Xbox One update coming later this month, volume control for apps in Snap coming

Microsoft’s Xbox One has received numerous updates since it launched last November. It’s been a healthy mix of both big and small updates. Later this month it looks like we’re set to receive another update. This one won’t be major, but it’ll be welcomed by those wanting more audio controls and more. Details on what you can expect after the break.

The next update, due this month in May, will include a new sound mixer for snapped apps, chat volume controls when using Kinect and the option to help Microsoft improve speech recognition. The update will be available on demand as soon as it’s available.

Sound Mixer for Apps with Snap and Volume Controls When Using Kinect with Chat

Microsoft has received a lot of feedback from Xbox One owners asking for more audio level controls. The update later this month will enable two new features under Settings. You can now decide the volume levels of two apps when using Snap. Meaning you can make one app louder than the other. Perfect for if you’re playing a game, but would rather hear the audio of a sports game that is currently in Snap. The other new feature is the ability to control the volume levels when using Kinect for chat.

Opt-In to Help Improve Speech Recognition

Under Settings you’ll be able to choose whether or not you opt-in to help Microsoft improve speech recognition. Anonymous voice samples will be collected by Microsoft to improve Kinect and other voice features if you want to participate. Remember, this is completely optional.

Take the Next System Update When You Want

When this update is available you’ll be able to grab it as soon as you want. Under Settings you’ll select System update and can begin the update process.

Xbox One users who are in the early access program will begin receiving the update this week. The update will be able to other users sometime in May. We’re stoked to see Microsoft continue to provide constant updates to the Xbox One.

Source: Xbox

Sam Sabri