Xbox One X standard edition preorders may kick off on September 21

Xbox One X
Xbox One X (Image credit: Windows Central)

Xbox One X preorders got off to a solid start with the Project Scorpio Edition late last month, selling out quickly at major retailers. However, if you weren't able to claim one, or simply don't care for the Project Scorpio aesthetic, it doesn't look like you'll have to wait much longer to get a preorder in for the standard edition of the console.

As first spotted by Reddit user YouAreSalty (via, the latest weekly Walmart ad notes that Xbox One X preorders will be available in-store on September 21. The model shown in the ad is the standard edition, and quantities will be limited to two per person, according to the fine print.

Xbox One X ad

We haven't heard anything from Microsoft about another round of preorders, so nothing is completely official just yet. However, it's not likely Walmart would slot the date into an ad without some inside information, so this is more likely a case of Walmart jumping ahead of official word. While all we have is Walmart's ad to go off of, it seem highly likely we'll see preorders from other retailers on September 21 as well, as it would be an odd move for Microsoft to restrict preorders to Walmart alone.

The Xbox One X runs $499 and is scheduled to arrive on November 7, just in time for the holiday season. For more, check out our recent hands-on with the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition.

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  • Fun fact, Microsoft Hong Kong pilfered all of the allocation of Project Scorpio units to employees and faked the preorder button to do nothing, just go to a bookmark on the same page saying "coming now". Then they removed the button and pretended that preorders "had finished already". I wonder in how many other regions the local Microsoft staff have also fradulently stolen all of the allocation of a limited edition item.
  • How do you know this as "fact"? 🤔
  • Wrong. The pre-order button was broken on the entire Xbox website and the price was wrong ~$50 too low in several countries.
    But they got it to work after a couple of hours and prices were adjusted.
    Microsoft Store was the first of the different store sites to work, button was fixed after that.
    I were really stressed about the situation (it was 2AM here and Xbox support was limited) before they fixed it and I finally got my Project Scorpio Edition pre-ordered.
  • not sure where they got their info but there was a tweet that went out from Xbox Japan that when I tried to translate it seems that is what the tweet was about. The tweet was removed about 15 minutes after it was posted. I got a screenshot rather that coping the text so that is where I am having the issue of translating it. But from what I gathered from the tweet whic appeared August 22nd which with the time diffeerence was the date that we got to pre order.  From what I was able to make of the tweet was that they said thank you for being the best microsoft employees ever and that they should check their company email for a link to a guaranteed to pre order the Scorpio and that it is limited to one and that it is limted to the employees of Xbox Japan only. I could be totally wrong as the only way I could figure out how to translate was to look through Japanese websites until I found the same character and copy it and then past it into the translator.