A new Xbox Series X logo just got trademarked by Microsoft

Xbox Series X New Logo
Xbox Series X New Logo (Image credit: Microsoft)

The Xbox Series X is a monstrous 12TF next-gen console set to launch later this year. We're expecting it to be joined by a more affordable "Xbox Series S" too, although we haven't seen what that console might look like just yet. The Xbox Series X, however, is a monolithic tower of power, complete with a foreboding silhouette and internals to match its stage presence. Additionally, it now has a shiny new logo as well, which emphasizes its verticality.

Found by the awesome peeps at the Xbox Series X subreddit, this official trademark listing was filed last week on April 16, 2020, and features vertical lettering alongside the familiar X symbol we saw debut with the Xbox One X packaging.

Source: Justia (Image credit: Source: Justia)

The trademark covers applications ranging from almost everything you can think of. Software, hardware, electronics, lighting, watches, keychains, kites, plushies, consoles, games, shirts, shoes, school bags, gloves. You get the idea. There's no coverage for Series X underwear though, unfortunately. There is coverage for suspenders, though.

It's worth a guess that this logo could appear on the retail packaging for the Xbox Series X, which could be a little different than usual given its cuboid form factor. It probably won't be long until we see a Series "S" trademark to go along with it too.

Xbox Series X/S


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