Xbox One to support eight controllers simultaneously - partying here we come

When you and three other friends decided to play Call of Duty together on the same television, the split screens were a bit small, but you still had a blast. Microsoft wants to allow even more players in get in on the Xbox One action and has revealed that the new gaming console will be able to support up to eight controls at once.

Can you imagine squeezing eight tiny Call of Duty multiplayer views onto one television screen – you might as well be playing on your mobile phone. That being said, Microsoft hasn’t stated why you might want to use eight controls simultaneously, so we have decided to take a few guesses.

The first possibility could be the idea stated above. With consumers easily purchasing televisions in the 50+ inch spectrum, squeezing more players onto a screen might not seem as bad an idea as you first thought (and let's not forget about those new 4K TVs). We have all survived playing the original Halo on a tiny 30-inch screen right?

Another possibility looks upon Nintendo’s current position as the “king of party games”. There is little arguing that when you have a collection of friends and want to get everyone involved – Nintendo and their “include everyone” style games (Mario Party, Mario Kart, Smash Bros, etc.) are a great way to pass the time. With the Xbox One’s support of up to eight controllers, massive party style games might be just around the corner.

What types of games can you imagine with eight controllers?

Source: CNet

Michael Archambault