Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition hides a secret nod to Xbox history

Microsoft's latest video games console, the Xbox One X, is arriving in the hands of the public, with the promise of delivering high fidelity 4K gaming in the living room. Though supplies are limited at launch, those who preordered their consoles are receiving their reservations across the globe – most notably in the form of a special "Project Scorpio Edition," which saw limited availability for early adopters.

The main draw of the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition is its exclusive design, which pays homage to the console's original codename first unveiled back at E3 2016. Both the console and packaging sport unique designs made to appeal to long-time fans, with throwbacks to the brand's history throughout the years. The most obvious of these is the outer box design, which draws heavy influence from the original Xbox console of nearly two decades ago.

Upon taking a closer look at both the console and packaging, the Xbox One X Project Scorpio edition also showcases a mysterious string of numbers, "0105101317." Although discreet, this small aspect builds on the idea of being an edition for loyal fans, referencing launches of previous products throughout the Xbox brand's lifetime.

Breaking this number down into two-digit segments, each of these refers to the years of key Xbox product launches. Starting with the original Xbox launch back in 2001, this was followed by 2005's debut of the Xbox 360. Microsoft's ambitious yet ill-fated Kinect sensor followed in 2010, with the Xbox One release following in 2013. Although not a new console generation, the Xbox One X marks a major step for the Xbox brand, which rounds off the number with 17. Putting the last two digits of these years together you'll end up with "0105101317" – a number that subtly encases the brand's history.

Although hard to identify at first glance, this is one of the several nods to Xbox history across the Xbox One X. As uncovered ahead of launch, Xbox One X circuit boards also feature Master Chief riding a scorpion – a pointer to the console's codename and its most prolific video game franchise.

Despite its somewhat clean exterior, subtle secrets behind the Xbox One X hardware continue to emerge. Make sure to leave your thoughts on the Project Scorpio console so far in the comments section.

Matt Brown was formerly a Windows Central's Senior Editor, Xbox & PC, at Future. Following over seven years of professional consumer technology and gaming coverage, he’s focused on the world of Microsoft's gaming efforts. You can follow him on Twitter @mattjbrown.

  • Weird that they left out the Xbox One S. Technically a revision of the Xbox One
  • No real performance difference tho.
  • True. But HDR sure looks nice on it. That was a nice change from the original One
  • They didn't include the year for the Xbox 360 Elite so no reason to include the One S
  • Or the 360 Slim. That thing was great.
  • This was more interesting when I read it on reddit a long time ago. A nod to the original person to notice this may have been appropriate.
  • Yep. I expected to at least learn something new.
  • Life is full of disappointments. And then you die. Enjoy an Xbox.
  • I will as soon I get out of this hole called Cleveland and back home. What a terrible time to have to leave on business. Poor ole Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition just sitting in my office, all alone. Sad really.
  • Trust me. It's not alone. Your colleagues are enjoying the hell out of it.
  • I am absolutely loving this system! Fast and CRAZY VISUALS! 
  • Yeah, wicked visuals.. Grabbing every 4k game I can...
  • Nice.
  • Kinect lives on in the iPhone X, the HoloLens, some Windows Hello sensors, and Windows Mixed Reality...
  • wow are they treating the launch of xbox one X as a new console and not a diff version of what we have?
  • You'll live
  • That's cool.
  • So sad that the the scorpio edition didnt even reach South Africa shores would have loved to get one, will just have to wait for the Xbox One X.
  • Amazon still has some Scorpio Editions in stock. If you can find a way to get ot across the water, there's still a chance.
  • I was surprised to see "Hello from Seattle" down the right hand side of the case. I have the Scorpio edition but guess this is on standard editions as well?
  • It was on the bottom of the Xbox One, so why not?
  • Yeah, on Standard Edition. Nice touch.
  • WOW "0105101317"!!!!
    THAT IS AMAZING!!! I'm having an orgasm!!! LOL I understand that this is a "fan" site and all but sorry this is just too funny for me.
    I've watch the launch live stream and it was so crazy. I understand that this is probably just marketing to try to build "hype" and "excitement" to make people "want" this but I felt sometimes it just went overboard. I laughed so much when people were going crazy about Halo 3 with that texture...
    I'm sorry but all this reminds me of how Sony guys going crazy about the pro last year... The bottom line is that most people I saw were mostly overhyped to play AGAIN old games at better resolution and sometimes improved effects.  I'm struggling with my backlog as I can't finish the games I never played. I can't even start to think about playing games I've already beaten.  I'm sorry for my post, but I got to thank these people for the laugh...