The Xbox September Update brings new browser to console, game streaming to PC, and more

Xbox Series X S Controller
Xbox Series X S Controller (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft regularly rolls out updates to the Xbox ecosystem, and usually announces them once a month.
  • The Xbox September Update is now available, and features a little something for every part of the widening Xbox platform.
  • Xbox consoles are finally gaining the new Edge browser, including syncing and mouse and keyboard support.
  • PC players will also be able to stream Xbox games through Xbox Cloud Gaming and from their console through the Xbox PC app.

The time has come once again for the Xbox ecosystem to become a little better. Microsoft has just detailed the Xbox September Update (opens in new tab), which includes a host of new features that benefit practically any gamer, no matter where you choose to play on the Xbox platform. PC players, especially, have plenty to get excited about in this round of updates. Unfortunately, there aren't any significant OS-level features for Xbox consoles this time around, but Microsoft is busy testing plenty of new features on that front.

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There are essentially three exciting new features included in the Xbox September Update, so let's get started.

  • PC players can stream Xbox games. The Xbox app on PC is getting a big boost in functionality with this update, in that PC players will now be able to stream games through Xbox Cloud Gaming, allowing them to access the very best games available through Xbox Game Pass. Also, if you own an Xbox console and and PC, you'll be able to stream your games straight to your PC.
  • Xbox Game Pass gains "Play Later" feature. Xbox Game Pass is also gaining a new feature, which should, hopefully, make it easier to manage growing backlogs. With "Play Later," you'll be able to keep track of interesting games that you may want to play later on. With all the games coming to Xbox Game Pass soon, this could be a very handy feature. When your "Play Later" list is empty, Xbox Game Pass will try and recommend new titles to populate it.
  • Xbox consoles gain a new browser. We've known that Microsoft was testing bringing the brand-new Chromium Edge browser to Xbox consoles, which features nearly innumerable improvements over the current aging browsing solution. With this update, it's finally happening! Players on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One consoles will be able to use the new Microsoft Edge, complete with profile syncing and full mouse and keyboard support, to browse the web quickly.

If you were hoping for more in this particular update, not to worry! Microsoft is testing plenty of features in the background right now, which will likely head to the general Xbox population at some point. Xbox Series X|S should work better with certain TVs over HDMI-CED, older Xbox controllers should gain new features, and Xbox Series X|S should look better on 4K TVs after all of this comes to pass. The Xbox ecosystem is constantly evolving with new features over time, culminating in the three new features we're getting today.

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  • Gp already had the play later feature. I don't understand when Microsoft announces old things they've been doing as new.
  • It probably wasn't on the console interface.
  • So, this has never been clear to me: On my PC I have an Xbox app and an Xbox Companion app. Neither of them currently supports screen share with Xbox Series X (but maybe Xbox Companion does with Xbox One). Which app do we use on Windows to do the sharing and will it work with Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, or only Xbox One?
  • Screen capture sharing to Xbox app only works on Android or iOS versions, not supported yet on windows Companion app is the older style that was used for Xbox one back in 2013 to 2019 which has been mostly replaced by the current Xbox windows app
  • Thanks. I wish this was clearer from MS. So, per the article, "PC players will also be able to stream Xbox games... from their console through the Xbox PC app," (so not Xbox Companion) that will get game streaming from Series X to Windows PC this month? Is that right?
  • I'm not sure what you're asking but I've streamed my Xbox Series X via iPad app and last week via PC app to my laptop. I actually played BF4 from a hotel using my laptop. Couldn't tell you the name of the apps.
  • All thru my Series X.
  • Yes, that is correct. The new Xbox app has been the way to go on all of these features for a while now. They have been slowly making the companion app obsolete (which I believe they warned about a couple of years back).