's no difference in functionality.
  • Aside from the size and larger internal hdd options, there's an internal power brick. 4K video. HDR for gaming. Integrated IR blaster for those who didn't want a whole Kinect. And it can stand vertically. Or whatever else OP had in mind that I can't think of Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  •  According to Fergusson, the Xbox One S has additional raw GPU and CPU power compared to the Xbox One, and The Coalition's engineers have been able to take advantage of that to reduce the frequency of frame rate or resolution penalties in more demanding sections of the game.  
  • I guess you weren't paying attention so I will list them for you:   1.  Support for 4K video - has to be hdmi 2.0, will support Amazon Video and Netflix for 4K streaming 2.  Support for HDR video - almost (and to some experts I've read a bigger deal) as big a deal in terms of video quality as 4K resolution.  If you're going to buy a new 4K TV you should make sure to future proof it by having hdmi 2.0 ports, and HDR support. 3.  The disk drive supports the new HD Blu Ray standard for 4K Blu Ray movies.  It supports capacities to 100 
    GB/disk to make 4K fit into the same form factor as Blu Ray/DVD/CD.  I believe it is backwards compatible with current Blu Rays and DVDs. 4.  New XBox controller that is usable with your PC via Bluetooth.  Will be available as a stand alone item ($60). 5.  Smaller, lighter, quieter, internal power supply, no external power brick, USB 3.0 on both front and back. Now, the things I listed above may not constitute improvements to and it may not be worth buying, for you, but they are certainly improvements to the original XBox One.
  • I preordered an XB1S today, because it'll replace my current XB1 (soon to be relegated to the bedroom or to a wanting family member). Next year, I'll pick up a Scorpio for the living room, depending on what's announced along with it... but then again, I'm hoping to see HoloLens next year too, and Surface Pro 5 and Surface Phone, so we'll just have to see what the budget has to say about it all. But, mostly the XB1S is a nice replacement to current model without breaking anything, and I think that will do nicely to help Microsoft out in the long run.
  • I won't buy the Xbox One S because it's simply the One but smaller and without Kinect port (which I have and use). No matter to change now. Maybe with Scorpio when it will be less expensive or the 3rd/4th Gen of the Xbox One. :) Anyway, the new controller is gorgeous ! It's compatible with the current Xbox One ? I would love to use Xbox Design Lab and give my money for 2 new controllers :D
  • Microsoft have said they will provide a free Kinect adaptor for any owners of the current xb1
  • I know Carlos but it's not with a free adapter that I will change my One for the nearly-same machine...
  • My launch day One will remain in the family room as I've never grown tired of it waking to my command and recognizing me and doing what I tell it. I'm hoping Cortana's addition to the One will make this feature even better. That said, I'll be buying the S as well to replace my aging 360 in the home office. No need for Kinect there. The best new feature of the S for me is its ability to work vertically which is esential for the office location.
  • Ok, your move Sony.
  • Why?  Sony will continue to sell existing hardware.   Although, Sony might have a slim in mind, I don't think they need one, the PS4 I believe is smaller than this device and its still going to have better specs, other than the 4k video.  Let me give you a hint as well, most 4k movies are just going to be upscaled from 2k, for the most part, some movies will never get a true 4k release.   There are some advantages though to a 4k tv but for the most part there is no content, generally speaking.  The smaller HDD on the PS4 could use a 2tb one at some point.          
  • the XB1S has a UHD Blu Ray drive.  It is currently one of the least expensive UHD Blu Ray players available.
  • So, your name is Sony and not Mako?
  • One question, How about kinect? look at port for kinect its usb port...
  • Oh oh, looks like the original Kinect has been screwed.
  • You need an adaptor which Microsoft will give you for free if you are a current Xbox One owner with Kinect. 
  • I have USB 3.0 exended mine....  Mine is going 20' or so I dont have an issue..  I used a Windows Kinect 2.0 adapater, the end that goes into my Xbox one is USB 3.0... so it should work with the new "S" Works perfect like this, the biggest problem with the Kinect for the Xbox one was the limit of 9'.... but, for $60 or so, it was fixed..(Windows Kinect adapter $50 and a USB 3.0 cable)
  • dont u think its too much adapter...2apapter actually oh my gosh too much
  • The new Kinects use a USB port so old Kinects require an adapter.
  • im disappointed that 399 is coming out first in aug 31, and the cheaper ones later.  i want the console NOW!!!!! cheaper preferrebly. lOl
  • So beautiful, but I think I'll stick with my current fat XB1 until there's like a special edition version. Hopefully, for Halo Wars 2.
  • :D fat :D
  • Any word on dual voltage? That alone would almost be worth the price...
  • They finally addressed the language/region issue so it is possible they fixed the voltage too. Xbox is ready to be truly global
  • One is software, the other is hardware. There is no correlation.
  • Preordered mine $549 in Australia
  • I had to restrain myself from pre ordering (still cannot justify needing but the want is strong). Personally, would prefer black if it becomes available and only need the 500gb model as I use an external. So am planning on holding out to see other prices Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Already pre-ordered mine from the Microsoft Store UK for 349 £. Hope they will ship it before 31.08
  • Waiting for this to come to India.
  • Does this mean the Xbox dongle i recently purchased so i can use an Xbox controller on my pc without the cable was a waste? :(
  • The Bluetooth controller is looking like a nice perk to me also, as I'm gaming on my train commute on surface and every cord eliminated is nice. Never owned XboxOne though and thought most of the cool voice interface stuff required Kinect yah? If someone did want either Kinect, and/or an elite controller, or the hybrid drive on the elite edition console, this doesn't seem to be the best option unless 4K is desired? I'm expecting an alternate Kinect option pending. Isn't there an existing USB Kinect for PC or is that also an adapter?
  • The voice control can be done via headphones connected to the controller. Kinect for PC is different to the xbox, not sure how but I think its mainly the connector.  I'm bummed they killed the kinect port and I'll have to use one of the USB sockets, which will leave me with none to hook up an external drive after the kinect, controller charge cable and TV tuner dongle are attached :( Great that they moved the side USB to the front though.
  • (deleted)
  • I think it may depend: Bluetooth controllers may offer less performance than dedicated, proprietary wireless technology. Who knows?
  • Lol assuming they'll leave w7-8.1 users high & dry you'd need something like bluesoiel's gamii plugin or Pinnacle Game Profiler to facilitate a proper connection. Or just use w10
  • I am totally sold. Had given up gaming for a while, but seeing this and scorpio next year, I'm going to hell with it. The slim for this year and scorpio next year. Darn you Microsoft. I'm back to spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on gaming every year. ;}
  • So does this mean they are discontinuing the original Xbox One...? I mean, apart from the kinect port, what else is the advantage..?
  • Some ppl hate the external power brick (I don't), but the S also has HDR and 4K video support (for UHD blurays and streaming content - not games) which is nice, a better stock controller (with bluetooth).  The reduced size and ability to have it vertical will be great for some ppl and 'meh' for others. I'm mainly getting one to replace my 'fat' XB1 in my Gaems Vanguard portable gaming case so I can finally pack everything into the case instead of having to lug around an extra bag wih the bits and cables that don't currently fit.
  • This one doesn' come bundled with games and is more expensive, so I assume that the original will still be produced and sold for cheaper than the S. Also, the event continually said One, S, and Scorpio, never leaving out the One. This leads me to believe that the original will continue to be produced and sold.
  • The One S REPLACES the One, while Scorpio next year will be sold alongside the One S.
  • they will be clearing out old stock and once that is depleted the one S will be the new base model, with scorpio later becoming the high end model.   this is literally the same thing they did when the 360 slim redesign came about, but this time they're giving you some extra features as well.
  • Such hotness.
  • I will be trading my current Xbox one in for the $299 model. They need a release date for the $299 model besides soon ™
  • The only thing that bothers me is the color. I hope they make a black one
  • Having the stock one in white is nice, but thats not gonna fly for a lot of people.  I'm happy with it but having swapable covers like the PS4 sort of does (you can only replace 1/2 the top cover) would have been great - like the changable face plate on the original fat 360.
  • I'll wait for black
  • They should have made the circle in the top vent an Xbox circle. It would look neat.
  • Not ordered yet but, going to get one once released.... If you have a 4K tv, this comes with a UHD blu-ray player, STAND ALONE players start @ $399, so at $299, it's worth it just to be able to play 4K blu-ray... There is no perk or savings by pre-ordering, so when it's released, I will just walk in a store and buy it..   Question on this: Between the 500gb, 1tb and 2tb models, 300, 350 and 400 (rounded), Is there ANY other differences between the models besides the hard drive size ?
  • No. The Xboxes are all the exact same. Windows Central for Windows 10-Nokia Lumia 830
  • I'm quite content with my XB1.  I'm not forseeing me updating anytime soon. Will be interesting to see what Project Scorpio has though. I'm looking at making large updates to my gaming PC, so we will see what the future holds...
  • Only the 2TB version will be available in the uk, no cheaper version :(
  • at the moment. the other capacities arecoming later
  • I'm a little confused about the specs... it supports 4K UHD (w/ HDR), and has Blu-ray. But can it read/play UHD w/ HDR from Blu-ray discs, or is it "only" Full HD Blu-ray but with the ability to stream UHD w/ HDR and put this out through HDMI 2.0?  
  • It supports UHD Blu-ray too.  
  • Hmm, thanks for showing the ports on the back.
  • If my XB1 "fat" breaks (or gets stolen, or whatever), then I'll replace it with a "slim", rather than with another "fat". However, for as much nicer as the slim is, I just can't really see myself being able to justify the money to replace the "fat" on a "just because" basis when there are so many other things to spend my too-limited supply money on, such as upgrading the gaming PC, or building up a PC game library, or buying a 4K TV, or having some of my old retro video game consoles that are in need of repairs fixed, or heck, even just something like rebuilding my cigar, pipe, and spirits collection. And somewhere in there I'd like to get my hands on a Surface. Therefore, for as truly nice as it'd be to get a slim, I think I'll just wait for Scorpio unless calamity befalls me before then. And if that happens, I'll still plan on Scorpio, though it might be further delayed.
  • I m looking fwd to get XBox One S 500 gb version