Xbox reveals launch line-up of accessories for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, includes new colorway

Xbox Accessories Line Up
Xbox Accessories Line Up (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S arrive November 10, 2020, and with them come a new collection of next-gen gaming accessories.
  • Xbox has just revealed the launch line-up of accessories for their next-gen consoles, including the controllers and new rechargeable battery packs.
  • The new Xbox controllers will come in three colors at launch, with new rechargeable battery packs and bundles for Windows PC gamers.
  • Microsoft also confirmed once again that the Xbox Design Lab is shutting down temporarily.

The Xbox news train just won't quit today, with Microsoft announcing the acquisition of Zenimax Media and all of their owned studios, the launch of their newly designed Xbox for Android app, and more. Now, we finally have our look at the launch line-up of Xbox's next-gen gaming acccessories, and what gamers can expect to be available for their new Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S later this fall.

Source: Xbox (Image credit: Source: Xbox)

To start, the new Xbox Wireless Controller will be available in three different colors when it launches, with Carbon Black launching alongside the Xbox Series X, Robot White launching alongside the Xbox Series S, and finally a new color making its debut today: Shock Blue. Shock Blue looks quite dashing with its beautiful mix of vibrant blue, white, and black accents along the buttons, joysticks, and D-pad. All three are identical in features and price, and will only differ in their color scheme, so players only have to choose their own personal preference.

As far as the new Xbox Wireless Controller is concerned, the accessory will feature a slightly tweaked shape to help the control be more comfortable for more people, with textured triggers, grips, and bumpers to make the entire controller more ergonomic and inclusive. A dedicated Share button makes it easier than ever to capture and share gameplay with others. There's also a new hybrid D-pad that should allow for easier gameplay in a larger varieties of games that use it. Finally, the Xbox Wireless controller features USB Type-C for charging and input instead of the aging microUSB, which brings us to the other accessories announced.

The Xbox Rechargeable Battery + USB-C Cable allows players to charge up their controllers via a USB-C cable, and still be able to plug in directly for battery-free gameplay. Microsoft will also offer Xbox Wireless Controller + Wireless Adapter for Windows 10 and Xbox Wireless Controller + USB-C Cable for players who want the newest Xbox Wireless Controller to use with their Windows gaming PC.

All of these accessories will be available starting November 10, 2020, right alongside the new consoles, with the Xbox Wireless Controllers coming in at the same $60 price point as the previous generation, and the new rechargeable battery pack coming in at $25. Even better, you'll be able to pre-order all of these accessories starting tomorrow, September 22, 2020, right alongside the Xbox Series X and S pre-orders.

Xbox Design Lab

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

As a side note, Microsoft also confirmed our earlier report that Xbox Design Lab will become unavailable after October 13, 2020, and remain unavailable until sometime in 2021. Microsoft reminds interested players to order their custom controllers either for themselves or as a holiday gift for someone else before this date. It's very likely that the Xbox Design Lab is being remade with the next-gen Xbox accessories, but it will take some time before it's ready.

How do you feel about the launch line-up of accessories from Microsoft? What will you be ordering? Let us know in the comments below!

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