An upcoming Xbox One update will allow you to view party participants without joining

The holiday period is over, and Microsoft is back in the office, ramping up patches and updates to its various platforms.

A new Windows 10 Mobile Insider build is rolling out, in addition to a minor bug fix patch for the latest Xbox One dashboard – however, a more major update could be on the way.

Earlier today, Xbox platform lead Mike Ybarra teased an upcoming feature to the Xbox One. No longer will you jump into a party, only to find yourself awkwardly making excuses to leave because that one annoying guy is present. The ability to view your friend's current party participants before joining is on its way.

Mike Ybarra tweeted the following video, showing that an upcoming Xbox One update will allow you to view your friend's party members via the Guide menu.

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Hmm, what am I doing here on Xbox One... #Xbox— Mike Ybarra (@XboxQwik) January 9, 2016

When accessing the friends list via the Guide menu, there's a new option that appears under the "Join" menu, which allows you to view your friend's current party list.

This functionality is already available in the Windows 10 Xbox app. When you select a friend's profile from the friends list, if they're in an open party it'll say "Joinable", followed by a list of current party members, as seen here (via XboxQwik).

Throughout 2015, Microsoft delivered dozens of features both major and minor to the Xbox One with downloadable patches. Some noteworthy updates Xbox One owners can expect in 2016 include the addition of Cortana, USB mouse support and background music playback.

Stay tuned to for all the latest on future Xbox One updates.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • I can't wait for over the Air TV DVR :)
  • Me too, DVR on the XBox will probably allow me to finally cut the cable cord.
  • all I want is keyboard mouse support
  • I'm waiting on the ato DVR as well.
  • Stalking for all
  • I could have sworn that this function is/was already available. I never jump into a party without checking the participants
  • Xbox 360 you can. Xbox One right now you can't but soon will.
  • Omg!!!! We get a feature we use to have! Omg!!!! I can't wait to use it again!!! Wooo!
  • That's why it's a minor one.
  • I wish we could get our money back on our Xbox One.  We've disconnected it since it now no longer does what we need it to do.  Microsoft has ruined it.
  • lol
  • Lmfao what!?!?!?!?
  • The dashboard is horrible, now there's these stupid teeny menu items on the left and the Kinect was reduced to a glorified microphone.  The Xbox now runs incredibly slow, I got crashes half the time we did something on it, the unit freezes our satellite box and audio for 30 seconds when we turned on the Xbox.  We went from rarely every touching the controller (which we happily dumped in a drawer) to being forced to use it all the time.  So, yes, the thing became a piece of junk.  It's now in storage.  Thanks for nothing, Microsoft.
  • How so?
  • What might that be? Plays games great...but it is a Xbox...not sure what your issues are.
  • This is the guy who simply can't live without Kinect gestures, and feels compelled to complain about it over and over again in every Xbox one article. That's right, he's THE guy that actually used Kinect gestures (yes, I know there were actually two of them, but this is better dramatic effect).
  • Scuba is one of very few (possibly the only) XB1 owner that purchased the system to use gesture controls, now that gesture is no longer in the nxoe, it's useless to him.
  • @navidee some bought it purely for gestures, it was one of the reasons why I got the x1.
  • Because it's so hard to press buttons on a controller or use your voice...
  • agreed  
  • So, you think it's cool to be yelling at the Kinect at 2am when the rest of the family is trying to sleep?  Brilliant.  And we HATE controllers.  We bought this so that we'd never have to rely on a remote controll or controller to engage media.  Now that's completely changed.
  • I didn't know they removed gestures. WC App via Nexus 9
  • When i got xbox 360 (2006or2007) i take it with 60GB Hdd and i have to buy wifi adapter for 29,99 € and 14-16 months later it doesnt work so in last 7-8 years i used ethernet to play live bc i dont want to buy wifi adapter but its my first time to see people complain for connection promblems with xbox one and i know many people to have this console
    hmmm... Memories...
  • Lol dont know what it is but the new ui for 1guide/store doesn't appear to download after 1st shutdown of updating console. Guess the ⬇⬆ speed requirements have changed for xbl on xb1
  • did you forget the /s at the end of your comment or /joke? if not, I am sure you need help.
    but if true... you can technically get a good ammount of money back, by selling it on craightlist or ebay. just don't expect to get all the money. you already opened it which means less money to ask, you already used it, and you probably already put your greasy hands on the controller, besides the obvious, you already killed some console/components life by just turning it off the first time, so any use you got made your xbox less and less worth it, so why would Microsoft or anyone give you the same amount you paid for it? sell it on ebay if it makes you suffer so much and stop crying. Be glad at least your "issues" don't seem to involve you have no roof or food. which makes your comment/complaint (if true) a bit more stupid since you can easily do what you are "wishing".
  • How much do you want for it? Does it have a 1TB storage?
  • Number one, that's your fault for lack of research and paying a ton extra for a product you have no control of, and number two, it's called eBay. Only a complete moron would expect a full refund on something they used for quite a while and want to get rid of because they aren't happy with how it functions.
  • No, we did a LOT of research.  We bought it when it first came out.  The MARKETING that Microsoft used focused a LOT on the featurs of the Kinect and the media capabilities.  My wife doesn't play games, and I only game on a PC for obvious reasons.  We finally broke down and bought a console because the Xbox One represented a device that had a lot more for customers who WEREN'T gamers.  Now that's not true. There was no reason for them to gut the features even if the did make the dashboard an ugly, horrid mess.  As far as I'm concerned this was bait-and-switch.
  • Apparently you didn't do as much as you claim. You looked for a machine that would allow you to control your media hands free and if all you found was the Xbox, you didn't look hard at all. There are multiple input devices for PC that you could have purchased, and attached many, far less expensive, computers to any tv in your home. You also failed to research what bait and switch is, because you regularly use the term incorrectly. Face it, you failed and bought something you shouldn't have. Microsoft isn't to blame, you are. Kia doesn't make a vehicle I'm happy with but I'm not all mad at them, I did my research and bought what I wanted.
  • Guys don't be such elitist pricks to ScubaDog. If I recall correctly gestures were required for a family member with a disability. Let people use it and enjoy it for whatever reason they want.
  • Actually he wanted gestures because HE is an elitist and doesn't wanna use physical input devices. But I'll humor you, people with disabilities have multiple options for input devices on a PC. The Xbox is not designed for that, and was never marketed as such.
  • We get why he wanted it.  We have heard it over and over again.  Maybe you haven't! Some of us are just tired of the same old complaining over and over again on here.  Gestures are gone and thats it.  We get it, he is upset over it but to come on here and complain on here gets to be a bit much.  If he finds it useless now then he should sell it and at least get something back for it.  Coming here complaining  continually is not doing anything!
  • You complain about losing gestures like it ruined the functionality of the entire system on every Xbox article (voice controls are more efficient). Then again you're the guy who thinks Windows 10 is terrible compared to Windows 8. Your opinion is worthless.
  • No, voice commands were NOT more efficient.  In fact, they are even WORSE now.  We could manipulate the device much more easily with gesture AND more quietly without picking up or touching a single thing.  After the update we got tired of having to repeat commands 2 and 3 times.  We got tired of the random error messages and crashing.  We got tired of the huge delay just for our satellite signal that would freeze and audio would go mute before finally working correctly.
  • Scuba, I actually don't disagree with your premise that they shouldn't have removed the gestures. I think it kinda stinks. But it just gets tiresome to see your constant complaining about it. It's really time to move on... or at least voice your opinions repeatedly to Microsoft instead, where it may do some good if they get enough feedback.
  • Lol @ scumbag scuba
  • I'll give you $150 for it. Has to include Kinect!
  • I want to be able to talk to my friends from the xbox app on my lumia 950. Join their party chat, just like the app from the pc but for the phone.
  • Xbox 360orOne MUST have this option for all windows 10phones
  • I imagine that is definitely in the pipe line.
  • This would be a killer feature! I would love this.
  • But not as important as game streaming to phone
  • Much more important than game stream to phone. Who da hell wants to do that??
  • updates are good  
  • updates give me warm fuzzy feels
  • We had this functionality before Microsoft updated the Xbox to Windows 10. This was my largest complaint when I switched. I am glad they are putting it back. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Maybe they can finally fix Groove Music on the NXBOE. It's crap.
  • I wouldn't say crap but definitely could use a windows 10 update. I had to delete the app and reinstall to get my playlist back. If you haven't already, reinstall.
  • Have having the same problem with groove since the update, sometimes a few albums will totally disappear and after a few days they will reappear.