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Xbox One to support eight controllers simultaneously - partying here we come

When you and three other friends decided to play Call of Duty together on the same television, the split screens were a bit small, but you still had a blast. Microsoft wants to allow even more players in get in on the Xbox One action and has revealed that the new gaming console will be able to support up to eight controls at once.

Can you imagine squeezing eight tiny Call of Duty multiplayer views onto one television screen – you might as well be playing on your mobile phone. That being said, Microsoft hasn’t stated why you might want to use eight controls simultaneously, so we have decided to take a few guesses.

The first possibility could be the idea stated above. With consumers easily purchasing televisions in the 50+ inch spectrum, squeezing more players onto a screen might not seem as bad an idea as you first thought (and let's not forget about those new 4K TVs). We have all survived playing the original Halo on a tiny 30-inch screen right?

Another possibility looks upon Nintendo’s current position as the “king of party games”. There is little arguing that when you have a collection of friends and want to get everyone involved – Nintendo and their “include everyone” style games (Mario Party, Mario Kart, Smash Bros, etc.) are a great way to pass the time. With the Xbox One’s support of up to eight controllers, massive party style games might be just around the corner.

What types of games can you imagine with eight controllers?

Source: CNet

  • My couch only seats 4 comfortably.
  • No problem..
    Change seats..
  • you have to invite 4 girls and 3 friends, then the problem is solved, if you know what i mean lol
  • So will there be a Super Smash Brothers equivalent now? LOL
  • Nah tried and failed
  • Yes, but did they try HALO smash bros!?
  • Naw, that would still fai-- Hang on.... Hmm, wait a minute now.. that could be SOMETHING!
  • That would be the ONLY reason I would buy a Wii u.
  • Me too man. I LOVE smash. Hopefully they'll have a Wii U console go with it.
  • Now if it would support multiple TVs. Imagine playing on two 40" tv's or even bigger..
  • This is something I've wanted for a while. You get more screen real estate for multiple players.
  • Supposedly the HDMI in port can actually be used as an output port and drive a second monitor. Whether or not it can actually do that at launch, is the question. Given the lack of basic knowledge of what the thing can do, even by the developers, who knows at this point?
  • Do you have a source for this at all? This is fantastic news and would generate a lot of interest if this turns out to be true.
  • I read that in order to do that they'd have to half the processing power, to split the source. Something along those lines. It'd be nice though.
  • PS4 only connects 4 remotes.
  • Ps3 supported 8
  • *4
  • Well at least they have that 3D technology when you play these games, that you only see your part in the game. It would work with the ps3 with select Sony tvs. You have to admit, that was cool.
  • Revamp Powerstone 2!!
  • Can Imagine something like WWE royal rumble would be a great laugh too
  • Kung-Fu Chaos remake
  • Shrek 2 the video game.... LOL
  • Ho. Ly. Shit.
    That would be awesome. 8 person kungfu chaos maddness on my screen.. That sounds like a scene straight out of my fantasies
  • Madden, NBA, NHL, FIFA, etc...any sports game where you have 8 or more reasonably controllable players.
    Plus, this is really a "why not?" type move. It's all wireless, and it's a sinch to simply allow more controllers as long as there's enough bandwith, so why wouldn't they do 8?
  • And I HATE split screen, but have to endure it sometimes playing GearsOfWar & Left4Dead with my daughter.
    My friends though will love this.
  • Hmmm considering that data shows consumer interest in televisions in 50+ inches has increased and the sales of televisions beyond that have been selling more, this makes perfect sense.
  • You could have a co-op game where one person drives while another person shoots, then split the screen in 4 so 8 people could play. OR do like the old days, before split screen where you had 2 players on the same screen, but do 2 players for each of the 4 panels.
  • They say you can connect up to 8 controllers, doesn't have to be 8 xbox controllers. Tablet as an input device, smart glass on steroids, one person on tablet ala Wii U, or one person with controller and tab? What about a dual person control for a mech? Or a dual cockpit simulator, second person with a VR wireless head unit, Intel wireless display connects via WiFI and wifidrect, technically it could be 3 controllers in that senario if the VR uses wifi. Wireless Oculus Rift anyone, or Illumiroom via wifi?
  • Obviously for games like Cloudberry, not CoD
  • I can't wait to hear the first true story when someone actually has 8 people using the same Xbox one at the same time.
  • How about instead of 8 players plaing at once, maybe this is setting up an easier way to do large 1 on 1, or 2 on 2, or 4 on 4 gaming where you have tournament style play. No need to hand off controllers, just use yours when it is you or your team's turn to play against someone else or another team in the room.
  • Yeah ps3 supporter 8 controllers and I am no expert but I don't think any games actually supported more than 4? I know I would love 8 controllers for sports games. Though I don't even have that many friends that play Xbox anymore anyway. Back in the day though it would be sick for FIFA or NHL. Most other games it is not helpful as 8 divisions, even on a 1080p screen would look like cap. The resolution of each small screen area would be 400x500. Maybe if 4k tv explodes soon and the one will support that right? Also I wouldn't want to foot the $500 bill just to buy 8 controllers haha
  • Fifa sessions just got better.
  • I have a hard enough time keeping track of a two player split screen, so I don't care how big your screen is it will look horrible having it split into 8 smaller screens; and then keeping track of mine screen with the other 7 as a distraction? Forget about it. They should have added the ability for multiple physical screens; especially in this day and age.
  • well, i work at a tv station and right now im looking at one of our monitors with 12 screens split on the panel with various sources of video. i believe this monitor is maybe 70 inches and im maybe 20 feet away from it and the screen sizes look resonable. i think the sweet spot for playing with 8 split screens would have to be 65" and up and being at the right distance away should make it resonably playable. i get what you are saying though, sometimes playing with 3 of my buddies makes my skill level drop a butt ton but it would still be fun to have 7 other dudes having a COD rage fest in person instead of on xbox live.
  • Not all games require split screen for mutliplayer. Sports games, for example. In theory you could use 22 controllers for Madden on a single screen.
  • How? You would have to zoom out rather far so every player being controlled was visible on the screen at once. For example if you have a receiver going down field you'll have to pull way back on the play which will make the game play for the other players maybe closer to the lin eof scrimage kind of lousy and void of detail.
  • Fifa.
  • Trivia games, family games, etc...
  • Now if only the good games will support local play at all and if they will, I don't see them supporting that many on local play. Its sad. How longs it been since even a two player local setting for a snowboarding game? If there has been one please let me know.
  • Support for multiple physical screens would be useful with 8 controllers...
  • This
  • +100
  • "What type of games can you expect with 8 players" that's easy : any team sports game, Like Fifa or NFL
  • 4K doesn't make a difference especially when the XBone doesn't support it for games. I'm not even sure it supports it at all. I know the PS4 supports it sort of, but not for games.
  • I wish I could downvote the fuck out of you. Xbox One supports 4k and even 4K gaming but developers will have to tone down their game to hit 4K. P$4 does not support 4K gaming but does support 4K movies.
  • Does anyone know if this supports HDMI 2.0?
  • MMA FFA. Kids would live it.
  • On my 65", 4 split screen = 30" dia.
  • For the first time, the idea of a WWE Royal Rumble game interests me.
  • I'm not too sure that an eight-way split of a screen would be that popular. It's bad enough playing with a 2-4 split. OTOH, I could see single-screen 8 player games being pretty fun.
  • Anything turn based is fine because you aren't splitting the screen. DnD would be fun!
    Mario party type stuff etc
  • Finally an excuse to get that 70inch Samsung tv
  • Contra!! Or frogger... LOL
  • Bring back fuzzon frenzy and don't make it like the second one that was awful. More like the first game more game modes while keeping all the originals.
    I would love to see a new mega geometry wars(i know ms don't own that)
    Also a banjo party game or a viva pinta game.