Xbox One update rolling out to everyone with party overlay, Killer Instinct Arena tournaments, more

A big update is rolling out to everyone on Xbox One today, bringing along some major features that Xbox Insiders have been testing for the past month or so. New in this update are Arena tournaments on the dashboard, a party chat overlay, and much more.

Here's a look at the official release notes (opens in new tab) for OS release version 10.0.15063.3054 (rs2_release_xbox_1705.170512-1759):

  • Arena on Xbox Live: Want to put your gaming skills to the test? With Arena on Xbox Live, players compete in online tournaments tailored to every skill level. Currently, you can play in tournaments for Killer Instinct (we're just getting started—more Arena titles are on the way). To find tournaments, install the games (it's free in the Store), go to the Killer Instinct game hub, then select the Tournaments tab.
  • Party overlay: See who's chatting in your party while you're playing. Press the Xbox button, go to Parties, and select Start a party. Select to Party overlay to turn it on.
  • Hide a game or club in your feed: Is your activity feed a little noisy? Feel free to hide a game or club that you'd rather not see in your feed anymore. Select a post from a game or club in your activity feed, then move up and select Options > Hide all from this game (or club).

On top of the above, Xbox Wire (opens in new tab) notes that Clubs on Xbox Live now include a Beam tab that shows all of the Beam broadcasts from Club members. Improvements to Looking For Group (LFG) also now let you get notified when anyone you follow creates an LFG post so you can join up.

Finally, the Dolby Access app will soon be available for Xbox One and Xbox One S, enabling Dolby Atmos audio through compatible home theater setups.

That's not a bad haul if you've been eagerly awaiting these features to make their way out of the Xbox Insider program. To jump in, you should be able to grab the update on your Xbox One console now.

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  • What they haven't done is provided a way to turn off virtually all of that.
  • Why would you want to?
  • Maybe because he likes solo, immersive gaming?
  • You can turn off notifications of everything, it's sufficient.
  • What they should start of thinking is how to implement PiP (Picture-In-Picture) in the best way. Bringing a transparency option with it would be great.
  • Transparency would be awesome!
  • I'm sure this is coming down the road with "NEON" as their demo video showed some quick looks at the Xbox receiving some of these features.
  • Its of no consequence to be because I don't play games I do wish they can optimize it more for speed . It takes for ever to launch the weather app and all the other Microsoft apps as well.
  • I wish they would provide an option to change the Xbox button back to the behavior that went directly home. The current behavior, wherein it open the hamburger menu adds useless click requirements made especially painful using a media remote
  • I find it's quite a bit easier to click Home, A, A than it is to do Home, Right, A. I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere, but since I found that I've been quite happy.
  • It used to be double tap home to return to the guide which was more convenient, although I have gotten used to the new system now.
  • Yep, I much preferred the old way of getting home and to the guide, much easier