Xbox One X 'performing phenomenally' says NPD

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Many years ago, Microsoft stopped reporting Xbox One sales figures and started measuring success based on Xbox Live members. In 2017, the company released the Xbox One X, the most powerful console ever made, but didn't provide us with figures as to how well the machine was doing at retailers. While there are numerous organizations around the world that report sales figures, The NPD Group tackles it in the United States.

According to Mat Piscatella, an industry analyst with NPD, Xbox One X is "performing phenomenally" this year.

Xbox One sales show the highest growth of the three major hardware platforms in the U.S. this year, and the Xbox One X in particular has been performing phenomenally... year-over-year growth like this at this point in the cycle has never been seen before, driven by launch of the Xbox One X and new content delivery efforts. It's a mid-generation turnaround the market's never seen before. This qualifies as phenomenal, even if not market leading.

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It's great to see that the Xbox One X is doing so well. The fact that games like Red Dead Redemption 2 run at native 4K resolution on the console has been a tremendous boost. In some cases — like We Happy Few — Microsoft's machine manages to achieve native 4K while PlayStation 4 Pro only hits 1080p.

Hopefully, this trend will continue in the future. In order to maintain this growth, Microsoft needs to make sure that it always has "the most powerful console in the world" during any given generation. Hopefully its long-rumored "Xbox Scarlett" will maintain this advantage going forward. We should know more about it at E3 2019 in June.

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Asher Madan

Asher Madan handles gaming news for Windows Central. Before joining Windows Central in 2017, Asher worked for a number of different gaming outlets. He has a background in medical science and is passionate about all forms of entertainment, cooking, and antiquing.

  • I am so glad Microsoft got it right with the X and has turned around to be competitive again. I love My One X!
  • Yeah I love the one x. Native 4k on almost all titles. 120hz refresh, mouse and keyboard support, more pro controller options "elite, Razer, scuf, ect." Don't know how people could **** on it.
  • It's only the Sony trolls that s*** on it.
  • Or the people who care about games instead of pretty graphics. The PS4 will always have a larger and more varied library of exclusives than X. Just like original Xbox was more powerful than the PS2, but the PS2 still rofl-stomped the Xbox. The PS4/PS4P is doing the same things to the XB1 and XB1X. Why is the PS4 a better gaming console? It is because of the games.
  • Thanks for making his point so eloquently!
  • If you only care about first party exclusives then you would get a Nintendo console. If you look at the all time exclusives sales list it's all Nintendo games. Not a single Playstation exclusive on the list. If graphics didn't matter then why bother even releasing a new console? Why is it the main argument for PC gamers when it comes to playing games? One market in which Sony/Nintendo will always rofl-stomp Xbox as you call it is in Asia and specifically Japan. And that's due to more a cultural thing.
  • That's entirely subjective. Both platforms have third & first-party titles. The third-party titles will always look and perform BETTER on the One X. Studies show that most gamers, regardless of platform, spend the majority of their time on third-party games. That means that, for most of the time, the One X is the superior choice. Also, not EVERYONE prefers Sony exclusives over Microsoft or even Nintendo (I sure don't).
  • @xHead
    Yes it's totally subjective. But his response was to those saying that no one should criticise the XB just because they liked it. And no XB1x is not the "superior choice". It's one choice.
    History has shown us that console with more games and less powerful usually are more popular than the more powerful one with less games. And this trend continued this generation...
  • Actually, that's not quite true. At the start of the generation, XboxOne actually had more exclusives released, but had less power. Ps4 fanboys claimed power was more important, and xbox fanboys talked about exclusives. It's funny that both sides have now swapped opinions based on what their console is superior on. I don't like to admit it, but I think power is initially the biggest selling point for a console (unless the selling price is absurdly high, such as with the PS3). After the initial sales, the primary selling point is which console your friends would have, which means the console which sold more initially will continue to sell more.
  • Well MS just acquired a ton of 1st party studios so the whole "no games" crap may work now (even though I own more exclusives on my X than my Pro) but next gen or maybe even by the end of this gen that narrative will change. You dont just have 13 1st party studios to not make games. I have always owned Sony consoles too and there have been many times Sony had long dry spells with games. Like the beginning of this gen when Xbox came out the gate with a ton of exclusives and Yoshida said 1080p makes you a better gamer.......
  • "even though I own more exclusives on my X than my Pro"
    LOL I love that argument.
    The PS4 has more exclusives than the XB1 that's just a fact. Having a bigger library is not a "crap argument". History has shown that the console that usually sells the most is the one with the bigger library and exclusive. It's great that MS is putting money into making new games but personally I think it's way too late for this gen. They should have done it as soon as Spencer took over. If they did that then then we would have the results now instead of this amazing drought...
  • > The PS4 has more exclusives than the XB1 that's just a fact.
    But most ps4 owners only cared about Uncharted... and (80m ps4 owners) ignored games like Persona5, Nioh and Ninokuni.
  • @Hirox
    It's called providing options and diverse lineup to your customers. A fan of persona, Ni no kuni or Souls will have these games available to them if they want to. And that's good for the consumer. If Sunset overdrive sold 1m copies and 29m others didn't buy it doesn't mean that the game should not exist.
    Providing a good number of exclusives and diversity for your customers is a good thing for consumers no matter how much people want to downplay it. I mean I don't think a single game was bought by more than 50% of the user base, so no games really matter by that logic.
  • This is what I've been saying for the last 3 years. People say this game is niche or that one is niche but the reality is not every game is going to be a block buster. One persons niche is another persons hidden gem. Sony gives their target audience a large selection of experiences. MS screwed up the launch of the One, that could be forgiven but to cancel Fable Legends, Scalebound, and Sunset Overdrive 2, as well as delaying Crackdown a whole 18 months, thats left the console owners with nothing to be excited about. Word of mouth sells consoles and Xbox owners have no new words, just Halo, Forza, Gears. I love Gears but not a big Halo fan, I've been playing basically the same game since 2015 "Warframe" it's a never ending MMO Looter.
  • "will always have"? You sure about that? lmao. Don't be too sure.
  • @Jase
    lmao? What's so funny?
    The PS4 has many more exclusives as of now. Of what we know there are more upcoming PS4 exclusives than XB1 exclusives.
    You really think XB1 will even close the gap before the end of this generation???
  • I’d say it’s quite possible to be honest. Microsoft is launching xcloud next year along with a disc free, budget end Xbox one. The platform will be infinitely more accessible to people than PlayStation. Even worse for Sony here, is that they won’t have the capability to compete with xcloud for several years. There’s also a halo launch on the horizon which will push millions in console sales.
  • @Ryan
    I think you're confused. The guy was talking about XB1 having more exclusives than PS4.
    How can the XB1 have more exclusives than the PS4 when it's really behind at the moment with more upcoming exclusives. And even if you want to talk of sales, the PS4 is selling better in every country. The US is probably XB1's best market but even now it's getting outsold.
  • Hard to say. With all the truly great studios Microsoft now has and the amazing game pass support i think we will see a much closer race next gen. I have both consoles 2 pros and Two x’s and the pro barely gets used at all
    "Truly great"?
    hmm I don't know about that. So far all of these are yet to prove what they can do. We'll need to see what happens. Going into the XB1 generation, MS had quite a few studios making games for them.
    We used to have the slogan "best lineup in XB history" or "Best launch lineup in history of consoles"... The main thing is that they should keep making games throughout the generation and not have droughts as a generation ends... "I have both consoles 2 pros and Two x’s and the pro barely gets used at all"
    Once again, an individual case doesn't make a generality...
  • Those studios if they don't have games already deep in development will have no impact. Those studios are for the next gen. PS5 vs Xbox ? Games have like a 3+ year development cycle for most well made titles.
  • But back then, there was no Win10 and UWP that gives us BC, FC, XPA, and no Azure, no free unlimited cloud storage for cross save, which, also lead us to GamePass and xCloud, which again, leads us to GamePass for PC (possible mobile too). Why buy the same game multiple times? Why buy games only run 1 gen?
    Buying games from PsStore seem illogical.
  • I have stacks of games from multiple xbox gens and I never ever play them over. I once or twice have played through an older game that I never played. I guess for me an adult with limited gaming time. I want something new to be excited about, not Old Games Up Scaled on my $500 console and $2000 4k TV.
  • Nadella's (and big Phil's) genius shining brilliantly yet again... the sole result of focus... a company no longer distracted with passing fads.
  • The credit for this lays with the phenomenal work Phil Spencer and the Xbox division have done since the original Xbox one launch. Especially when you consider the fact Phil Spencer was promoted to the SLT after many first party studios were closed thus as result the Xbox one x launched with hardly any first party titles. A financial decision which he would have had to implement but had no overall say against.
  • This growth has been plain as day to a few people and I sure hope this momentum continues. I am loving the fact many older titles got the 4K treatment such as Red Dead Redemption (X360 version).
  • Fallout 3 looks pretty good too. It runs really well with the 4k update.
  • That's pretty damn awesome, I might actually pick up a copy just for the 4k update.
  • Xbox One X is the best console, but still people keep choosing the inferior PS4, even the Pro pales compared to the X. People in the media outright mock anything Xbox, like the guys in the Game Informer podcast. I really don't understand the world sometimes.
  • They are just upset that their precious PS4 Pro can't run RDR2 in native 4k.
  • Upset that the PS4 has a superior library to the XB1?
  • You keep answering on a topic that has nothing to do with Sony. Why are you so upset that you feel the need to come here and defend Sony? Be careful what you say though, Sony may censor you. Microsoft could cure cancer and bring world peace, yet you Ponies would still **** all over them. Get a life.
  • They must be insecure or something. Not sure why they keep sh*ting on MS when they do something good. When Sony doesn't allow cross-console or charges you to play PS1 games they worship them for it. But if MS does something good they keep sh*ting on them for it. I mean why are they even on this website to begin with?
  • Can you play RDR2 in Native 4K?
  • Looks like you don't know the meaning of game library.
  • How delusional can you be? People pick the PlayStation 4 because it has vastly superior games. All the Xbox one x boils down to is a less featured mid range PC... Why would anyone who could only choose one or two platforms pick up an X when there is literally zero exclusives , all the games on the platform play better on PC, and the PS4 has the most incredible exclusives. Hell this year alone their exclusives are 2 of the game of the year contenders.
  • Where can you find a PC that costs $400 and does native 4k, supports dolby atmos/vision, hdr, has a blu-ray player, backwards compatibility and can play RDR2? Not to mention no maintenance is required, long version updates, crashes, errors, bsod's etc. Please tell me where this magic PC exists?
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 on PlayStation 4 Pro looks blurry due to the checkerboarded rendering. An Xbox One X is worth it for that game alone in my opinion. I reviewed it on both platforms for a few weeks leading up to launch. If you have a 4K display, you want a native 4K game.
  • @Asher Madan
    LOL If you thought the PS4 version is blurry I would love to see your reviews of games like QB on XB1 back then. ofc I doubt you would have called THAT or any game that came out on the original XB1 blurry. I doubt you would even talk of resolution back then. So funny how agenda and priority changes over time and depending on what certain company do... :)
  • Actually, I discussed resolution back then too. And they did look blurry as I mentioned countless times in my reviews.
  • Countless times??
    Surely you have at least one or two links... lol
  • No links? Now why am I not surprised...
    I guess that says it all, really...
  • @ MitcHELLspawn... how delusional can you be?? Just looking at your profile name.... do you think it makes you manly??? Pathetic.... show me a $400 PC that can even play minecraft smoothly....
  • Vastly superior? lol. If that was true, everyone would prefer PlayStation. They put out like 2 games a year that anyone cares about. Me personally, I'm not as easily convinced. The only must have game in the last 3+ years is GOW and spiderman.
  • I stick with Xbox 100% because I like Halo, Gears and Forza (I'm not a PC gamer, yuk) and all the 3rd party games that I play look waaaaaaay better on my X, this is just a fact. The Pro is not that good for the 3rd party stuff like RD2. Games like FORZA 4 are exclusive to me because I'm not a PC gamer and never will be so you see, I need a Xbox to play Forza 4 since can't play it on a Pro now can I?? LOL
    Please get more creative than 'no exclusives" "no games" that Sony fanbots like you regurgitate.
  • PC actually has quite a few great exclusives too, and not just games, but some entire genres can only be found on PC.
    The fact is that not everyone is willing to endure the steeper learning curve required to buy and play games on a PC, but would rather have the ease of buying a console instead. It's still perfectly valid for these people to prefer better performance, and that is where the Xb1x reigns supreme.
    As for best exclusives? I think that title belongs to Nintendo, so don't get ahead of yourself by saying PS4 is the best for that reason.
  • @fdruid
    Oh but that is just subjective. What is better for one person depends on his needs.
    You got to understand that your opinion is not the "right" opinion. There is no right or wrong choice.
    Not everyone wants services, console history has already shown us that the more powerful console doesn't usually "win" a gen. Everyone has a different opinion. For example, I don't need a XB1 since I already have a PC that can play all the XB1 games I want to play...
  • > Everyone has a different opinion. For example, I don't need a XB1 since
    > I already have a PC that can play all the XB1 games I want to play...
    Sure, you are free to tell people that.
    I can also tell you,
    1) PC is not a pleasant gaming environment.
    2) No remote install / update during hibernation.
    3) No instant-On.
    4) I prefer PCs like Alienware or Surface line. Not wiling to waste my time on troubleshooting. I have better things to do.
    5) traditional installer isn't the future of computing. I game mainly on Xbox cause Win10+UWP (and Azure + free unlimited cloud storage) brought us BC, FC, XPA and GamePass, xCloud and Mixer games (game API opening, MsStore and Xbox Live user Save integration, etc).
    eSports... it's strategic important to this industry esp for devs... After mid-2016, do I need Steam or PsStore for multiplats? No. It's not the problem of preference or liking, it's logic.
    Do I need PsStore for 1 or 2 exclusive? Sure, why not. But for most, no. Sony's advantage is branding, and an excellent e3-13 start (because of Don Mattrick). But programming, tech, services, new business model and infra? No development so far from Sony. And there's no comparison. * I do read my tech news, game news, programming news, game programming news and documents. I also talk to veterans, friends in other studios, and pay attentions to confidential figures. btw, 2017 market share figure shows that, in US, console (package + digital) is bigger than mobile, and mobile is bigger than PC.
  • "I can also tell you, [...]"
    Sure, you can give your opinion. You can have preference, just like others can have preferences. Like I said these are all opinions... And about your last sentence, do you have a link?
    I have this but you're not talking of this now, are you?
  • These quotes are very misleading. They are being overly kind and optimistic. Xbox is getting outsold in the US its primary and best performing market by 3-1. The reason sales growth year over year has improved so dramatically is because the X was released in Nov 2017, prior to its release the Xbox One was basically dead. You had potential Xbox buyers waiting for the X, and others waiting for the Switch, while PS4 slim was by far the market leader and PS4 Pro attracting the power hungry enthusiast. So yeah sale have grown, but they've grown from straight crap to decent. Xbox NPD's are still dead last.
  • Practically dead? No you're a hater.
  • This isn't a reliable source. The NPD Group says it's a year-over-year increase. The article you're linking is basically using quotes from Andrew Wilson. This is quite inaccurate to say the least.
  • Are you kidding? Do you know how NPD comes up with their figures? As opposed to Andrew Wilson of EA Games a strategic partner of MS who has an agreement to make EA access available on the platform as well as being the Top Game publisher in the industry with access to accurate present and past game sales data to extrapolate from.
  • So, MC_365.... are you saying reliable depends on who tickles your fairy? In your case, your my little pony fairy that gets a hard on with these fanboy wars....
  • No, I'm saying to call into question the numbers used by a strategic partner firms CEO in a Shareholder conference call, of a major US corporation, that also most certainly has access to NPD numbers,
    and with confidence said this subject to the public and industry analyst scrutiny; but extol the numbers of a private entity, that uses sampling and surveys and propriety statistical models to extrapolate numbers that were not provided by the subject is a bit hypocritical. Also you incorrect assumption that I have some sort of Sony bias as opposed to reading my statement is exactly why I found it necessary to bring some levity to this Circle jerk comment section. Xbox is being outsold in the US by every other platform but did better than it did last year, Hurrah! Things are Phenomenal! This is exactly why Xbox is failing. Stop being a corp. **** sucker and demand better!
  • Microsoft doesn't share console sales information with Andrew Wilson. His information is based on the sales figures he has for EA games which is skewed depending on marketing rights.
  • Dude you don't put a sales platform like EA Access on a console without having some idea how many consoles are out there and when your the Largest Game publisher you have the leverage to inquire from your strategic partner those kinds of details. That's business 101. To do so without that knowledge would be grossly negligent; as pricing of the service in respect to the potential revenue would be impossible. Furthermore, to make a statement in a shareholder meeting throwing out a specific number without any solid basis would be fraud and subject the Corp. to shareholder lawsuits. Lastly even if you question the accuracy of the number mentioned, if you tack on an additional 25%, MS's numbers in comparison to their peers was still significantly lower. You can doubt, obfuscate, and damage control as much as you want, the facts are the Xbox brand has gone backwards this generation and nothing MS has done can reverse that at this stage, which is what the article seems to have tried to suggest. Console buyer have overwhelmingly chosen to own Playstations as their primary console. Unfortunately for MS unlike last generation where units sole ended pretty much even between MS and Sony, it doesn't look like most console gamers are going to own both an Xbox and a PlayStation. This may be a function of the High Cost of the X and Pro at a point in time when the PS5 is being planned and the switch is an attractive solution with unique games and versatility.
  • That article was from May dude. Nice try. How many Xbox's have been sold btw. 3 to 1 lmao would put xbox at only 30 million. Inform us all how many Xboxs have been sold. pls.
  • Dude of coarse its from May, the article in the original post is about Year over Year. To understand the growth from 1 year vs another year you need the historic numbers, duh! Point being their historic numbers were not good that how its easy to have high growth at this late stage of the generation after a major hardware upgrade. If MS tomorrow released a New and Improved Windows Phone X and sold 1 it would be 100% sales growth, since last year they sold probably 0 being it was discontinued lol. Use your brain a little sheesh...
  • This isn't a sport, it's business, and Xbox is profitable. Time for adults to stop being obsessed whether their toys are "winning" a sales race.
  • I have for a long time stopped buying games, was always a fallout fan, but no 76 yet, will get RDR2 when it's game of year edition, never get CoD or other generic repeat sequels.... Do still play the same games though, GTA V and so on.... This is an article from NDP, saying the X is is doing better than ever.... My point is who cares about it compared to others??? Who who owns the X cares about the millions Sony sell? Or against the switch, which is never used like a pS of Xbox??? Your calling me out for being a corporate shill, yet it was you who charged in here with your copy and paste standard Pony defence force rubbish.... You'll never see me comment on any other consoles threads, because it's none of my business..... You on the other hand live for this. That's called having no life....
  • That was meant for MC-365
  • Again I don't own any Sony products, and have only ever owned a used PS3 and only had 2 games on it. Where do you get this idea I'm a Pony? Is it because if I disagree with an article and its premise about xbox doing "Phenomenal" I'm a Pony? You sound like a schill when you do that. I did say anything was wrong with your choice or Sony is better or worse. You however continue to cast aspersions as to my allegiance to a console. I however have owned every xbox at launch.
  • It's weird. If you don't worship MS or if you happen to analyse data that doesn't make MS's numbers great, then people will label you as a fan of Sony or a pony even if you don't even have a PS4. The funny thing is from what I see those who do this are the ones who are fans of a company. They are the changing priorities depending on what that company does...
  • That probably will never happen to be honest.
  • If you're going to counter The NPD Group, at least provide some proper evidence, like figures from NPD or some other reliable source that shows data.
  • They're calling it "Phenomenal growth" "Year over Year" that mean last November to now vs November 2016 to October 2017 sales. You can google anything you want about xbox between 11/16 and 10/17 and you will see sales were ****. So to improve from that with a new most powerful console should not be hard. The fact is they are still being out paced by both Nintendo and PlayStation. None of which matters to me, but what my concern is, is where are the new great gaming experiences for Xbox owners. That is the reason why its in last place for this year and will continue to be there. The article makes it seem like Xbox owners are suddenly playing all these new, innovative, or ground breaking games. There is nothing phenomenal having nothing other than what your competition has and still selling significantly less.
  • I love the response that you got.
    You're right. It's simple english and understanding the numbers. It's not about "countering NPD" like what that guy said. LOL
  • The Xbox One X doesn't have to outsell the PlayStation 4 in order to do well. Microsoft wouldn't have bought so many studios if it wasn't seeing a return. At the end of the day, it's business. You should try to look at it through that lens.
  • @mc_365
    lol I thought that it was logic. he talked about year-over-year.
    So comparing sales of Nov 2017 + Dec 2017 vs at least 10 months of 2018. It's amazing that people says sales don't matter most of the time but then get excited and hyped when some statements like this are made...
  • But who is getting excited? Seems to be those that now say NDP is biased because they said a pleasant thing about the X. We know those rabid fanboys.....
  • I never said NDP was biased, quite the opposite. I basically said take it with a grain of salt as they were using vague language that was misleading and pointed to some numbers that would allow one to put it in perspective. That's when I was met with "This isn't a reliable source" "using quotes from Andrew Wilson. This is quite inaccurate to say the least." "your my little pony fairy that gets a hard on with these fanboy wars...." etc. etc. etc. You get called a fanboy when you suggest that people use their brain and read between the lines and understand the nuance.
  • Making an entire article based on a tweet.
    People here said:
    "Xbox One X is the best console, but still people keep choosing the inferior PS4"
    Some people say they can't understand why MS gets any criticism.
    Some are trying to imply that XB1x being the best option is a fact. But it's not. It's just an opinion. When fdruid and jams_11 brought PS4 and Sony, TeacherInUSA replied them.
    But your reply was only to TeacherInUSA saying "You keep answering on a topic that has nothing to do with Sony. Why are you so upset that you feel the need to come here and defend Sony?".
    Even though it was fdruid and jams who first brought up PS4. Here the guy and everyone has the right to analyse what was said. Why can't people analyse numbers?
    Why should it upset anyone?
  • The quote says "console warring on the internet is one of the dumber things people do, unfortunately."
    And yet half the comments are doing just that... Just pick the console that suits you best and be happy with it :)
  • Well, we can't stop fanboys from losing their minds now, can we? I've requested many to be civil here but they never do. It's best to just ignore.
  • I agree with that to an extent. The issue is these consoles in the $500 range are becoming longer term investments. Look what happened with the Wii U. Poor execution and business practices resulted in very little developer support. MS in this generation announced some games that I was very interested in seeing and most of them got canceled. So I have an Xbox X now, had a One on launch date but have been very disappointed with the platform. On the other hand I've never been a playstation guy, I hated the PS controler layout and was more into computer games back in the PS1 days. So when OG xbox came out with high speed internet connected console that's where I went.
  • Woa!
    Let the FanBoy Wars Begin!
  • "even if not market leading"
    I guess for me this says a lot...
  • Of course it says a lot for you. Please try to remain civil.
  • LOL
    So "I guess for me this says a lot..." is an uncivilized comment for Asher Madan? Please respect everyone, even if they don't share the same opinion as you. :)
  • So many xbox haters that hate to see anything positive about xbox lol. settle down army of the PS cult. they're just video games lol.
  • So people can't analyse numbers or try to say that not everyone wants a XB1 or give their opinion without being labelled "Xbox haters" or "army of PS cult"?
  • Funny how the Sony crowd ALWAYS said it was graphics that was king when they had an advantage, now that's been vaporized it's all about the quantity of
    Once the games have levelled out what will their next counter be, quality of games?
  • Well they completely lost the power and resolution argument big time and MS is doing all it can to squash the "number of games" argument. Personally, Xbox has way more games than I could ever play (1200-1300? not including b/c.) And since I don't do PC gaming (yuk!) I need a Xbox to play their 'exclusives'. I guess the Sony crowd will point to meta scores and who has the highest to fight over. That's all they will have left.
  • The same thing can be said about the "MS crowd" who suddenly puts resolution as the most important thing, or say that BC is crucial since E3 2015, or that cross-play is important only recently, or that kinect was the future, or that exclusives was important during fall in 2014-2015, and now they are not important at all... I can't speak for the "Sony crowd" but personally games is what's important than resolution. For me games is always more important, I never bought a PS4 pro because I already have a PS4. If resolution was my priority I would have been exclusively playing on PC and have the best GPU...
    For me, having the more powerful console for cheaper was always a bonus for the PS4 at the start of the generation just like how BC is a bonus for XB1 now. Putting aside the hypocrite fanboys who change priorities depending on what company does, history shows that for console gamer the more powerful console is not the most popular while the most popular console is mostly the one with the bigger library...
  • Actual numbers or it didn't happen.
  • The only game I play now is the Division, a never ending g epic game and can't wait for Div2.
    It's worth the price of an x1x playing in 4k just for that game alone. Mind blowing how good it is, everything else is just a bonus if I ever get around to playing anything else
  • Let's see, a guy who is a ACTUAL NPD analyst tweets that Xbox is doing very, very well-
    It gets picked up by WindowsCentral site-(why are these Sony fanboys even here?) (do they think they are going to change anyone's mind?)
    And triggers a bunch of unhappy Sony fanboys to have meltdowns?
    Wow, the more successful Xbox keeps doing must be torture for them and the fake 4k Pro.
  • Why is anyone that suggest someone actually read and understand words for what they really are and not project their emotions onto a news statement considered fanboyism? I'm suggesting only to be a critical thinker when presented with information. You on the other hand are saying "as long as it supports your opinion / point of view then it has to be correct" This is a cognitive bias, Naïve realism, choice-supportive bias or post-purchase rationalization , and most importantly bias blind spot.
  • @Jelly
    So what people should not analyse a comment or give their opinions so as to not upset fans of a certain company?
    I'm sorry but if some people are getting hurt or upset because of other people's video gaming opinions then the problem is with them. If these people gets so upset the best option for them is to ignore other people's comments and if they really can't do that then just avoid the comment section.
    They need to understand that everyone won't have the same opinion. Trying to get opposite opinions censored is what a dictator would do... LOL
  • Funny that the software company has better hardware and the hardware company has more software.
  • OMG VIDEO GAMES RAAAAAR! I've only ever owned one Sony and it was the original PlayStation. My Xbox One X is doing pretty well for me and this is a pretty stupid 'war' to take a side in.