Xbox Series S games will reportedly be around 30% smaller than Xbox Series X games

Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S
Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • The Xbox Series S has a 512GB SSD, while the Xbox Series X has a 1TB SSD.
  • Jason Ronald, Director of Program Management at Xbox, spoke with IGN about the two systems.
  • According to Ronald, Xbox Series S games will be about 30% smaller than Xbox Series X games.

When the Xbox Series S was officially announced, one point of possible concern was the smaller SSD compared the Xbox Series X, as the lower-specced machine touts a 512GB SSD compared to the 1TB SSD in the Xbox Series X. Jason Ronald, Director of Program Management at Xbox, spoke with IGN about the two systems and explained that Xbox Series S games will be around 30% smaller than Xbox Series X games.

Per Ronald, this is because Xbox Series S games will not require developers to install the highest-resolution textures, so there's less data taking up space. He also reiterates that developers can choose to target 4K if they want, as the console supports it but it is intended to run games around 1440p 60 FPS. The Coalition is optimizing Gears 5 for Xbox Series S and is able to run the multiplayer at 120 FPS.

So if storage space is something you're weighing when choosing between an Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, this is something to keep in mind. You can also use the 1TB expansion cards on either console, though possible leaked pricing indicates these cards won't be cheap.

Both consoles are set to release on November 10, 2020. Preorders are slated to open on September 22, with the Xbox Series X available for $499 and the Xbox Series S available for $299.

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  • Great news for the smaller drive.
  • It's interesting how the next gen revealed a lot on how games are developed. Many things that ordinary consumers were unaware of have come to light. Things like texture sizes, and how this is either CPU or GPU dependent, the bottlenecks in gaming performance and so on. It really is fascinating!
  • That's great, 512gb is still stupid low but this is good new.
  • So, 70GB per game lol
  • Here is the thing though. Are devs really going to make 2 versions one for S and one for X?
    Obviously if the devs decide to do it the Series S will allow it.
    Here he isn't saying all games will be 30% smaller and they are telling devs to do it. It looks like PR to try to justify the smaller space for a digital-only console and try to push the responsibility to devs... We will see in reality if this will really happen and how often.
    IGN's title "Xbox Series S Game Sizes Will Be Smaller Than on Series X" doesn't reflect on what the guy from MS said.
    The guy from MS clearly said it'll be smaller if devs choose to do it. And I doubt if a large majority really will take the trouble... Things like that can be misleading as a person might buy the console thinking all games will be smaller but in reality maybe only a few are...
    Oh well...
  • The Dev doesn't have to do anything. The resolution of the assets are simply 1080p. Instead of the full 4K. They just take the 4K asset and it scales down. The Ram is 8gb on Series S. It can only hold 1080p assets in the ram. It's not large enough to warrant 4K assets. Exactly how it works on PC. Ironically therefore Series S actually has the second best sized SSD of the 3 options. PS5 having the smallest considering it needs 4K assets. We have already seen with every single title on One S vs One X enhanced titles. One X enhanced titles have larger file sizes and need more room to install. This is rudimentary stuff. 4K assets are around 8mb in size per texture. 1080p is around 4mb in size.