From the Xbox One UK Launch event at Leicester Square, London

It's certainly no secret that Xbox One has launched in a number of markets, one being the UK. We went along to the launch event at Leicester Square, London last night to enjoy some live music and video game demos. We were also able to grab a day one unit from GAME at the indoor section of the evening (thank goodness as it was bitterly cold outside).

Head on past the break for some images and details from the evening as it progressed.

The evening kicked off promptly at 7pm with SWAY taking to the stage. The artist brought on-board some young, local talent to help get the crowd warmed up in the freezing cold environment. Following SWAY were Katy B and finally Plan B, both performing after an Xbox One title was shown off on-stage.

These title demos featured members of the public who competed for a free console, but they also earned respect from the crowd for competing under such pressure. The overall presentation was top notch, and to make the occasion that much more special, this was the first live music event held at Leicester Square.

It was empty at the beginning, but this became a battleground.

Microsoft managed to set up a gaming area for select folk from the crowd. UK retailer GAME was present to sell Xbox One consoles there and then (limited stock available), while handing out units to those who already pre-ordered. This occurred at 12am, leaving 3 hours for everyone to get some game time under their belts.

Cue the DJ, zombies from Dead Rising 3 and the Roman Legion from Ryse.

It was an interactive experience with numerous Xbox One stations set up, covering all the launch titles. There were local multiplayer games of both Battlefield 4, FIFA 14 and Call of Duty: Ghosts. You then had Ryze, Dead Rising 3, Forza 5 and more. There was something for everyone. 

The concentration, oh the concentration.

Did we mention there was free pizza and Mountain Dew? It was a well-presented evening and Microsoft certainly drummed up attention both in the square with the live music (with free attendance) and the exclusive club.

And here's what everyone has been waiting for:

The Xbox One in all its glory.

Check out some more shots of the night below. How did your launch go? Be sure to share photos from your evening in the comments!

Rich Edmonds
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