Xbox One update coming later this month, volume control for apps in Snap coming

Microsoft’s Xbox One has received numerous updates since it launched last November. It’s been a healthy mix of both big and small updates. Later this month it looks like we’re set to receive another update. This one won’t be major, but it’ll be welcomed by those wanting more audio controls and more. Details on what you can expect after the break.

The next update, due this month in May, will include a new sound mixer for snapped apps, chat volume controls when using Kinect and the option to help Microsoft improve speech recognition. The update will be available on demand as soon as it’s available.

Sound Mixer for Apps with Snap and Volume Controls When Using Kinect with Chat

Microsoft has received a lot of feedback from Xbox One owners asking for more audio level controls. The update later this month will enable two new features under Settings. You can now decide the volume levels of two apps when using Snap. Meaning you can make one app louder than the other. Perfect for if you’re playing a game, but would rather hear the audio of a sports game that is currently in Snap. The other new feature is the ability to control the volume levels when using Kinect for chat.

Opt-In to Help Improve Speech Recognition

Under Settings you’ll be able to choose whether or not you opt-in to help Microsoft improve speech recognition. Anonymous voice samples will be collected by Microsoft to improve Kinect and other voice features if you want to participate. Remember, this is completely optional.

Take the Next System Update When You Want

When this update is available you’ll be able to grab it as soon as you want. Under Settings you’ll select System update and can begin the update process.

Xbox One users who are in the early access program will begin receiving the update this week. The update will be able to other users sometime in May. We’re stoked to see Microsoft continue to provide constant updates to the Xbox One.

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Sam Sabri
  • You know what I want the most? To be able to record a game clip with a click of a button, or by using smart glass. Xbox does not always recognises when I say "xbox. Record that".
  • I really haven't had a problem with that. Its always worked for me.
  • Play media off usb drive yet?
  • And that's why MS asking to help with improve speech recognition with next update.
  • Have no problem with that either, but I would love for Kinect to record the player, too. I know this would lead to a privacy discussion, but those moments when you play FIFA with 3 friends and everyone flips out would really be invaluable for me.
  • Great idea!!!
  • If you just snap the Game DVR app instead of saying "Xbox, Record that" you have alot more options, can even record up to 5min of previous gameplay :)
  • Nice I also can't wait for the june/july update :-) maybe download your pre order games? xBURNNERx my GT add me
  • I wouldn't be surprised. My guess is that e3 in June will feature some heftier software improvements to OS (like preloading and external storage)
  • I would really love to see them spend some time on the TV app integration as it has WAY too many bugs in its present state.  Also, the overall UI is still far too slow and sluggish and app load times are pathetic for a system with this much horsepower.
  • That then the ultimate UI ;) look it up on yt "Xbox one ultimate UI"
  • Early access FTW!
  • Sweet. Now that I can watch cbc news and play at the same time in Canada, this will be useful.
  • When will Cortana take over the voice recognition and search of the Xbox one? It works pretty well on my windows phone
  • I'm amazed by the accuracy. Bummer though her voice doesn't sound natural and she doesn't speak my name when I open her I up!
  • It will... Still beta
  • Cool I still haven't gotten the April update stupid wave update... We want cortana on Xbox one!
  • Go to settings then update. You probably don't have it set to automatic updates. And don't turn on power saver, it disables updates in the background!!!
  • Beware angry white guy rant below! :( I just wish that give back the sharing option in some form or another.  One of the main selling points before the overaction by gamers on DRM and discs and than the over adjustment to this issue by Microsoft was the sharing option.  This system was going to a digital center piece.  Currently there is not reason to get digtial, even though I would prefer to do so.  Amoung my complaints and request for change on this digital aspect:  Buying digital outiside the Microsoft Xbox store, not happening right now.
      Can't resell digital, either allow this or provide friend sharing.  I can share a disc, then I should be able to lend a game if it was digital. Live up to your promises as the digital media hub. Microsoft overracted to the DRM and disc resell issue.  Instead or removing this feature they should of made if I have a disc then share must be the disc. If I a digital version, I should be able to easily share this digitally. Give back this partial sharing feature. Come on even Steams sharing option is better.
      Preloading (supposed to becoming)
      Stop making digital a second class citizen.  By it's very nature digital games should be cheaper or at the very least deals should be more prevelant (if allowed to buy elsehwere this woul allow for better sales).  For example today I can get serveral disc versions of X1 games at Fry's for 49 but digital is still 59. Why would I buy digital with all issues of doing so as it is more expenisve and has less ability to share or resell? Take lessons from Steam.
      Make it easier for  preordering and getting the same deals as pre-ordering disc versions (e.g. - access to betas and special DLC)
      Where is my external drive support?
      Better home network media streaming. "Play To" requires me to start from another device.  Make it painless to access my other network media not the painfull act it is now.
      Improve the Xbox One console store.  Filtering by type?  Better sales, see item buying elsewhere for  codes.   But, YEAH!!! Skype is being improved at every turn just what everybody needs. Maybe they should change the original perceived monikier from the home digital hub, to "Skype box that plays games".
  • Ummm plex has already confirmed to be arriving via app, and later universal app
  • And external hard drive in coming soon so no need to flip and spaz out
  • Soon?
  • Much needed in my opinion, not least of which is improved voice chat reliability. When it first came out I was crystal clear to all. Now there is static and breaking up all too frequently. With each update it has got worse. The media streaming is embarrassing, a real step back from what we had on the 360. Which actually feels quite slick now when I navigate the menus. Vibration is something I want to be able to turn off in every game. Streaming from usb is needed too. The sound has also stopped working in the feed clips, no longer works for me. A companion box for the bedroom too, as that is where I watch virtually all my tv and films. Digital sharing would be good. Predictive text, just like my 920, in text messages would be epic. So simple, yet so great a feature, arguably more essential when using a controller than when using my phone. Smart glass with portrait typing mode. I also cannot get my head around why Game/Frys/Best Buy don't allow is to resell our digital licenses, and use the credit for other products and games. The first company that figures that out will clean up. It also preserves the relationship with the bricks and mortar guys.
  • Sweet
  • This was available is the first part of the last update, then they updated the update and took it out.
  • DLNA. Miracast receive.
    What's taking so long?
  • +920
  • I don't seem to even have the last update on my Xbox One.  I dont' have System Update option under settings. Can someone maybe send me an invite to Preview program? cwoodward
  • Having this update now, the main issue with it is that you have to back back ask the way to the settings screen then dig to the appropriate area to change the volume levels THEN return back to the game. It is a very obtuse process. It should instead be accessible via a context menu when an application is snapped.
  • I'd like there to be the auto-logon that the 360 has for an option.
  • Any word on when i can rip cds to my hard drive love my xbox one but its a bit strange for a living room entertainment centre it cant be done. Strange GT arachNED
  • I'm glad of this because I often like to snap a video app while playing Forza or Fifa or something like that, and will even more when Minecraft finally arrives - but the problem with it has always been that I can't hear the audio from the snapped app clearly enough over the sound of the game. I have to manually turn the game's volumes down as a workaround, which is a bit of a pain. The feature I REALLY REALLY want though, and seems like an odd omission in the first place, is built-in media streaming. Yes I know there is a Plex app in the works etc etc, but on my Xbox 360, I used to stream music from my Mac easily and seamlessly via the guide. It used the same list of artists, albums, genres, playlists etc as my iTunes, told me what track was playing, and I could even play, pause and skip with my media remote, all without having to load a separate app or anything like that. It was built right in and invisible whilst playing my games. This needs to come back, and I don't want to have to "snap" anything. I want it to be as integrated as before, because right now, my Xbox One feels less integrated with my entertainment setup as my 360 and surely that is the wrong way round.
  • Separate volume ctrl in snap feature...bout time!
  • Could someone invite me for the beta?