Grab the erasers, Xbox One will not be launching on November 8th

Rumour had it we'd be seeing the Xbox One launch in the US on November 8th. Unfortunately, this is not the case as Kotaku has now reported a source close to Microsoft states the console will not be released on the day, but will come at a later date. Still aiming for November, as promised by Microsoft, we can expect to see the next-gen machine hit stores sometime later in the month.

As well as the rather bad news above, we don't have any release dates in mind, but at least we can now rule out the 1st to the 8th. It's certainly plausible to imagine Microsoft planning to strike alongside Sony, who will be bringing the Playstation 4 to the table that very same month. So grab your guessing caps, folks. When do you believe Microsoft will launch the Xbox?

Source: Kotaku

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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