Xbox Series X vs. PS5 logo smackdown: Which next-gen logo is better? (poll)

Xbox Series X and PS5 Logo
Xbox Series X and PS5 Logo (Image credit: Matt Brown | Windows Central)

Microsoft's new logo for Xbox Series X has started making the rounds, following a recent trademark filing, condensing the name of its next-generation console into a compact new logo. The design aims to highlight the "Series X" name, expected to feature across branded materials in the months leading up to the scheduled holiday 2020 launch.

The new approach taken with the Xbox Series X logo highlights the letter X, with two intersecting lines and negative space creating a layered effect, providing a unique spin on its typography. That's accompanied by the "Series" subheading stacked vertically down the left-hand side, which distances the upcoming hardware generation from the previous Xbox One lineup.

The Xbox Series X market rival, the Sony PlayStation 5, also hits store shelves later this year — and boasts its own compact logo. Sony takes a different approach to its next-generation brand identity, repurposing trusty fundamentals shared across the console family for its "PS5" logo. While Sony's CES 2020 "logo reveal" saw some poke fun, it's a timeless design that's quickly identifiable for console buyers.

But with new flashy new logos for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, set to represent their consoles throughout 2020, which one is best? Below is a poll to vote on your favorite, and we'd love to hear from you in the comments, as well.

Both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 target holiday 2020 availability, with pricing and formal release dates yet to be announced.

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