Xbox rumor roundup: 'Xbox Series S' Lockhart, new Xbox headset, May event, and more

Xbox Lockhart Concept
Xbox Lockhart Concept (Image credit: /u/jiveduder on Reddit)

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Xbox Series X hype train is heating up. With all the specs out in the open, the attention has turned to games, features, and the long-rumored Xbox Lockhart, what will effectively be a less-powerful, more-affordable "Xbox Series S."

There are tons of rumors about upcoming events, game reveals, and beyond, so I thought I'd round up what's out there, what we know, and sprinkle in some good old-fashioned speculation for good measure.

'Xbox Series S,' a.k.a., Xbox 'Lockhart'

As per some of our earlier information on Xbox "Lockhart" and the Xbox Series X, we're expecting Lockhart to be a 4TF "entry-point" to next-gen gaming, and it should effectively replace the Xbox One X. This system is designed to be affordable but will offer aspects of a next-gen experience currently unavailable to past-gen consoles, presumably in the form of NVME loading speeds and perhaps some limited ray-tracing. We have no idea about the capabilities of Lockhart outside that magical "4TF" GPU number, which came alongside more of our detailed Xbox Series X info that turned out to be accurate.

Recently, we heard Lockhart is entering take home stages for Xbox employees to get their hands on the system and begin providing feedback and testing. The timing would indicate to me that rumors of upcoming showcases in early May are likely accurate. This is coupled with rumors from our Senior Editor Zac Bowden that Microsoft is gearing up to showcase new Surface hardware in May, as well.

A new wireless headset

Source: Daniel Rubino/Windows Central Microsoft has been digging deeper into audio wearables, and Xbox might be about to join the party. (Image credit: Source: Daniel Rubino/Windows Central)

In addition to Lockhart potentially moving out of the lab into the homes of internal Microsoft testers, we've heard Team Xbox is building a replacement for its 2014 Xbox Stereo Headset. If our sourcing on this is accurate, the new headset will be fully wireless, compatible with Xbox, PC, and mobile devices, presumably via separate Bluetooth and Xbox Wireless signals.

It could be Xbox's answer to the Surface Headphones, albeit with some of the more "premium" features stripped out. Given that the previous 2014 Xbox Stereo Headset (opens in new tab) was very much an entry-level affair, this may also be designed with entry-level users in mind, allowing for third-parties to target the more premium-end with the likes of the SteelSeries Arctis 9X and the Astro A50. It could also go the other way entirely, offering something at the premium-end as an "aspirational" product similar to the rest of the Surface product line.

What about Microsoft's Xbox events in this spring?

Source: 343 Industries (Image credit: Source: 343 Industries)

Whether Xbox Lockhart will break cover in May is unknown, but based on its imminent take-home status and the oddly coincidental (and wholly separately sourced) timing of the Surface rumors suggest an early May reveal could be on the money. With E3 2020 canceled, Microsoft perhaps has a bit more leeway in terms of what it can do with regards to marketing and its upcoming events, spreading them across a wider range of dates. A couple of Xbox YouTubers with good track records for accurate information have suggested a May event, as well, to coincide with the previously-announced digital showcases Microsoft mentioned would replace its E3 showing in June.

We've heard Microsoft may also be gearing up to show off a few upcoming games as part of its May press releases. Long-standing rumors of a Fable reboot under Playground Games make for an obvious candidate, but we've also barely seen anything about Halo Infinite, which is supposedly launching later this year presuming "work from home" delays are avoided.

Whether this will be a full-blown showcase event like Inside Xbox, a trailer reveal as we saw for Hellblade II, or a third-party deep dive with the expertise of outlets like Digital Foundry is completely unknown. But as they say, there's typically no smoke without fire.

Exciting times ahead for Xbox — and for you

Source: Microsoft (Image credit: Source: Microsoft)

As always, take these rumors with a pinch of salt. Plans can change, more so than ever in our present era of flux and chaos, but we're confident that Xbox fans could have something to look forward to in early May.

Xbox Game Studios is growing far bigger, far faster than the team ever has in previous years under Microsoft, adding hundreds of new posts across tons of game studios. Not only should this lead to bigger, bolder worlds but also more exclusives to bolster Xbox Game Pass on console and PC, and the platform in general, which has been on the back foot in terms of content throughout the Xbox One generation.

Xbox Series X/S


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  • What does "4TF" mean?
  • 4 Transformers 😂. Jokes aside, 4 teraflops
  • It means 4 trillion computations per second. The number of tasks the GPU can take on in a single moment. However it's not as simple as 12 vs 9 vs 6 vs 4 (The specs of Series X, PS5, One X, and Series S in that order.). The teraflops don't contribute to the power of the GPU so much as they tell you how it achieves what it achieves. The 4TF in the Series S will likely match the 6TF in the One X because of how the transistors are able to draw more power and use it more efficiently. It's a buzzword, and people use that fact to say, "Oh well Xbox is only talk!" But not so, it has a use most people don't understand. It's a 4K GPU from 2020 that operates 4TF's per second, it's really not useful to the consumer but it's an impressive measurement on distribution and usage of energy, less than a measurement of raw power.
  • Wow, that concept of what Lockhart could look like looks beautiful! I've personally preferred white consoles over black.
  • I'm surprised. I was expecting at least 6TF like the Xbox One X. No 4K for that console it seems...
  • Well 4TF RDNA2 is tie~little better than 6TF GCN.
  • That's interesting! I think this looks like a good compromise in price then. I just want speedier load times and a less laggy experience. Trying to explore a world in Minecraft with 2 people is tiresome with the constant lagging on the original Xbox one.
  • No that's inaccurate. It's not a tie or a little better. RDNA 2 architecture is not only around 80% more efficient than GCN, but it also has next Gen features like VRS. Which is why you can't compare the 2. A 4 tflop Series S will be doing alot of things One X just cannot do. And at the same time will have all the benefits of the SSD tech that Series X has. Also its worth noting the CPU Will be vastly superior to the Jaguar CPU the One X has also. So will provide much better framerates than One X.
  • 6 Tflops is 6Tflops, the thing is that some arquitectures tend to be better at handling certain types of workloads. Fp64,32,16 etc. The GPU of the XOX still stronger on data procesing but maybe weaker on Frame pushing capabilities on other areas. If I were MS I would have used the same XOX GPU with a just a little bit better GPU Speed, RAM speed and a new generation CPU.
  • This is false. I'm sorry. RDNA 2 is 50% more efficient than an RTX 2080TI. It's roughly 80% more efficient than GCN. RDNA 2 is 50 % more efficient than RDNA 1. Xbox One X is incapable of many graphical features that an RDNA 2 based GPU can do. As I mentioned before. Things like VRS is just not possible on One X. It's also important to note A 4TF series S will be full Direct X 12 Ultimate. And use Velocity Architecture. The One X would be nowhere near as capable as a Series S at 4TF. Nit to mention the CPU in One X is way behind a Zen 2 CPU in a Series S.
  • The Xbox Series X GPU uses AMD's RDNA 2.0 technology, which isn't available in any PC graphics card at the moment. This gives it the potential to surpass other NVIDIA cards in real-life use. However, even if we analyze the 12 tflops figure, it puts the Xbox Series X over the GeForce RTX 2080 Super which stands at 11.3 tflops. It's only beaten by the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti at 13.45 tflops and the Radeon RX Vega 64, at 12.66 tflops. However, the Radeon RX Vega 64 is AMD's last-generation chip so the advantages of Navi should outweigh the 0.66 tflops difference. XBSX is at least 17% more powerful than a 5700xT so it’s comparable to 2070 and 2080 Super. With not much testing these are merely estimates from available reports. Xbox One X was compared to a RX580 Both released in 2017, except the RX580 was priced between $200-230+ depending on vram And Xbox one x was $500. Seems like this generation we’ll be getting much more performance for our dollar.
  • Digital Foundry did do a whole video on Series X running Gears 5 with all Ultra PC settings on. And it took only 2 weeks to make the build. It had 0 optimizations for Series X and it benchmarked the same as Gears 5 on an RTX 2080TI. If it was optimized for Series X it would outdo the RTX 2080TI quite easily. Here's the video for your leisure.
  • The individual transistors in Series S are more powerful than the individual transistors in the One X. Not every GPU's transistors run at the same level of performance. For example, the PS5 has more powerful individual transistors than the Series X which is why it's closer 4/5th the power of Series X than 3/5th the way it looks on paper. Obviously there's still no competition, but no GPU runs TF's the same way as another. So more likely than not the 4TF in Series S is way more powerful than 6TF in the One X.
  • No that's not correct. Bith PS5 and Series X use RDNA 2. As Digital Foundry have pointed out PS5 higher frequency clock produces deminishing results. Mark Cerny told a little lie in his presentation. More CUs at lower clock's breeds better real world performance than less CUs at higher clocks. They even put this to the test using RDNA 1 with a 40 CU GPU at 9. 7 tflops and a 36CU GPU at 9. 7 tflops. Yet the 40CU GPU with a lower clock on the same architecture RDNA 1 had a 3fps advantage. This will be magnified between 52 CU Series X and PS5 36CUs. The higher you push the frequency, the less return you get back. This is why RTX 2080TI has the lowest frequency boost of that architecture but the highest Cuda Cuda Core count. Yet is the fastest Nvidia card in that range. PC gamers have known this for 20 years. Here is Digital Foundries analysis on PS5. And Mark Cerny claim less CUs and more frequency is better. That is absolutely false. That's before we even get to the poor Ray Tracing in PS5 as RT performance is related it CU count. The more the better. But that's a whole other discussion. The Series X will actually have a bigger gap than the 2 tflops suggest. And around a 40% advantage in Ray Tracing over PS5. Which is the obvious reason why Sony glossed over Ray Tracing in 15 seconds on their reveal. Which is odd considering RT is the biggest difference in graphical fidelity next Gen. Anyhow, here is DF breaking down the GPU choices and CPU choices of PS5. And putting Mark Cerny claim to the test.
  • Yes, I've seen those videos, Trust me, I'm way all in on the Series X and I have not doubt the GPU will eat PS5 for breakfast, but I do think Cerny is right when he says the individual cores beat out Series X. It doesn't matter though because there's just a sheer number advantage in the Xbox. I'm sure PC gamers run into problems boosting frequency on the individual cores, but I know Mark Cerny is a talented engineer, all-be-it a very dishonest one. I think he will squeeze power from them, but like I said before I still see Series X being the better of the two. It's worth mentioning Rich is where your getting a lot of this from, and I'm coming more from the same place as John. They professionally disagree on some predictions, and ultimately we need to wait and see.
  • It's just Sony made a bit of an error with the CU count. The more you boost the less you get back. But as I mentioned RT is seriously affected by TMU count according to the patent AMD filed for Ray Tracing.
  • The Lockhart is not being designed to be a true 4K console. It is designed around 1080p/1440p. It is designed to be able to play the same Series X games doing 4K at the same fidelity and features (VRS,RT, etc...) at 1080p or 1440p (additionally taking advantage of reconstructive tricks to do 4K.) 1080p is still the majority of TVs out there. 4K will not exceed 50% for another 2 years (sometime late 2021 or early 2022). And even when it does the type of people buying lower priced console (more price conscious) are probably the ones still holding out on 4K. In perspective that Lockhart at 4TF pushing pixels to 1080p is actually more powerful then the Series X at 4K. It takes 4 times the processing power to push to 4K. So that Series X would need to be 16TF to provide the same level of processing power as the Lockhart will do at 1080p. Lockhart 4TF pushing at 1440p is actually about the same as the 12TF Series X pushing to 4K.
  • Man, I'm still bummed that E3 is cancelled. It's such an exciting time waiting for and watching their live presentation and the deluge of articles written up about every announcement afterward. Whatever they do this year, it's unlikely to reach the same level of hype. which is a huge bummer in a year of a new console generation launch.
  • 100% agreed. A new generation launch is an event that happens less and less frequently and all the excitement for that one week in June is gone. Same goes for the Euro 2020 for me, though even they happen more frequently and are just postponed until next year. Huge bummer of a year for lots of things
  • I hope the new headphones is as much a premium experience as Surface Headphones is. The way I see it Microsoft really should go all in on making Xbox to gamers what Surface is to prosumers: A premium brand, with state-of-the-art consoles, accessories and, yes, laptops. Who here wouldn't want to own an Xbox branded laptop powered by the future GeForce RTX 3080?
  • That'd be neat! I'm not a fan of the style of gaming laptops, I like premium design like surface products, so I'd choose to game on a new surface book if it had something like an AMD 4700 or 4900 in it. But yeah I can totally see an Xbox branded gaming laptop being successful. I will say though... Xbox gaming systems have a more premium look now then the traditional "gaming" look so I wonder if they would keep that look up in a laptop form and if that would push traditions computer gamers aways since many of them like the gaming look.
  • Unfortunately I don't think we'll see portable Xbox hardware anytime soon. xCloud is their way of getting around hardware. I agree though, I would love to see Surface like device for gaming. Local power will always be faster and more reliable than cloud or console streaming. If they redesigned the Surface Book as a traditional 2-in-1 with Thunderbolt 3 I would instantly buy it as my new daily driver.
  • @Hanley Gibbons I'm not talking about portable Xbox hardware, I'm talking about Xbox branded PC laptops.
  • I think that concept render of the Lockhart is 100% on the money. The devices will share the same look, but be noticeably different. Kinda wish they had gone for 6TF, just to future proof a little, but I hear that RDNA2 is pretty good, and will deliver a decent experience. The One X was on sale recently at £259, which is a steal. Seems they are clearing the inventory. Can't wait to move from my 1st gen Xbox One. Served me well, but gotta go. Xbox is in a very good place, but I can't see them selling more than Sony. The slight difference in specs isn't big enough to move gamers from PS to Xbox. Get ready for the Xbox all Access push, Phil stated many times that it is epic value. I'd go for it myself, bit I'm saving MS points, and I have 2yrs of Game Pass stacked up, so limited use for me.
  • Well, Microsoft has to do SOMETHING with all the APU's that don't pass the binning tests, so like other CPU manufacturers, they will downclock it, physically disable some of the Cores/CU's (thus the lower TF rating) that don't pass testing, and sell it at a lower price/performance point.
    Makes sense to me, and would be a great way to utilize those APUs.
  • I have no idea what all those numbers will be if/when the "Series S" is announced, but I must say I too quite like that mock-up. Granted i'll probably be eyeing the Series X more so, but cool none the less.
  • Does anyone expect Sony to go first with pricing? I hope they do, as I'd like MS to see it, and drop £50 lower, just to get that win.
  • The cost of the DS5 alone will be $100, and that SSD could cost $50 more than Series X. Realistically? I'm expecting $400 for a Series S, $500 for a Series X, $500-$600 for PS5 depending on how much of a loss Sony is willing to take. The estimate for PS5 was $450 before we saw the memory solution and the controller. I don't see Sony undercutting Microsoft, especially if Series S is real. This is going to be a much tighter race than last time.
  • The Dualsense doesn't cost 100$, where did you take that from? The DS4 costs at launch 18$ to build, the Dualsense will at most cost 23$
  • 23$ where did you get that from. That's a clown estimate at best, and no wonder the DS4 costs 18 to produce it runs on a $2 battery, is make from low grade plastic, the motherboard and wireless receivers are pre-2010's in origin, and it has a ****** USB 2.0 socket. In comparison the plastic on DS is much sturdier and has similar rumble technology as joycons which cost a shitload to produce. Not even to mention its gyro, lightbars, USB-C fast charging, a battery id guess is comparable to Switch Pro, the noise-canceling mic, the speaker... Dude $23, like really, no that thing is going to run really high for Sony to produce. Comparing it to a gamepad jumbled together from pre-2010 tech is a joke.
  • Good arguments, but it isn't gonna be near $100 to make. Be less than $35, surely. Sony won't release a controller that would sell at retail for rrp more than $100. Controller price will not be massively, if at all, much more at rrp than existing ones. Yeah, it's better tech, better construction, but still.
  • The only thing DS is adding is haptic feedback instead of rumbles (1$), programable resistence on the triggers (1$), a mic (1$) and a larger battery (1$), of course I can't be 100% correct because we just don't know the price of this components but one thing is certain, it's not nowhere near 100$
  • Don't forget the Microphone and pressure sensitive triggers. The PS4 controller in my country cam out at £59.99. It would not surprise me if PS5 controller is £89.99 or £99.99
  • Microsoft said that they would never be beat in price and performance again. This is the new bold Microsoft. They're going to do what no one considers that they would do. This is what I think is going to happen because Sony will be revealing in May as well or so it is rumored:
    As usual, Sony will let MS go first. Microsoft will announce a $500 price tag for the series X. Sony counters with $450 for the PS5. Come June, during their gaming reveals, Microsoft reveals their full hand. Xbox series X: All digital $429🤯.
    Xbox series S $350
    Xbox series S all digital $299
    Phil Spencer pulls out cigar and lights it.
  • I expect the any S to be digital only, no disc player SKU. If Microsoft is going to have a big loss leader it be the a model S. Digital provides them the benefit of having all game revenue be from their store (where they make a larger percentage of the take over a physical sale) and/or funnels people more easily to subscribing to Game Pass. Having a disc player SKU of the any XSS model also means you either have to build around different thermals, power needs and design of the each box (with or without). Or you would just be the same box minus the disc player which in turn on biz end means spending more dollars (many millions on a device that will sell millions) with having parts that overkill the need of the device because those same thermals, power, and space (eg design of the box) are wasted on the build cost.
  • The "won't be beaten on price, or performance" statement likely referred to the X and S. The X is unlikely to be cheaper than the PS5, but the S will. How do you beat PS on both fronts? Two consoles, one lower powered and cheaper, one higher power and more costly. I hope I'm wrong, and the X matches or undercuts the PS5. But, and this baffles me, MS always seem to go first with news. The did that with the Xbox One, and took some major grief. Sony then pulled some of the same features from their console, that had gotten MS so much bad press. Xbox have All Access, they know it offers a wallet friendly way to get the X.
  • Now that's what I was really hoping for. A wireless headset included with the Console. Forget the silly microphone on controller thing. We had that with Kinect. It was terrible for chatting on. But going full wireless on the headset is absolute golden. That was the next step I was hoping for. Let's hope the Rumours are correct. It also sounds brilliant that MS will space out their new next Gen game announcements. I like this idea. Some in May, June maybe even July. And then more gameplay can be shown as and when up to launch. These Rumours are right on thr money.
  • Not a cat in hells chance that a decent wireless headset will come bundled. Think of the £2 chat headset that got included with other iterations. So many buy aftermarket headsets, I wouldn't be surprised if one wasn't included at all. Though they are likely to include something.
  • It doesn't have to be top drawer. Just wireless. All MS has to do is include a wireless headset and thr whole PS5 controller Mic looks extremely bad business. Sony wont include a headset with consoles, so only having a mic on the controller as an option out of the box against a wireless headset is gonna be a huge down point to Online gamers. I was really hoping MS went wireless. Hopefully this information is correct.
  • Fair point, I'd agree. A decent wireless headset in the box would be good. Just doubt they'll do it. That said, would counter what Sony are doing.
  • MS have always included a headset with their machine though haven't they? Or do you think they would only include a wired one?
  • I think they always included one, with the last 2 gens. It's a cheap thin plastic thing. Does the job though. In fact, used mine for years, as I didn't realise how good the after market ones would be. Got some Turtle Beach ones, they were great, for the audio. Sadly, the Jack became finiky, and stopped working. Given the fact that they were not a year old, and my son's did the same, I'm not likely to get Turtle Beach again. They other bug bear, is the bit that attaches to the controller, that allows you to alter the balance etc, often have to take it out, and re-insert it. And that's with different controllers, and different blocks. Really not a fan of that port on the bottom. Wireless would rock!
  • I just hope that this console doesn't have a slower SSD or else it's going to limit the other consoles.
  • Unlikely the Series X has a base speed SSD by PC gamer standards and it's still 500x faster than what's in the Xbox One. No console is going to have a "slow SSD", that term is an oxymoron. The PS5 has an overkill SSD, far from standard or necessary given that it's faster than what is on the PC market.
  • A faster SSD will allways allow for more opportunities in game design, loading more gives more freedom in development and there is no such thing as an overkill SSD (and CPU and to a lesser extent the GPU), the PS5 SSD will allow to create incredible experiences that cannot be made on any other machine because it can basically fill the Ram in 1 second, with the PS5 you can have a super hero fight that with each punch the hero/vilan fly to a completely new place, teleportation as a mechanic can be explored in a open world game, you can have a game where the character changes between a beautiful world and the same world but in ruins on the fly, you can have a open world game like GTA where all of the buildings have interiors, etc.
  • You can only load faster to the ram. Initial loading is quicker. Do not be mistaken. It will be used for Assest streaming and NPC data. Which is more than enough in Series X. The notion the SSD can be used as true virtual Ram is nonsense. It's bandwidth is miles behind what's needed for Virtual Ram on either machine. You can't load more than 16 GB at any 1 time into ram. Series X can fill that ram in 4-5 seconds on initial load and PS5 in 2 seconds. But in terms of streaming assets on the fly PS5 is overkill on raw speed for that. But as I said nowhere near fast enough for anything else.
  • I never said that it would be used as virtual Ram, my examples don't require it to be used as extra Ram.
  • Well I assumed you meant that from you saying The SSD in PS5 is an advantage in game design. When it really isn't. The raw speed of the SSD is initial load. After that during gameplay assets streaming and NPC data is about all they will use it for on the fly. Now to say all is not really fair. It will have a big impact on game design over last Gen. But against each other that raw SSD speed isn't going to have any gains over Series X. 4K assess are on average 8mb in size. Series X 4.8GB/s is more than enough to deal with Assest streaming and NPC data as your playing. The ram holds 16gb on both machines. The SSD on the fly during gameplay will switch out and load to ram whatever it needs. Their will be no point during gameplay where all 16 GB ram will need to be changed ever. That only happens when you get a load screen. Of which next Gen will be between 2 and 5 seconds depending on the machine. It's not like PS5 will be changing the information in the ram 9gb/s of the 16 ram every second. Youd need to be traveling at something like 2000 miles an hour through the game world for that to happen. If these machines had 32 GB ram then 8-9gb/s of throughput would make a noticeable difference to game design. But not games designed on 16gb ram. The ram sends its data to the CPU and GPU at much higher bandwidth speeds than what the speed of the SSD is sending to the ram. Lots of initial load information stays in the ram for long periods of time. 4.8 GB/s compressed speeds as I said is more than enough to be used in next Gen game design on these consoles. The only advantage the PS5 SSD gives is initial load times.
  • If you're right (probably are), then the actual gain for PS over X is trivial to me. One console has reduced average load times by 98%, the other by 96%. 2 seconds longer on the X, I'll cope, lol.
  • It's not only an advantage in initial loading and you don't need to be travelling at 2000 miles an hour to require to benefit from 9gbps speeds, all my examples could only work because of the 9gbps, one of them what the guys at Santa Monica wanted to do in God of War. You are applying HDD logic to SDDs, the only reason huge amount of data is preloaded is because the HDDs are super slow, with a HDD the game needs to be design around what the player could potentially see in 1 minute (this depends on the amount o Ram the device has), with a PS5 that is reduced to 1 second, of course there is data that will always be in Ram like the playable character but most of the data won't.
  • No I'm applying Computing logic. You only have 16 GB ram. That 16 GB doesn't change all of a sudden to 32. You can't magicly make more room in the ram to use. It's fixed. And even then the OS on both machines will take up some ram. On Series X the OS and operations in thr background take 3gb. 13gb is used for games. So your only loading 13gb worth of information. We don't know for Sony yet, but traditionally they always are about the same. What you don't understand is as a player moved through the world on a HDD they had to design the world so they hid loading. God Of War for example meant they hid the load screens behind cutscenes or small areas you went through between large areas. Both Series X and PS5 won't need to do this. The reason why BCPack on Series X is specifically designed to transfer Texture assets at high speed is this exact reason. The problem we have is Sony focused so much on the SSd in their presentstion because it's the only number that is higher than any hardware in Series X. And it's confused the hell out of people. Yes the SSD will make game design much better than this Gen. But once the game has loaded a bit quicker on PS5 that's the advantage gone. As you play and move through the world Series X is more than capable of on the fly loading. As I said no game will ever swap out its entire ram when playing. It doesn't work like that. Lots of information from sound, to physics to control input etc etc etc all stays in the ram. Neither SSD is fast enough at all to constantly change the information completely. There is a reason why the bandwidth from Ram to CPU/GPU is 448 in PS5 and 560/360 in Series X. The CPU/GPU reads ram memory way way faster than the SSD can fill the ram. It's maths. It has nothing to do with looking at it as HDD.
  • It doesn't matter, there's no world where Kraken/Cerny's SSD runs circles around Microsofts solution/velocity. There are no big publishers that will make a game on PS5 that can't be made on Series X. Final Fantasy, Assassins Creed, Battlefield will maybe load a blink of an eye faster. There won't be any third party games exclusive to PS5 because SX can't keep up. Even the switch's Micro SD's will be able to keep up. I can see Naughty Dog packing more detail into a characters face textures or more particle effects on screen in a Santa Monica game, but most people will still be gaming on 1080p, and no casual is going to buy a PS5 because it loads Fortnite 2 seconds faster. An SSD can't be the difference between 30 and 60fps, a fraction of that maybe. If we are comparing to last gen there's something to be said, but PS5's SSD simply doesn't change the game when it's competition is still blazing fast, more powerful, and from what I can tell easier to develop for with Direct X Ultra. Meanwhile PS5 might repeat the PS3's mistake of forcing devs to work harder to get better clock speeds out of the console, now that worries me, the base clock of the PS5 looks like a high frame rate dream killer.
  • Ease of development is something that rumours suggest is easier on PS5. Come across a plethora of people saying this Dev said this or that, but they tend to nearly always be positive about PS5. It is the one area where there appear to be far fewer counter arguements from Xbox Devs. Obviously, all rumours, but still, for much of the spec sheet people are coming up with reasons why one is better than the other. Ease of development is probably the one area where positive rumours seem to weigh in for the PS5. I hope they're wrong, and Xbox is just as good.
  • All of those comments are normally taken out of context. They aren't comparing it to Series X at all. From what I've seen those comments generally come from Sony only developers. And a few 3rd party have said they like the Development to. But no comparison has been made directly to Series X as I understand. Feel free to show me if you have seen otherwise. There has also equally been many devs that have praised DX12 Ultimate. And they seem to love the fact that both PC and Xbox Series X development are now practically the same. As the same API is used for both. From my understanding expect PC and Xbox to be thr lead platform together. Both utilizing Direct X 12 Ultimate and all its features such as VRS, Direct X Ray Tracing etc etc. PS5 development and API is on its own. It's not the same as PC or Xbox. Whereas PC and Xbox are now unified together.
  • Yeah, I hope you're right. Be nice to see a few Devs come out though. Redgamingtech on YouTube is pretty good, similar to Digital Foundry in terms of looking at things from a tech angle. He's great and he also reads Windows Central, and has mentioned the site a bit. He frequently notes the ease of PS5 development, but often in highlighting other reports.
  • I'll check him/her out. Always like to see new analysis. I tend to use DF because they have had more talks and access with Mark Cerny and Phil Spencer than any other outlet. So they usually have the most in depth analysis on what the 2 companies are saying to media.
  • You'll like it, right up your street, and they have time stamps, so you can avoid the stuff that you aren't into.
  • I never said all of that, I don't know why you are assuming I said that.
  • Actually there is, when you compare benchmarks between 2Gb/s SSD's and 5Gb/s SSD's on PC loading time differences are negligible as are frame rate differences. The reason why is that the faster speeds become important when dealing with huge file sizes, but that isn't how games work, it's generally lots and lots of smaller files. Granted both of these systems are utilising new storage and data retrieval tech which may change the game, we will just have to wait and see.
  • Can't see it being lower. They'll want it to use the same expandable storage. Hell of a device.
  • Series S render reminds me of OUYA or GameCube, for obvious reasons.
  • This was supposed to be a new comment, not a reply to yours. :/
  • What Market is the Series S targeting? I see it as.... #1 - 2 Console Owners - PS4 users that will likely buy a PS5, but find some of the XB exclusives worth an investment into $299 Series X
    #2 - Parents/Kids who don't want to shell out $450+ for a Series X or PS5
    #3 - 1080P TV owners that don't need the power or price of a PS5/XSX but wants next gen games on a new device. Who it's not for? #1 - Anyone happy with their XBOne and are content with playing newer games on their current machine for the next year or two.
    #2 - Anyone who is a diehard PS4 owner. They won't go XB regardless of the model/price. If the pricing of the consoles is: PS5/XSX - $449 - $499 + 3 mo GamePass
    Series S - $300 + 3 mo GamePass This would be a big advantage for MS. It would be easy to get someone into the XBox Ecosystem with a low ceiling of entry. It will be fun to see how this all shakes out.
  • Lockhart make down quality XSX games. Yes, finally XSX games equal ps5 games except pixel. It's disgusting strategy ..
  • Uh... What? Lay off the whacky tabaccy.
  • correction: it does not replace the ONE X, but the ONE S.